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pamda October 18th, 2001 02:29 PM

HO HO HO ... as in Don
Just think of those "Tiny Bubbles" in your champagne glass after you get lei'd on the CM Hawaii cruise?

We've gotta have something to keep us going while we wait out the eternity until then.

Just got word today that an extremely sweet friend, known for her extremely unusual decorations on glasses (the kind you wear) is coming along !!! YES!!!

HO HO HO ... as in Santa Claus.

What better holiday gift than a trip to paradise followed by luscious sea days? Don't you already have all the stuff (kitchen gadgets/power tools) you need?

HO HO HO ... as in Kuki and pamda

Let's not even go there.


Kuki October 18th, 2001 05:51 PM

Re: HO HO HO ... as in Don
I've " herd" our sparkling TA Ginny (sparkling because she got us the discount on the Sky Suites already) is now supplying Antlers for all the Cruisemates
It seems we're now describing a Horny bunch of Cruisemates going to Hawaii to Get Lei'd.
Add to that the HO HO HO's.
My word..... its a good thing we're not planning on staying in Condos there.. LOL

Kuki.... still thinking a moose and a panda on the same ship may make for an unusual cruise experience <G>

Joschmo October 19th, 2001 12:28 PM

Re: HO HO HO ... as in Don
especially when both a moose and a panda will be "horney" and "lei'd", both at the same time, same place!

Kuki October 19th, 2001 03:41 PM

Re: HO HO HO ... as in Don
Joanne..I just can't wait to see the antlered and T shirt bedecked group trapsing the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Antlers on beaches and golf courses throughout the islands is just TOO MUCH fun for this moose to wait for.

Not to mention the antics we're preparing for on ship activities!

I'm just now beginning to work on some special optional group excursions like beach days, trips to volcanoes and golf on the islands top golf courses.. which we'll be offering to the group at cost.

After this cruise Celebrity may have to join Carnival in being called the Fun Ship!

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