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pamda June 30th, 2001 01:53 PM

Most embarassing cruise moment?
On a recent cruise, I didn't realize until someone pointed it out to me that my black sequined skirt was split up the back, "All the way to Kansas."

Fortunately, it was lined.

But the worst was going on an all-day dive on Cozumel. Things were a lot more casual back then. We were at the lunch beach and I was taking a bit of sun wearing my bikini bottom only. (Kansas was a lot more attractive back then.)

After a snooze, I noted a gentleman wearing a T-shirt advertising my home town in Iowa (near Kansas). OMIGAWSH I hissed to Queeg, It's my cousin !!!

The cousin did live in Kansas at that point.

I rapidly threw on Queeg's shirt and sloped over in the cousin's direction. It would have been rude not to do so.

It wasn't the cousin, but his doppelganager who still lived in the old home town. And who was then my dad's insurance agent.

Have YOU had a most embarassing moment?

pamda -- CM First Time Cruisers Hostess

Paul Motter June 30th, 2001 02:01 PM

Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?
Me? I've never done anything embarassing in my life.

One time I did spot a lady about to re-enter the dining room after a trip to the restroom, we were both out in the empty corrider just outside the main doors. How did I know she had just been to the restroom? The back of her skirt was tucked into the waistband of her pantyhose.

I cleared my throat loudly and when she looked at me I turned around and pointed at my back - she just started at me like I was crazy - she obviously didn't have a clue! So I said, "your dress is caught." and she said "oh' and then she felt back there and then said, "OOOhHHHHHH!"

She thanked me profusely.

Lady Jag June 30th, 2001 02:53 PM

Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?
Our family joke is when my youngest son, then 7, fell through the counter at a store in St. Maarten.

I will never forget waiting while we paid for purchases and watching my son leaning forward. The sales counter was open in the back and had the usual touristy-junk hanging down so that you couldn't tell that there was NO backing to the counter. It was basically a giant rectangle made out of wood.

I as looked out of the corner of my eye, I saw my son lean a little too far forward. I remember thinking, "He does know that there ISN'T a back to that counter to catch him, doesn't he?" Guess he didn't. He fell all the way through the touristy-junk and landed right at the feet of the salesperson. She was shocked, he was shocked and then everyone was rushing to see if he was okay.

After realizing that he was only scratched up a bit, we started dying of laughter - all of us except my son. He was SO embarrassed! Then he cried because he was so embarrassed. Then he laughed because it really did look pretty funny seeing him fall through the counter like that. So, to this day when we really want a good laugh, we relive this little St. Maarten family joke and everyone gets a laugh out of it, even my son.

Mgram June 30th, 2001 03:08 PM

Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?
This is sort of cruise related...and happened last week heading to the Phrolic...where we did embark on a cruise on Phrolic - Day 2.

We passed through security at Sarasota Airport...only to have ME pulled aside to have my carry-on rescanned. There I was, busted for contaband....a concealed weapon! In a VERY LOUD VOICE the security gal yelled... " It's only an
ICE CREAM SCOOP"!!! All 10,000 people(or so it seemed) behind me roared. I started babbling something incoherant about "party, hostess, lemon ice, extra scoop". Mgram

Tracey June 30th, 2001 06:04 PM

Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?
On our first cruise, and our honeymoon we were on the Oceanic, and the ships were not as stable as they are now, and of course my husband was VERY Seasick! So after one of our dinners, I went off to the restroom and as I returned I noticed him running out of the room and then diving under the buffet table. He was getting sick and couldn't make it so he dived under there. The problem was when he had to crawl out and tell the waiters what had happened. I never told him I witnessed the entire thing until a year or two later.

Thank goodness for stablizers and sea bands now!!

Barb July 2nd, 2001 09:19 AM

Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?
Whoa, i got a good one for you. On pool deck of the Vision leaving Acapulco, we were really having a good party, and the assistant cruise director and a couple of the cruise folks were dancing around to the music, we'd had a couple of martinis too many (obviously), and one of the dancing crew and I tripped over each other and fell down...he got back up, I couldn't due to my bad leg (I told you I had too many martinis), and I laid there and roared with laughter...while being videotaped from probably several thousand people on the deck above...what a hoot! had a great time that cruise, and met so many nice time I'll watch the crew and their dancing skills!!!!! bye for now, and enjoy each and every moment of your life, regardless how embarrassing!!!!! barb

SeaFan July 2nd, 2001 12:32 PM

Re: Most embarassing cruise moment?
This happened at the airport on our way to cruise on the Norway. We always get to the airport early because we live an hour from CVG. Only this time there was an accident on the way so we were running late. I told my husband drop me off and you park the car, I will take the carry on through security check and meet you at the gate. Going through the security check they stopped me to check the carryon bag, now you have to remember I am by myself at this point. Wouldn't you know they wanted to search in my husband bag not mine. I had to stand at the counter while the security guard pulled out menís underwear. Everyone going by was looking at me by myself and looking at the packed menís underwear lying on the table. Of course the item they were looking for was at the bottom of the carry on, a stupid can of tie cleaner. I just wanted to crawl under the counter and hide. After a couple of years it sure makes for a good story now but not then. LOL That was the last time I took his carry on through the security check.

Happy Cruising,
Kathy R

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