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venice July 8th, 2004 06:03 PM

Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night
OK..Anne Campbell and the CM staff has rewarded you for being loyal to this forum by giving you an all expense paid cruise on Seabourn in the owner's suite for 2 weeks with the understanding that you will write a review upon your return. The Captain e-mails you the night before departure and invites you and your dw/dh to join him at his table on captain's night and you can invite 5 other living famous people in the world selected from the following areas...1)movies..2)world leader..3)business..4)sports..5)someone who has "fallen from grace" and the captain will fly them in at Seabourn's expense just for that evening. He also wants to know what the dinner conversation topic for each of them will center around so he can prepare...who would you invite ?..what would you ask them ?

First of all, since I'm not married and it's my thread, I will tell you my GF decided not to join the group at dinner because she was tired from shopping ,spa and beach all day and was going to turn in early, but I could have a "guest" dinner companion, so I asked the Captain to fly in Halle Berry directly from the set of Catwoman and she would join us in her Catwoman outfit (heh it's a dream cruise remember (smile)
movies - Charlize Theron (Monsters)- she and Halle would discuss how winning an oscar is not as fulfilling in life as a relationship with a normal every day working guy who likes to cruise 3-4 times a year like myself (smile)
world leader - Former President Jimmy Carter-how people view him as a compassionate and faith base leader and rate him much higher now, then when he was president
business - the person that invented ****** - what are the long term effects of this drug that no one is saying anything about ?
sports - George Foreman-how did he "reinvent" himself from boxing to grills ?
person fallen from grace - Jimmy Baker - will he reconcile with Tammy Faye and how is he going to pay back all that money to the people that he swindled ?

one of the best part of cruising for me is the great conversations at dinner with people at your table, so I thought I would expand on that and present this thread as a change up ..

Dorothy July 8th, 2004 07:28 PM

Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night
Ohhhh Venice!!We play the "who do you invite to your dinner party" game all the time!

Let's see:

1. movies - Johnny Depp
2. world leader: Henry Kissinger
3. business - the Donald
4. sports - Lance Armstrong
5. fallen from grace - Bill Clinton

Don't know I have a lot to ask Johnny Depp, I just want to sit next to him and drool... :)

I can't even BEGIN to list all the questions I have for Kissinger. He and I would most likely monopolize the conversation all evening.

One question for Donald Trump. What's the deal with that hair?

I'd like to ask Lance about overcoming his battle with cancer and going on to become one of the great athletes of all time AND single-handedly bringing bike riding to the front burner for many Americans.

With Bill, I might just enjoy some good, lively conversation, maybe with a few queries about Hillary.....


Lisa July 9th, 2004 12:24 AM

Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night

Movies.......Lauren Bacall - would love to hear her reminisce about Bogey and the golden age of Hollywood.

World Leaders.........Kofi Anan (sp) - would ask him how the UN could turn a blind eye to all the corruption in it's various programs (like food for oil, etc.)

Business........Bill Gates - would ask him if he has any brothers who are just as successful as he is <vbg> - really would ask him if there were any way to improve windows as on OS (explained in plain english for me)!!

Sports..............Brett Favre - I'm a Packer fan through and through and would love to talk strategy with him.

Fallen from Grace...........Any of the CEO's of Worldcom, Enron or other giant calamities (if they are out of prison at the time) - asking how the heck they could sacrifice their workers and their livelihoods for the sake of their own pockets.

MichelleP July 9th, 2004 07:53 AM

Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night
Very interesting question!

1. movies - Catherine Zeta-Jones
2. world leader - George W. Bush
3. business - Bob Dickinson (of Carnival cruise line)
4. sports - Derek Jeter
5. fallen from grace - Michael Jackson

I'd like to talk to Catherine Zeta-Jones because she's from Wales and I love that accent. I'd also like to ask her if she has any beauty tips for me, she's gorgeous!

I'd like to talk to GWB because he is not only (in MY opinion) a great leader, he seems like he'd be a fun guy to just hang out and have a beer with.

I'd invite Bob Dickinson so I could tell him what I think should be changed on Carnival.

Derek Jeter, of course, is there for me to drool over.

And I'd like to see Michael Jackson just because of the spectacle it would be. It would be like seeing some kind of alien or something.

Michelle P.

LisaK July 9th, 2004 08:22 AM

Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night
hmmm, this is a fantasy cruise, right?
Movies - Pierce Brosnan( drool factor)
World Leader - Nelson Mandella-
Business - the english gentleman who owns Virgin Airways, Virgin Records, you know who i mean, what is his name? Sir Richard something (urrgh) - he is an adventure seeker and i think would have some great stories to tell.
Sports - Teddy Bruschi ( New England Patriots) for the DH - he is his favorite player, and DH would love to just chat with him
Fallen from Grace - Martha Stewart - just for the table etiquette<VBG>

Dorothy July 9th, 2004 09:53 AM

Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night
Ha! Lisa, I wrote Martha OFF my list because I was afraid she'd be eyeing my manners all night long!!


Jason July 9th, 2004 10:11 AM

Re: Dream Cruise, Dream Tablemates for Captain's Night
Tom Hanks; unparalleled ability to pick rolls in movies. All his films have never lost money.

Nelson Mandela; He consistently refused to compromise his political position to obtain his freedom.

Ingvar Kamprad. The man is a study in frugality. He travels economy, rides public transportation, and maintains a low profile, yet his net worth is more than Gates.

Yogi Berra; His stories are priceless

Bill Clinton; To give us the cliff notes version of his book (lonnnngg read).

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