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Kuki October 7th, 2003 11:05 AM

POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
[b]Since 1994 when I took my first cruise, I've been on only a handful of land vacations. Don't know if everyone is like me, but wondering why it is YOU would CHOOSE a cruise over land vacations?[b]

Thomas October 7th, 2003 11:13 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Very simple answer for me Kuki! I cannot be bothered by work when I'm on a cruise. They can't call me, they can't drive to see me, they can't page me.

When I'm on a cruise I never have to go anywhere to get or do whatever it is I want.

If I go on a land vacation they have to know the hotel I'm staying in. In this respect it is just an extension of my home. But if I stay at home there is too many chores staring me in the face to ever relax.


PapaBill October 7th, 2003 11:28 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
For me it is the level of service, variety of activity and multiple destinations. It has also been very much about the wonderful places we've seen and the people we've met. I like this thing about checking into the "hotel" once and having the hotel bring you to each destination. I personally think you get more bang for your buck with a cruise as well.

Jeanne&Ellis October 7th, 2003 11:33 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Unpack, relax, get served, no beds to make or food to cook, no cleaning,no phones, no mail, although I do miss my computer, but not for long! Agree with PapaBill much more bang for the buck!! And of course meeting all the great people who also find cruising the only way to go.

Shipbound October 7th, 2003 11:35 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Everything is right there that you need to have fun that is the name of the game. When
I cruise I'll talk to anybody and going on a cruise is the best way to meet people.


linda g October 7th, 2003 11:58 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Cruising to me is the best, and incidentally, the most cost effective way to vacation. For starters, you are not stuck in one city, two, your meals; which can really add up in a week are includeded in the price of the cruise, three there is a different show every night, four on many ships there is lecturer's that discuss the area where you are visiting, five, cooking demonstrations, six, a movie theater on board. All these things add to the amenities of the cruise. Then too, you meet people from all over the world that share your desire to cruise. We had met a couple from the Philadelphia area on one cruise and found out that their daughter had attended the same university as ours but had graduated the semester before. Several years later, our daughter's met at a wedding! Some things were just "meant to be".

Gatormama October 7th, 2003 12:00 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Think about the idea of dragging 2 kids for a week or 2 around in a car, in and out of hotels, paying for food they won't eat, paying hotel babysitters who you have no clue who they are, etc... Get my point. Dollar for dollar a cruise is worth it. Last June we did a 2 week trip to New England where most of our family is. Rained a good portion of the time, kids were miserable, had problems with our flights and generally came home totally stressed out. Upon arrival home dh looks at me and says why didn't we cruise up there. It is actually cheaper to cruise for a week than to go to the home of the Mouse. Yes, a cruise is expensive but if you take family vacations, they are actually cheaper. Hotel, divide the cost of the cruise by six nights at a hotel. Roughly 100$ per night depending on area. Going by govt per diem per person of 57$ per day for food x6 add that then the cost of gasoline if you are driving and if you fly and rent a car add that in. Get where I'm going..... It is much cheaper to cruise. Then you have the kids programs on board. Babysitters at 5$ per hour.... That is why we take cruises. Also one more very important factor, it is the experience of being on board ship, that is priceless. My kids have been all over but they remember the ships the most.

mbuckellew October 7th, 2003 12:13 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
The initial appeal of cruising was that it was a way to travel to exotic destinations without having to fly; plus it was cost-effective. Now the appeal is that and so much more.

Michelle B.

Seahunks October 7th, 2003 01:17 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I don't care if this sounds maudlin. I cruise because I loved the ocean before I even saw it.

Maybe it was Popeye cartoons. Maybe it was Seahunt or Tugboat Annie. I only know that since I was very young I wanted to work at sea. And, heck, I never even saw saltwater until I was fifteen.

My older sister and I talked about that at a family get together before our first cruise--our first was a family cruise. She says I was eight when I started yacking about being a sailor when I grew up. But I could swear I was born wanting to be one.

