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felix_the_cat January 21st, 2013 12:33 PM

Celebrity Reflection - Jan. 122-19/13
I have posted this elsewhere but thought I would start a new thread.

The Sky Lounge has been cut it half - completely ih half to accommodate new suites.

We love to Sky Lounge too. It was always a nice place to sit and enjoy the sea sights. Those new cabins are under key entry only and of course, we weren't able to see them.. Whoever walking past the entry did not impress me at all, it truly looks like a late add on that doesn't belong.

The Sky Lounge was not available to passengers much during the day as they tied it up with the Art Auction. You couldn't get in there unless you registered. Then, on at least one occasion, we were asked to vacate 20 minutes after the Elite happy hour ended as it was booked for a private function.

The ship was beautiful, but frankly, I'm not sure we would sail on her again. We will sail (and have sailed) on her sister ships but this one - I don't think so.

There were a couple of other things that turned us off - a full performance in the centrum where there just isn't the room was ridiculous for instance and crew who were constantly asking to be named on the review - including one female who asked one of our group just because they had the same name - she didn't service her in anyway - didn't even know what department she was from!!!

Paul Motter January 31st, 2013 03:03 PM


Please explain this... "crew who were constantly asking to be named on the review - including one female who asked one of our group just because they had the same name - she didn't service her in anyway - didn't even know what department she was from!!!"

Are you talking about crewmembers who want people to name them personally on the rating sheets at the end of the cruise? I have heard about this happening more & more, but I don't why it has become such a big deal. Maybe you get a bonus or something.

I read someplace that some cruise lines now allocate the number of tables a waiter gets based on his guest ratings - more or less, and that it makes a huge difference in how much money they make.

I don't like this practice, customer ratings are too arbitrary, plus it leads to crewmembers asking guests for favors, which is something I have never approved of....

I hear you about the Centrum show, but I have read other reviews that say the show was good.

As far as that lounge being cut in half, I knew ut before the ship came out from looking at the deck plans. Now I have also seen it and the beautiful new suites on Reflection.

Fortunately, you have four other nearly identical ships to choose from in thhe Solstice-class.

felix_the_cat February 1st, 2013 12:41 PM

As for your first question, one of our group, (actually the lady whose husband was medivaced) is from India. Her name is different - not north american I guess you could say although we all call her an North American version off her name.

Anyway, she was on the elevator one day and there was a crew member on it who was wearing a name badge. My friend said to her - oh - I have the same name. They chatted about India and the different areas/dialects from there for about 5 or 6 floors. As my friend was getting off the elevator this crew member said to her "please mention on your survey that I gave you excellent service." Of course my friends reaction was - "for what?" My reaction - "you've got to be kidding."

It's absurd that a crew member would do this and sad that they feel they have to.

I hate this practice. Our waitstaff were good - very slow most nights - I would not consider them excellent. They were very nice fellows and the waiter gave a lesson in napkin folding several nights (one couple were restaurant owners). As well, one of the chefs came to our table. They did get an extra grat from everyone, but they weren't excellent -- way to slow.

Our steward was adequate but kept asking us to change dining times. (We had late - I guess it put her off her schedule).

A lot of the crew had faces that would stop a 10 day clock. Never smiled, never acknowledged you when passing (we also say hello to anyone we pass in the hallways.)

The shows in the Centrum were not bad, it was just an inappropriate place to have a dance troop performing.

We've been on the Solstice and Equinox. We are booked on the Solstice again. However I don't see us on the Reflection again anytime soon.

momofmeg February 2nd, 2013 10:52 AM

The service I had on the Connie was not outstanding by anyone-I would not have done this for anyone. We did do this for a couple on the Solstice though and yes they asked but we only complied with whom we felt actually deserved it.

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