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Anne Campbell January 18th, 2001 07:18 AM

Embarrasing Experiences?
It seems that the more experienced a traveler you are, the more careless you get. Or, maybe not everyone is like me, from time-to-time doing stuipd, embarrassing things.

Here's one for the records. I arrived in Rome airport, jet lagged of course, and had to wait two hours for a connecting flight to Venice. Checked my bag on the Venice flight, got the boarding pass and gate number.

At the designated time, I walked to the gate and boarded the plane. They were just shutting the doors when a flight attendant called my name. After I raised my hand, she inquired "Are you going to Palerno?" I replied no, I was going to Venice. "Well this plane is going to Palerno!" Red faced, I ran off the plane and discovered the gate number had been changed.

Can anyone top this?

richard January 18th, 2001 02:59 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Thats so funny Anne, 3 yrs ago we did the same thing flying out of San Francisco to San Diego. We were in flight and I looked out the window and noticed it didnt look the same. When we asked the Attendent if the plane was going to San Diego she laughed and said no its going to Hawaii. (joking) It wasntthat funny when we landed at LAX with no connect to San Diego. We ended up renting a car the last 1 a Geo Metro that night and finally made it. They told us they changed gates at SFO.. I had to laugh cause we actually got on the plane!. Another funny 1 was on the Elation few years back. We were walking around the decks late at night and entered the bridge by mistake the door wasnt locked and noted all these computers and equipment but no one was there!. A minute latter the Capt. comes out a back door with the Ship Nurse and informed us we could take a bridge tour the next day. It seemed funny that no one was driving the ship lol. We told a few people at the pool that day what happened the nite before and laughed it off. That night at the Dining table our mates asked us if we had heard about the couple that stumbled upon the bridge and busted the Cpt. and the Nurse together. We looked at eaach other turned red and said no in perfect unison. We still laugh that one.

Donna January 18th, 2001 04:49 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Hi Richard,
That was just so funny catching the Captain with the nurse. Had you realized what was up when you were in the bridge. It also strikes me funny that the story got around the ship by dinner time :-)

Thanks for sharing that great story :-)


sue January 18th, 2001 10:10 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Don't ask me how I ended up on the Commodore's list, but he was sailing on the Sea Princess (P&O, 1985) and I was invited to a small private cocktail party. I was only a young 30 year old amongst all these retired naval and elite couples...very out of place in my homesewn long gown. They announced your name as you arrived and the Commodore walked you down a corridor to introduce you ....I was so embarrassed and awkward, I grabbed his hand instead of taking the crook of his arm...I'm sure I blush everytime I think of that. However he and his guests were very gracious about my social gaffe. So you see, it is the luck of the draw if you get the captain's table or the honour of the commodore's private soiree!

Heather Davis January 19th, 2001 03:55 AM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
OK - embarrsing. Please never quote me on this.

I once was on a cruise and I had early seating. After Dinner, I walked up on deck for a cigarette and walked by a hot tub. There was a guy in the hot tub asking if anyone wanted wine. Me, being an idiot, replied, "Yes, Thank you Sir!". He filled a coffe mug from his coffee pot with wine. Of course I laughed. Only then did I notice that he was naked in the hot tub. I was a little curious at the time so I tested the water and said, the tub feels cool. He grumbled something about it being very cool because I wasn't in the tub.

What could I do? I hoped in. No, not naked, but in my underwear. I enjoyed the tub until they drained it and I had to wake the naked, cold guy up! He wasn't very happy and I wasn't very happy getting the crew/security to bring towels!

suzanne January 19th, 2001 10:58 AM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Allright, I'll bite....I won't say "don't tell anybody" because I can't believe I am posting this on a public message board! lol

On my very first cruise, RCCL's Viking Serenade out of L.A. to Ensenada for four days: They held the Quest Scavenger Hunt....I was on a motley crue team of five people, none of us knew each other...we just wanted to play the game too and found that we could make a team....For those that don't know this game, everyone sits in the lounge or some other closed room....No one under 18 allowed...each team MUST have at least one man on it....we had ours, a very kind and genteel gentleman from England, about 55-60...His name was William, I think...anyway, the cruise director stands at the front and each team has a big plastic number for the number of thier team...he calls for an item like this: "I need a female team member, their team number, a bobby pin, and a ladies beaded purse." And then all teams scramble to get the stuff and send the "female team member with their team number" to rush up to the stage and get there first....It starts all innocently but it goes from there as you can imagine...the way it all ends up is: The man on your team ends up topless with a woman's bra on, lipstick, high heels, beaded purse etc.....William, our male team member was a great sport...anyway, they called for the male team member to come up wearing a woman's bra, and since I was the bustiest girl on the team, they wanted mine...I was really struggling and trying to get my bra off without showing anything (I'm a pretty modest girl!!) but the top of my dress ripped and fell to my waist just as I got the bra off and was holding it up....I am a former nightclub singer and .I must say that when I left the room it was to a standing ovation, the only one I have ever received !!! For the rest of the cruise, people were giving me the addresses of topless clubs in their town where they thought I could get a "great" job...I was soooooo embarrassed but the staff were great ....when it happened a cocktail waiter who saw it immediately took off his jacket and threw it over me, and escorted me back to my cabin so I could change....he was so kind and understanding of my embarrassment and he didnt' laugh at me at all....I'm sure he was laughing ON THE INSIDE!!HAHAHAHA.....William, our male team member sought me out later in the cruise to tell me that he was so sorry for my embarrassment and bought me a beautiful bouquet of roses and sent them to my room.....He wasn't trying to pick me up, he was just being nice.....Our team did not win, but I won a "special" prize from the staff: a beautiful terry cloth bathrobe with the RCCL logo.....Thank God my mom doesn't read these boards! :)