Sometimes fate equates to destiny. Circumstances well beyond my control dictated worklife on shore. Choosing to fulfill responsibilities, duty, and commitments within my control kept me landlocked. Now that I'm materially as wealthy as I can ever expect to be, I sublimate deferred dreams as a passenger. A poor substitute, but it gets me beyond the beach..

Steve Until Inspiration
Sensation 2/03
Enchantment 9/03

Ginnie October 7th, 2003 01:29 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Our travel agent suggested in 1974 that we take a cruise, as my husband and I couldn't agree on a specific Caribbean island for our annual vacation. Well, we fell in love with cruising, and the rest is history.
We love being a sea, and have been on a variety of cruises, from budget to deluxe ships, and never had a really bad cruise. We liked some better than others, but overall, cruising is the only way for us to go now. We have sailed all over the world, and have met the most interesting people everywhere we go.
Happy Cruising, Ginnie

parrotheadlawyer October 7th, 2003 01:29 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
For my money, there just is no better way to travel. I like being able to do as much or as little as I feel like doing on any given day. I looooove being pampered and waited on, too! The floating hotel concept is great. Unpack once and then off you go to various interesting ports of call. I am completely addicted!


L&S80 October 7th, 2003 01:36 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
A cruise has to be the best vacation.......getting to see different islands & only having to unpack once......
It's the best deal for your money too in MHO.......<S>
Just got home from the Mexician Riveria & now waiting for Feb for the Voyager.....


Starfighter October 7th, 2003 01:55 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I agree with what everyone else had to say. It's the most convenient and cost efficient way to enjoy an almost all-inclusive vacation. Although as a single adult, there are some exceptions that I enjoy, that aren't possible on a cruise. Hiking or biking through the mountains and staying at different bed and breakfast or chalets each evening in- between has an attraction all it's own. And of course, the all-inclusive aspect of unlimited alcoholic beverages at all-inclusive land resorts can offset the cost efficiency of cruises every quickly. I really wouldn't want to eliminate either one, as long as I'm an active individual who enjoys the hands-on approach and the challenge of adventure. I may not be able to push the envelope at mach 3 anymore, but I can still enjoy sailing the 7 seas and climbing where the air is thin. There's also another reason that I love cruising, that's very important to me. You meet a lot more single ladies and that's enough reason in itself. Life is good. Have a good one.

BUDDY October 7th, 2003 03:00 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I agree with all of the above-mentioned comments. Once I started cruising over 25 years ago, I rarely take a land vacation. We now take our kids and grandkids with us when we can. A year ago, my grandkids wanted to go to Orlando for a week. It was my daughter, her three girls, my husband and myself. We stayed at a very nice hotel, the Hard Rock, in Orlando. At the end of the week, I told my daughter that we all could have gone on a week-long cruise for what that week cost me; ie., airfare, hotel, three meals a day for six people; the cost of the amusement park, renting a car, etc. It was way more expensive than a 7 day cruise. Once in awhile I'll get talked into a land vacation, but cruising is always my first choice. People I work with think I'm rich but when I compare their land vacations to a cruise, they just can't believe the amount of money they spend, compared to what I spend for a cruise. I love everything about a cruise, except for the airport and flight. We did two cruises this year and have an Alaskan cruise booked for next summer.
Happy Crusing.....Anita

mcasey October 7th, 2003 03:20 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Absolutely! In my mind there is no comparison!

We took our first cruise in 1998 because we wanted to go to the islands, but my husband WILL NOT FLY!!! No way no how, he will not do it. This was a perfect way for us to see several new places without having to fly. Now, even if he changed his mind (which he will not) we would still cruise, just further away from home.

How else can you get first class everything at such a great price???!!!

les October 7th, 2003 03:21 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation

I find cruising to be a great dollar value ,however, my first and foremost reason for cruising versus land vacations? Virtually NO decisions to make. I call cruising, "lead me by the nose vacations". Just tell me when to eat and what time to be there, etc... This type of vacation is priority one as I am a real estate agent and every minute of every day, when not cruising, I am available to my clients. I provide what I believe to be service above and beyond the call of duty. Therefore, it is really nice to be cared for for a change and have a no brainer vacation.!!!


