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marshe April 22nd, 2003 12:36 AM

Loyalty Programs
When we peruse cruise brochures, I often find myself reading the Loyalty program page. Every cruiseline seems to cal it different. Lattitudes, Captain's Club, Crown and Anchor, etc. But I wonder are some better than others?
Does one usually encounter hassles when trying to redeem the percs?
Hoping to hear the straight 'deal' on these programs from all the cruise vets!

Tweety April 22nd, 2003 06:07 AM

Re: Loyalty Programs
I believe that Celebrity is the only one where you have to pay to belong to the Captain's Club. We joined and have enjoyed the percs ever since. For my money (one $35 charge for the family) it was well worth it. Have gotten upgrades that have saved me that much and more on several occasions and the early embarkation makes it all worth while for me. I have heard that there good points to other loyalty clubs but have not personally used them. I'm sure that someone will have those answers.

thechad56 April 22nd, 2003 10:38 PM

Re: Loyalty Programs
royal carib. has a good one crown and anchor they give your booklets with like two for one drinks, double play in the casino and the books get better coupons the mroe cruise u have been on ..........RCL is my fav.

Kathie April 23rd, 2003 11:35 AM

Re: Loyalty Programs
Our only experience is with Crown and Anchor. Last Jan. we sailed on our 2nd Explorer cruise. When we got to our cabin there were two coupon books on the desk. We got into the wine tasting party free ($6 value) used 2for 1 drink coupons, $4 free in the casino and on the 3rd quarter of the first $ I hit 100. Shortly after, Hubby hit 25 and I hit 100 again. No money out of our pocket and we won $56.25--not much for hardened gamblers, but a windfall for us. We left to go to the evening show (The Platters!) with almost $40. I timed our visit to the casino so we would have to leave before blowing it all. Last year we dropped $20 in ten min. lol
We also got a %5 discount in the Logo Shop. Didn't use all the coupons, but the ones we did were great. On Tues. we came back from dinner to find belly bags with the RCI logo on them, just what I needed since I couldn't find the one I intended to bring with me. The C&A party was very nice, too.
I don't know if I will join the Captains Club, a) because we prefer RCI, and b) C&A is free. Maybe if it looks like we'll cruise Celebrity more, we'll join.

Explorer to E. Carib. 1/12/02
Explorerto W. Carib 1/18/03
Summit Denali Discovery 8/3/03

AR April 23rd, 2003 05:26 PM

Re: Re: Loyalty Programs
There's absolutely no reason NOT to join any program once you cruise the line for the first time, unless you utterly hated the cruise and resolved never to go with that line again. Celebrity's small charge is worth it if you ever expect to cruise with them again.

The perks are generally delivered as advertised, although many of us believe that the typical "one category upgrades" carry so many restrictions that they are seldom worth a hill of beans--especially if you're working with a good agent who is getting you a big discount to begin with. But what the heck, you never know when a hundred dollar coupon may show up in a mailing that fits in with your plans.

You can join most of them for the cost of a stamp or a few keystrokes, so why not?


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