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cruisebill September 4th, 2001 10:40 AM

Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
While I usually bring a tux on our cruises, my wife mentioned to me that she would like to see me in a white dinner jacket. I usually wear a black one.

My question is ladies, which one do you prefer to see your significant ( or not so significant) other wear?

White or black?


Jenny September 4th, 2001 10:43 AM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
Hi Cruisebill,

I've actually just purchased a dinner jacket for my husband. This gives him a choice of which jacket to wear. I think both looks are wonderful!

Mgram September 4th, 2001 10:53 AM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
I am partial to the black jacket. Mgram

Candy September 4th, 2001 11:11 AM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
A white jacket would be very... BOND.... James Bond.. teehee! I think
It would look great and make all the ladies drool.

Carole September 4th, 2001 11:31 AM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
my husband wears the black tux two nights and the white dinner jacket one night.
I love both looks. You guys don't realize just how fabulous you look when you dress up. Now, this is just my opinion, but as sexy as I think my husband is, ....when he puts on that tux or dinner jacket - WOW! I just want to peel him out of it. When will you guys figure it out that we LOVE it when you look (as I say)
Take BOTH!

Capt'n Queeg September 4th, 2001 12:31 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
If a GUY can get in on this....
In reality, white is only appropriate between Memorial Day and Labor Day, while black is appropriate at all times.

However ... in warmer climes one often sees white dinner jackets even in the "off" season. As Pamda wrote in her article, before dressing, check to see if the Captain is wearing white or black. (He's usually standing in the reception line at his cocktail party) This is always the best clue as to what is most appropriate for that evening.

Carole September 4th, 2001 12:53 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
I have to say, for me anyway.....I have nevered followed the no white after labor day rule. It is hotter than hades here most of the time and white is the coolest thing to wear (color wise). I wear white a lot and in the caribbean, white seems to be appropriate most all the time, so................we will stick to our whites.
Just never have been a slave to the rules of fashion. Never really understood WHY someone can't wear white after a certain date. That one has ALWAYS eluded me.
I don't get it.

susan l September 4th, 2001 01:48 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
Just so you know: The "white" thing only relates to the United States. All
other countries could care less what time of the year it is when you wear white.
If it is appropriate, wear it.

CindyW September 4th, 2001 01:56 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
Being a Belle from the South, I've always followed the "no white after Labor Day" rule, but break it when cruising. And, if you want to get real technical, that rule originally applied to shoes, because we all wear white shirts during fall and winter, right?

Cruisebill, My husband wears both jackets during our cruise - black twice and white once, just to have some variety and I agree totally with Carole -- you guys look soooooo goooood when "tux'd-out" it's a real treat for us ladies to see our man looking so debonair, so handsome, and as Carole stated --- so "stud"ly!

Wear both, and treat your special lady to a surprise! She'll love your thoughtfulness. Enjoy your cruise!

nieciez September 4th, 2001 02:57 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
Yep, I like'em both!

DeniseZ B)

Mermaid September 4th, 2001 03:22 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
Basic black, but tousle the hair.

hollyd September 4th, 2001 03:54 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
I also am partial to the basic black. I also tend to gravitate towards black in my formal outfits.

Happy Cruising!!!

pamda September 4th, 2001 05:04 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
I still haven't figured out how to send folks straight to an article (Donna? Help!) but I did do some tux research for a recent story.

Go to First Cruisers and look under "Tuxedos? Necessary?"

My original understanding, which turned out to be pretty much correct, is that on land in the US, no white jackets except in summer. The rules are different on cruise ships. If, indeed, there ARE rules. When I lived in the Caribbean, the white/back rule held true, season-wise. I can't remember ever seeing a white dinner jacket on land in Europe.

This wasn't in the story, but members of the Elks Club ALWAYS wear white dinner jackets for Official Events. Queeg inherited my dad's (perfect fit).

I think the white is more fun ... it sort of asks for a sporty bowtie tie and cummerbund. Queeg wears the family tartan get-up with the white ... which is really cream-colored. The jacket, not the tartan, is cream-colored.

I think the only thing that looks better than a man in a dinner jacket of either color is a man NOT wearing one -- check out those silk boxers !!!

So, guys, go for the burn !!! The ladies will love you for it.

pamda --CM First Time Cruisers Editor

Paul B September 4th, 2001 07:58 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
I still don't get it. Do I wear my black silk boxers or my white ones on formal nights?

Paul B

Bonnie September 4th, 2001 08:53 PM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
Black silk boxers and go with the black jacket. So much more mysterious. Black is much more powerful than white.

Candy September 5th, 2001 11:50 AM

Re: Question for the ladies. Re: Tuxedos
*LOL* @ Paul!!!

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