Mary Lou January 19th, 2001 08:19 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Well, I can't top Suzanne (no pun intended) and my experience was not while cruising...but we were traveling. We were on a bus tour in Niagara Falls. We stopped at a very nice place for lunch and as I always do I visited the ladie's room prior to lunch. After lunch, I thought maybe I better visit the little girl's room one more time before the long ride home. I proceeded to walk right into the men's room (remember I had already been to the ladies's room once---not quite sure how I mixed them up). And who do I walk right into? The bus driver..........I was so embarrassed!!!!! To top it off, the bus driver felt the need to discuss it with the entire bus over the speaker system on the bus. The next rest stop, he was sure to point out the right door for me!!!!!

DEANA January 20th, 2001 08:09 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
I woke up early and noticed there was brown all over my nightie, the sheet and the carpeting. Thought I was going to die of embarrassment. I woke my husband and said I must be really sick but it doesn't smell bad.

I never removed the chocolate from my pillow the night before. Go explain that to the cabin boy.

Tim Rubacky January 21st, 2001 11:16 AM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
OK...I'll bite.

I always leave the bathroom light on at night to let some light into the cabin at night. Well, one night I must have forgotten to turn it on. So when I get up in the middle of the night, I naurally stumbled to and through the door with the light coming from underneath it.

Well, at 415 AM, there I am, in the corridor in my underwear, 1/2 blind without my glasses and no way to get back into my cabin!

Luckily, I was startled to life by all that bright light and was not far from a stairway leading to the pool deck where I managed to scrounge up a towel. Oddly enough, when I passed a deck hand, he didnt seem to think it odd at all that a man just ran past him on the stairs in his underwear.

Once I had my towel, I located a house phone and managed to get someone to come let me back in to my cabin. When the cabin attendant came to let me in, he naturally thought I must have been up on deck or in the pool as I was clad in a bath towel and asked me "did you happen to see a man running around in his underwear?" He never put 2 and 2 together, I simply blushed and said "no", thanked him and handed him $5 for his trouble.

For the rest of the cruise, the phantom "streaker" was the talk of the ship.

Tim Rubacky
Consumer Affairs Editor

Mary Lou Scanlon January 22nd, 2001 06:43 AM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
That is so funny. I had a similar experience two weeks ago on our Milli cruise.
We were upgraded to a cabin with a balcony half way thru the cruise. Well, this cabin was totally reversed from the cabin we previously had. I, too, always leave the light on in the bathroom to find my way in the middle of the night.
So, the first night we had the new room, I woke up to go to the bathroom and headed for the "light". Next thing I know, I find myself standing in front of the sliding glass doors trying to figure out where the bathroom is. Luckily, my hubby and I were the only ones to witness my confusion.

Warren January 22nd, 2001 12:23 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Reading Tim's and Mary Lou's stories I figured I'd share a cruise hint. I bring along a nightlight for the bathroom and if there's an outlet available I plug it in. Enough light to find it in the dark, enough to see by without turning on bright lights embarassing moments. hehehe


Michael Sinn January 22nd, 2001 06:49 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
I was on a Business trip with 50 other agents from Cruises Inc.(With my parntner Don) We were one of the first Agents to board the ship. We found our cabin(our door was open) we put up our bags and put our docs and money passports in the safe. Then we went off to get lunch in the lido. When we returned to our room everything was gone. Our bags, safe was empty. I though oh my g-d what happened??? We have no clothes no money!!!!! We called the Purser and they said no one has the combo to the safe. Still no help finding our stuff. One hour went by and I was asking anyone with a RCI name tag if they could help. Then walking back to my cabin I walked by one of our Top Agents cabins and her door was open. I heard her say "Who's bags are these??" Well I had checked into her room by mistake. (Remember The door was open when we first checked in) Now its funny then it was not funny :( I have been on many cruises before this.......These Embarrasing moments can happen to the seasoned cruisers to.

Michael Sinn

Brneyznfl January 29th, 2001 08:58 PM

Re: Embarrasing Experiences?
Reading these stories, I'm rolling on the floor laughing..however, I just returned from a cruise and can share a story about my cabin mate...we left from New Orleans and she decided to venture into the city with a friend before the ship departed. She's not much a drinker ordinarilly but apparantly her excitement over her first cruise led her to partake more then her share of "spirits" and when she arrived back at the ship (minutes before it departed)..and after having several New Orleans hurricanes, she was quite intoxicated to say the least...ok to be blunt, drunker then a skunk. We went to the life boat drill (she doesn't even remember it!) and then after that on to the dining room for dinner. We were seated with six other tablemates whom we had never met (and most were the reserved type)...and here I had to help my friend to the table and get her seated!. My friend talks quite loudly and even more so after a few spirits...and I had to keep telling her to hush! All I could think about, here we are at the dining table on day one no less and what a first impression we are giving them...and we have to face these people the rest of the week! LOL. I have to say she was quite embarrassed after she sobered up and I told her all the things she said at a table full of strangers..LOL

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