Mercury - 11/5/03
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Mercury - 4/11/04

Andee October 7th, 2003 03:54 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I like both cruises and land vacations.

For me, the benefits of cruising are seeing several places without having to pack/unpack, and having a beautiful ship with lots of activities at my disposal.

But I also love our ski weeks in the western US or Canada, theater weekends in NYC, and the chance to stay in one place long enough to really get to know it.

LGriggs548 October 7th, 2003 04:42 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Since that first cruise back in 1977, there have only been a very few land based vacations for us.

Seems that when DH was still in the Army they always found a way to reach us on those land based ones. Cruising gave us total uninterrupted time with the family.

One time to pack/unpack, each can do their own thing onboard, much more pampering than in 5 star hotels and you only have to pull the wallett out a few times on a cruise, not so on land based.

No decisions as to how long do we travel today, where will we stay, where do we eat and so on.

Total relaxation on a ship---I love it and don't even care where it goes. As a matter of fact, the more sea days the better. If I can't take a ship, I'm not crazy about going.


rayb October 7th, 2003 04:54 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I agree with all of the above posters However there is another factor.

A Lot or at least many of the sight to see in the world is away from ports where cruise ships frequent. Therefore in order to see those sights youmust travel on land to see.

We have taken many land tours and have visited many interesting places in the world. There is a lot of disadvantages in Land Tours or travel. Mostly is the packing and unpacking mostly on a daily basis. Bus riding can really get tiresome. But lets all face it you must take the hardships in order to see the world completely.

But we enjoy the cruising until we say get me on a ship and I will make the best of it. We love cruising, but we will still do land tours.

rollerdonna October 7th, 2003 07:13 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
Here's a new twist: my husband swears he must've been a pirate, or at least a sea captain in another life! He has always had an intense interest in the sea, ships, and shipwrecks, and in particular, pirate stories. Cruising is living out his fantasies, and lucky me, I get to go along for the ride!


Chuck Palm October 7th, 2003 08:14 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I like both land vacations and cruises. Right now we're somewhat equally booked:

11-03.......... H.A.L.Veendam
2-04............. Land Vacation Prague, Czech.
04-04........... Land Vacation Oaxaca, Mexico
06-04........... Land Vacation, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
11-04........... Golden Princess

Land vacations give you a lot more time in places where you want more time. Cruises are a sampler plate that helps you know if you want to visit again for a longer period. Also some places like Oaxaca and Prague one really cannot visit by cruise ship.

Kathy & Dave October 7th, 2003 08:39 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I choose to cruise because once I get on the ship, I don't have to do anything the whole time! No cooking, cleaning, no phone, and best of all, no work! I like being able to go many places and only having to pack and fly once to get there. I think the prices are great...once you add up the cost of car, hotel, food, entertainment you can spend just as much for a land vacation.


Luanne October 7th, 2003 11:07 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I enjoy both, but like others have said you get to some more exotic places on a cruise. I have seen a lot of the US (49 states so far) so I like to see other places. My parents took us on land vacations all of our growing up life so now as adults, we've discovered cruising. We have a timeshare so we still do 7 day land trips occasionally . This is what our Las Vegas trip will be in Dec. When we do land trips we usually stay at a condo or resort and rent a car and branch out different directions each day. This way we don't get bored. We hope to go on an Alaskan cruise in June ,2004 so that will be my 50th! I need to figure out some sort of celebration as I step off of the ship for that 50th state!


belgique October 7th, 2003 11:30 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
As a single woman, cruising affords me the opportunity to see places I would never otherwise see. How would I get to the Panama Canal? Go to Panama City, rent a car and drive to the Canal? Not this kid! How else would I experience the wonders of South America and see places like Caracas, Cartegena, Rio and Buenas Aires? Can't picture myself spending a week alone in any of these places but sure am thankful I've been to all of them.

