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Old May 29th, 2002, 12:35 AM
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Default Bum Rap Summit Review

<We too have just returned from the May 13 Hawaii cruise aboard the Summit, but our experience differs a bit from that of Cruisemates. We are seasoned cruisers including a prior Celebrity cruise (we last cruised 16 months ago), so we do have experiences as comparisons.>
Looks liked they've cruised before, so maybe Pamda should give them a break?

<While I am not sure this will ever get published, our disappointments include being treated as "second-class" guests, as it was obvious that much of the cruise activity staff favored the groups on board (most notably Cruisemates) during ship activities.>
Kudos to Kuki for publishing this.

<While the Summit was nice enough, many little "corner-cuttings" were evident; although they certainly don't make the cruise something to avoid, some of the elegance is gone. The ship's decor is not as elegant as the Century or the Vision of the Seas; the cabin space is slightly smaller (we had a 1B cabin, foregoing the 1As, as they were mostly directly below the noisier pool deck). The layout is not as well designed - while the closets were sufficient, one could not exit the bathroom while a cabin mate had a closet door open, and the full-length mirror is at the foot of the bed, with so little room that at best your nose is only inches away from the mirror.) The walls are not wood paneling but rather a textured vinyl simulated wood; there were no throw pillows on the bed. The little bottles of toiletries are gone, replaced with wall dispensers for shampoo and lotion (personally, I like the dispensers better, but I question the sanitation aspect), and hair conditioner is no longer supplied. There is a pen in the cabin, but no paper should you need to jot something down. The ice was only filled once a day unless you called your cabin steward to request a refill. The library selection is smaller, and the checkout hours greatly reduced (no more honor system here). There are less included activities on board, especially for so many consecutive "at sea" days. (There are certainly plenty of "add'l cost" options, though - golf, spa treatments, bingo, art auctions, etc.) There are paper napkins in use for some food lines, and the amount and variety of food is greatly reduced for some offerings (afternoon teas, midnight "bites"). There is a $2 charge for "alternative [evening] dining" in the Waterfall Cafe. The variety of entrees offered has been reduced - the steak, roast beef, and prime beef were merely different slices of the same item, the side entrees were repeated (brussel sprouts 3X!), as were the desserts. Room service was efficient and the quality very good.>
Sounds like a very honest review to me....... Why would anyone want to call it a bum rap? Jeez, I was looking for an honest opinion, and I found it on this review. NOT on Pamda's reply.
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Old May 29th, 2002, 01:47 AM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

Thanks for the kudos, but I have nothing to do with the member reviews, other than write some myself.

All member's reviews submitted are posted to the Member's Review area, whether they are positive or negative, as long as they do not use profanity, and they meet the user agreement guidelines for the CruiseMates web site. I personally prefer balanced reports, of both good and bad. Gives the reader perspective.

If a message board post or review does not meet the user agreement guidelines we WOULD delete the message, or not post the review, but we would NEVER edit someone's written word in a post or review, to make it appear they are saying something they did not!!!
That would be unconscionable!!

People have different experiences and different view points, and they are welcome to express them at CruiseMates, as long as its done in a reasonable manner, without personal attacks. I believe that is part of what makes for interesting discussion.

As far as your comments regarding Pamda's post, it doesn't appear to me she was making any claims about the reviewer giving the Summit a bad wrap.

If you reread her post, it seems to me, she was referring only to the section of the review that she quoted, about the CruiseMates group getting any special attention or status from the "cruise activity staff".

And on that count I have to agree with her. We created and scheduled our own group
activities. So much so, that I didn't attend any of those scheduled by the cruise director or his staff, except for the Horse Races, where we bought two horses. Nor did they attend or participate in ours, that I know of.

Just a bit further down (earlier) on the message boards there's a post by me asking everyone to submit their reviews of the Summit, May 13 cruise. Why? As I stated in the post, it will be interesting to read ALL the different perspectives and see the different ways people experienced the exact same cruise due to different things they may encountered.

Bottom line...The review you and Pam quoted was welcome here, and so is the discussion regarding it. Personally, I have no problem with either.

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Old May 29th, 2002, 08:21 AM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

Well said Kuki, likr you mention every one is in title to there
own opinion of their cruise.I have not cruise yet but if I would have been on that
cruise I would of enjoyed seeing you guys having a good time,I am happy
that you all had a blast and I hope that your next cruisewill be as wonderful.Your pictures and reviews are all well done and I am enjoying everyone of them.
From sunny Barrie Ontario Canada,Have a great day.
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Old May 29th, 2002, 08:39 AM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

We were TOO busy to look and find anything to complain about. Kuki and Panda's planned activities were so many til I have to set the alarm to keep up. To us the whole ship was excellent and the Staff and service was SUPERB.
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Old May 29th, 2002, 10:52 AM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

Hi, Cathy ...

Nice to see you here !!!

The reason I excerpted that one paragraph from the longer review was because, in my opinion, it was a bum rap.

Other than the horse racing (where I failed miserably as a jockey and was sent to the whip for my horse history) I had no interaction at all with the activities staff, nor -- as he stated -- did Kuki. I don't see how there could have been any favoritism shown.

We planned and executed all group activities on our own, but needed approval for the kite-flying and the sub-miniature scavenger golf and the loan of a rope for the aqua tug of war. We worked through the Hotel Manager and the Group Sales lady, not the activities staff.

I will repeat that the group cruise was advertised, discussed, and spread all over the boards here with an invitation to those who didn't book with the group to jump right in and join us. We were certainly easy to find! (Take a left at the third pair of antlers.) T-shirts were also available for purchase by "drop-ins" as Kuki had extras made.

