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Y2C August 27th, 2002 01:59 AM

Poll: your worst shore excursion
For us it was in Categena. We decided just to take the shopping tour as nothing else was that exciting. The first item was the taxi drivers having fist fights for our business to drive us to town. We finally went back to toward the ship area where cabbies with a permit are allowed and got a driver, at that point another local individual hopped into the cab outside this permitted area and off we went. A feeling that was very uncomfortable. This second individual followed us every where in the shopping area recommended by the cruise lines. Actually it was OK, this individual was there to make sure we were brought back by a permitted cab. At the time we had no idea that is why he followed us. But overall the experience was not to forget. Cartegena gets a bad reputation, but overall it is like any large city, BE ON GUARD!

so what was your worst excursion?

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Jim Bragg August 27th, 2002 04:27 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Santo Domingo! We went to town on our own and were appaled by the homeless that were crawling around delapidated buildings. It did not appear safe and I found out firsthand that it isn't. We had some little dude attach himself to us to 'help' us find bargains or whatever and he didn't want to leave period. He kept trying to get us to follow him to differant stores etc and I heard him speak to a confederate about setting us up for a mugging! He was not aware that I speak Spanish. <G> As I still have the old cop in me I had a good time playing with him and allowing him to lead us almost to where the mugging was to occur and then suddenly turn on to another street or double back. This drove him nuts trying to re-establish the setup. <LOL> Really, if I hadn't been able to understand Spanish and know what a set-up for robbery was, we could easily have been robbed or worse there. I am glad that the ships stopped going there. The reason was that every time they were there some passenger was robbed or raped and that is just unacceptable. Too bad as there were some very interesting historical places I would have loved to explore further without playing a cat and mouse game with the local criminals!
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Chuck Palm August 27th, 2002 04:57 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Liarsville (Skagway) We took the "scenic" train ride and the bus tour back through Liarsville. We both agree it was the longest day of our lives, all be it a day of quaintness. Ugh!

We did enjoy strolling through town after the tour for a little last minute Skagway shopping, however.

PEB August 27th, 2002 09:55 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Our worst excursion was on a prestay in Hawaii before our first cruise on the Independence. The excursion was booked by us on a recomendation by a co worker who had just done this excursion. It was a scuba diving excursion. We were picked up late to start with. We than sat in the dive shop for a couple hours. We finally got out to dive. We were diving at a 90 foot depth on a sunken ship when the dive master signaled us to surface. Of course at that depth you make a stop part way for decompression which takes a couple extra minutes. Once we reached the surface we found the dive boat was sinking and the sides of the boat were only inches out of the water. To shorten up the story our 4 hour dive turned into a 12 hour pain in the backside.

My wife who does not dive stayed back and had a rough time when she asked where we were and the dive shop responded " Oh their boat is sinking out in the ocean somewhere we are trying to get them in". It deffinately put a damper on the day.

Carole and Johnny August 27th, 2002 10:21 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Sint Maarten /St Martin - harassed constantly by vendors and timeshare people. Rude shop owners. Went all over both sides of that island TWICE....will NEVER get off the ship again if it stops there. There were many other reasons, but these are the top reasons.

Harry Martin August 27th, 2002 10:22 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Geez louise, what stories! Puts mine to shame ....

On our most recent shore excursion in Mazatlan, we went on ship-sponsored outing to the Colonial Villages. It was lots of fun; however, *one* loud-mouthed person on the bus kept saying she was cold, so they kept turning off the air conditioning. (Keep in mind it was 80 degrees outside!)

As the bus grew stuffier and stuffier, I and several other passengers staged a mini-mutiny, crying out for, "Air, air, AIR."

For the rest of the trip, it was a battle of the thermostat.



Raven August 27th, 2002 11:35 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
My worst excursion I have to blame on myself - not the excursion.

Five years ago myself, wife and our 2 teenage children cruised on the Norwegian Wind and one port was at Roatan. We took an excursion to Tabanya Beach Resort for swimming, snorkeling and just general fun in the sun. My wife and I went to snorkel right away. My mistake was to not take one of the inflatable life jackets that they always have for snorkeling.

After being out for maybe a 1/2 hour we came to an area where the reef dropped from a depth of 5-7 feet to maybe 20 feet. I'm a very poor swimmer, so the sudden depth under me rattled me a bit and I turned around to head for shallower water where I knew it would be safer for me. I immediately discovered that a slight rip current had been developing, but I hadn't noticed as I had been swimming out with the current. Now I was facing the current and knew that I was in big trouble because of my being a very weak swimmer and not having a floatation device.