There's also the safety factor. Being on a cruise ship I feel secure and the ship becomes my "home". No worrying about driving, "am I in a bad neighborhood?", having perhaps a bit too much champagne in a lounge and worrying about getting home safely - just wander back to my cabin.

And the serenity, peace and wonder of being at sea cannot be duplicated anywhere on I-75 or I-95.

We are all so very fortunate to be able to cruise and I for one will never become blase - as excited about my 21st cruise on October 26th as I was on my first one! There's not much else that can cure a bad day as ticking off another day on the calendar when the countdown is on!

Lisa October 8th, 2003 12:30 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I can't add anything to what everyone else has said. The only land vacations that I like right now are to one of the lakes in Northern Wisconsin or to visit friends somewhere in the country. I will admit that San Antonio is an absolutely magical place (and yes, you can fit a cruise in while there on the San Antonio River), and there are other places in this country I want to see; but cruising takes me to places I would otherwise NEVER get to!

cruisingks October 8th, 2003 05:19 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
A lot of reasons! Living a hop, skip and a jump from the Elbe and being fascinated by cruise ships going by is one.

The second has to do with wanting to see the Caribbean. If I chose a land vacation to see that lush part of the earth....that would mean a lot of vacation time! Cruising reminds me of grazing at a buffet.

The third has to do with the Panama Canal. Ive experienced the Kiel Canal and can only imagine how exciting the Panama Canal would be.

The fourth reason is as Thomas stated. Dh (hopefully) wont be reached on a cruise ship. Weve had two land vacations ruined by calls from the company. Provided dh can keep his mouth shut, I doubt that they will reach us!

Land vacations are also in our future. Were hoping to get to either Namibia or South Africa next year as well.


susancruzs October 8th, 2003 09:03 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I'll add my two cents or maybe more here! I totally agree with Petoskey, traveling as a single woman, you cannot beat a cruise, which is why I took my first one in 1982! I like cruising with a friend but that doesn't always work out and I refuse to sit home because I can't find someone to go with me!

On a cruise, you don't have the issue of a single woman traveling alone, you can be by yourself or with people! I've cruised single more times than not and only one cruise did I not really meet people other than the group I was with and which was very strange.
On almost all my cruises, I've found people to go ashore, do things with onboard, and I've always had great tables at dinner!

I like seeing places that I can't get to by ship but I can't spend too many days by myself in a strange place, eating meals alne, sightseeing by yourself, gets old after awhile.
I don't mind being alone but it can start to bug me if I'm doing everything by myself in a strange city or place.


Happy Camper October 8th, 2003 09:40 AM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
The ocean! My hubby and I have both been in love with the ocean since we were tiny and loved the water. For our honeymoon my hubby suggested we go on a BIG boat. That was our first cruise and have been on 15 more since. BUT. We bought an RV last year and have since spent many weekends and longer camping. I have to admit I have more quality time with hubby on land and we thought when we first bought the camper we would stop cruising. Well we have been on 2 cruises since and although they are generally once a year now instead of twice a year the ocean still calls...

We are trying a houseboat in a few weeks with friends but we know that it won't be enough as it is not on the ocean.

So our main reason we have finally figured out is that the ocean is calling... :) :) Debbie

PEB October 8th, 2003 12:56 PM

Re: POLL- Why do you CHOOSE a Cruise over a land Vacation
I truly enjoy a cruise but I also do enjoy certain types of land vacations. I can enjoy relaxing on a ship or taking my canoe up into the Boundary Waters equally. I can have fun on the deck of the ship or take a trip into the woods and enjoy both equally.

The only type of land vacation I do not like is driving or flying from town to town to see different things. This is the pits and a cruise does that in comfort and in a relaxing way. If I am on a land vacation where I stay for awhile it doesn't really matter but a vacation trying to see multiple cities you can't beat a cruise.

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