Kuki and I were out and about almost all the time. All it would have taken was a, "Are you part of the CruiseMates group?" for someone to be welcomed. The poster has nobody to blame but herself/himself for not joining in and to complain about it later is, to my way of thinking, a bum rap.

The rest of the review is about the ship itself. While I don't agree with some of it, that's the poster's opinion. For example, spa treatments, etc. have always been at an extra charge. If the cabin fittings were wood, the ship would not be allowed to call at US ports (there is a maxiumum percentage of wood that can be used on a ship). The only place I saw paper napkins in use, and then only when all the main buffet lines were closed down, was at the very aft of the Waterfall Cafe.

I don't remember an honor system for the library on any Celebrity ship and never had the dreaded Brussels sprouts that were mentioned. (Bummer, because I LIKE Brussels sprouts!) Our ice was refilled during morning clean-up, around 4 PM (we just asked the first day) and at turn down. We did have paper in our "official folder" and when I wanted more, I just went to the Guest Relations desk.

It's pretty clear from the introductory paragraphs that this review was about "disappointments". And I'm still puzzling over the comment that the steak, prime beef and roast beef were "merely different slices of the same item." A cow?

Did I think it was an honest review? Yes. Do I think it was a largely negative review? Yes. Do I think it's anyone's right to write a review from their own point of view? Certainly. That's what these boards are for.

I thought that Summit compared favorably to Millie and to Rottie VI and Amsterdam which are similar HAL ships.

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Old May 29th, 2002, 11:05 AM
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Default Re: Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

There is good and bad on ALL cruises and everyone should be allowed to express what they felt, good or bad and tha5t IS allowed here at Cruisemates. As Kuki said, so long as there is no profanity, (this is a family site), and people explain WHY they felt the way they did, it gets posted. The guidelines are there and known and are basically common sense and good taste, nothing more, nothing less. There were things about the Summit that I didn't care for and some things I didn't like, but there were also many things I did like. The $2 charge for the alternative dining I thought was terrible and some of the times for the meals when you could and couldn't get something to nibble on without calling room service was not good IMHO but it may not bother others. I personally don't want someone to take and carry my tray at the buffet, others love it. To each his own and go with the flow and have a great time I say. I can and will say that the CM group was not favored over other passengers and we planned our own events and put them on ourselves without the cruise staff being involved. We told them what we were doing and the times so they would be aware as that is being polite, but they did not take part in, or run any of the CM activities. That's one of the great things about groups cruises like ours, you have the regular shipboard activities and in addition we put on our own. The Cruisemates were very active and invited many people who were not part of our group to join in many activities and some did and we made even more new friends.
Community Staff Leader

24 cruises and counting!
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Old May 29th, 2002, 11:58 AM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

OK Guys and Gals-- my two cents worth---lol . I truely believe that there is a unique personal review for everyone that sails on any ship and on every cruise-- we see things from our own eyes and look through others when we read and hear their reviews. I am happy to say I was able to cruise on the May 13th sailing of the Summit--- big factor-- with my mom. Yes it did change the aspect of the cruise for me-- and for her-knowing I already knew some of the fellow cruiser that were aboard. We did what we wanted and when we wanted etc-- always knowing that we had to many options to choose from and not enough time in a day---- hate the time changes----
I didnt and couldn't keep track of who I met and where and when etc.--- mostly tho-- what amazed me was the prople I met who lurked on the various crusie boards and that many of them knew about the Lets get Leid website that Pamda and Queeg worked so hard on. It seemed to me that more people were reading the Cruisemate board and following along witht the updates Pamda was doing for the Lets get Leid site just for their own info on Hawaii--- Opps that reminds me I forgot to tell Pamda that a lady I met sent her mom a Lei and it was the highlight for her mother on Mother's day--
Personally I coulnt tell you if I met all the Cruisemates or not---- I look a people as individual and keep my mind open-- not grouping them-- except when there was a swarm of red tee shirts --- reminds me of another group cruise I took -lol
Lifes to short not to enjoy it--- open your eyes and smile
P.S Celebrity has loosened up on the martini glasses and I just wish I was able to enjoy a few more of them than I did--- Can I ask for a few more hours in a day-- just while cruising anyways
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Old May 29th, 2002, 04:22 PM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

Just my opinion on the bum rap....

Bum rap? Not at all, for the person who wrote the review. From his/her perspective, the review was probably both accurate and honest.

Bum rap? Yes, had I been the one to write it.

We had a great time on the May 13th sailing, but participated in absolutely no ship-sponsored activities except for thehorse race and the Captains Club reception. We did our own thing and had fun doing it - on our own, with another couple or two, with the entire CruiseMates group, with a smaller group of CruiseMates, and with people who had never even heard of CruiseMates.

We ate in alternative dining twice (same menu both times - boring, in my view), but the waitstaff told me both evenings that the $2 per person gratuity was optional (we paid it). I often used paper napkins, but always by the coffee bar or around a frozen yogurt cone.

We're all different, and we all have different tastes. We also have different expectations. I think that's a good thing.
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Old May 30th, 2002, 03:03 PM
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Default Re: Bum Rap Summit Review

I as well was on this cruise. While we had booked thru Ginny as part of the Cruisemates group, we did not participate in their activities. We in NO WAY felt left out by the Summit staff because of this. I was truly amazed how some people can ALWAYS find somthing the complain about. Its too hot, its too cold, its too this or that. My god, stay home!
The Summit is a wonderful ship with a great crew who couldn't do enough to make sure we had a cruise of a lifetime. Or waiter told us from the start if we didn't like the choices on the menu, just let him know and he would get us whatever we wanted...and he did. We had ice in our cabin twice a day, plenty of paper, plenty of storage room for 2 overpackers like my husband and myself.
Well, you can please some of the people some of the time..........
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