I worked very hard to keep from going into a panic and also looked for help. We had ended up being on the fringe of the snorkelers and there was nobody within 50-60' of me. I noticed one person who appeared to possibly be my wife (hard to tell with goggles and all the stuff so I made a frantic wave and fortunately she caught on that I was in trouble and immediately came over and assisted me to shallow water. Without her help I doubt I'd have made it.

I still snorkel but, needless to say, WITH a floatation device and with much more caution. I didn't pay close enough attention - I do now.

Happy Camper August 27th, 2002 03:44 PM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
I too learned on a deep snorkel trip - 40-60 gfeet of water that without a flotation device you can deffinately have problems - good swimmer or not - I had to get the dive boat to come get me but I tread water for 10 minutes trying to get their attention and was exhausted. My hubby had decided to sit ont he boat and I was stuburn and wanted to try it without a flotation device since all the others were - he told me not too - I HATE when he is always right!!!! :) Debbie

Worst excursion was in Roatan - done on our own. We went to Anthony Keys resort with another couple and ran into problems right off - we were deffiantely not welcome and left before we were suppose to be picked up by our taxi driver. That taxi driver accosted us on the pier demanded full payment which we had found out from the taxi we did take back to the ship was double the price it should have been. We tried to give him 1/2 what he asked - what he really should have gotten in the first place - but he was screaming and yelling and all so we gave him the full amount - very very bad taste in my mouth for Roatan people. In the shops by the pier they all said this is the best price and then you would find it two stalls down for less. I really did not like the people at all - we only ran across one nice one that was fair in all we met. We will not go back if we can avoid it - too many other places safer and prettier.


Boomer August 28th, 2002 01:48 PM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Worse one for us was on ....I'm not sure which island....either Tortola or Antigua...anyway we wanted a taxi to Nelson's Dock Yards. We got "Willy" and we negotiated a price. Willy took us towards the Dock Yards but along the way willy stopped at a vendor on the side of the road. I'm sure he was related. We got out , looked and got back in much to the dirty stare from Willy. We knew he was not happy. Ok....we leave the dock yard for a beach. Willy takes us way out to a very secluded beach....stops and demands we pay him now! He says he will return for us. We hesitate and Willy starts to get very mad, making us uneasy. We pay him. Go to the beach and we had fun but all of us had a very uneasy felling that we had seen the last of Willy. Luck for us, another cabbie comes around. We all sat up and said, "got room"? "Sure" he says. We get in. Nicest guy you ever want to meet. All the way back to the port we look for Willy's cab.....10 mile ride....never saw him. Had we not gone with our instincts, we would have missed our boat. Bob

Drena August 28th, 2002 03:22 PM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
I agree with Carole about St Martin. I was very glad to go back to the ship. We were bugged so much by people trying to get us to go into the stores that I'd finally had enough. They were very rude, so I got rude right back. I stopped in my tracks, put my hands up and notified them all "I just want to get BACK to my SHIP!" They left us alone and let us walk by in peace, but the damage had already been done. They'd been way too rude and pushy for our liking. And the shop owners weren't any better. We were in one of the "recommended" jewelry shops and my husband had noticed a beautiful, but very, very pricey man's opal ring (his birthstone). It was very much out of our price range, but the owner said, "Sure you can afford it! You're rich Americans". Ugh! We, too, won't get off the ship there again!

BoozeBabe August 28th, 2002 09:16 PM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
It was in Jamaica. thats where I'll NEVER get off the ship again. We took a plantation/ DunnsRiver Falls tour. The falls were great. Loved every minute of that. But, the plantation tour was awful. We were herded onto a wagon (we figured we were going to a slaughter house by the way they packed people on the wagon. They wanted us to let others sit on our laps so we could fit more people on. It was sooooo hot there we could hardly breathe. The free rum punch was about 2 oz. of some concoction we thought twice about drinking. We didn't drink it but others who did got sick before we got back to the ship. WHEW

No more Jamaica for me. The pot holes there look like meteors hit the island.

Nancy From Fruita CO. September 1st, 2002 10:02 AM

Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
Our worse was also in Jamaica. If it's one of the ports of call on a cruise again, we will stay on the ship. We hired a taxi driver who drove us to places we didn't feel save at. The vendors were grabbing our cloths. When he took us back to the ship the price of his tour was a lot higher than what we were quoted before we got into his taxi.
Nancy from Fruita CO.

AR September 1st, 2002 12:46 PM

Re: Re: Poll: your worst shore excursion
In Jamaica, those pot holes you talked about actually have pot in them. Not many people know this.

We don't get off the ship there either.


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