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Old January 2nd, 2005, 12:03 AM
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Default Rough Seas

I got back from my first cruise (Sensation out of NO) a couple of weeks ago. First I want to say to everyone who answered my questions in the months before I left...thanks so much. I was so much better prepared and knew what to expect.

Second, I have a question. Seas were very rough and because I was sick (yes, I took bonine beginning the day before we sailed) I missed out on many activities. I felt terrible for nearly half of the trip. Not only that but I didn't know if the extreme rocking of the ship was normal and this caused me great anxiety. I even asked a staff person if it was normal and she said "no" and I asked if it was going to be okay and she said "I hope so!" YIKES!

I was so excited about the trip and never once thought seas would be so rough as it wasn't hurricane season. I, obviously, know little about the ocean. The other parts of the cruise (the shows I could see, the food, the service, the ports) were fantastic.

Anyway, I was left with a bit of a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not sure if I will cruise again. I feel like I should give it one more chance though, maybe on a different ship or different destination.

My question is (sorry this is so long winded), are there destinations that tend to be more calm regularly and are there ships that don't roll as much in rough seas? I realize only god controls the weather but I guess I'm looking for averages and generalities here.

Thank in advance.

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Old January 2nd, 2005, 01:03 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

I am sorry that you hit rough seas. Extremely rough seas are not normal but they do happen. Of my 15 cruises I have only had very heavy seas (15 to 18 foot swells) one time. That was on the north side of Cuba in 2000, on the Norwegian Sky.

The larger the ship the more stable it will be but as you said no one can control the weather and the seas. Almost all cruise ships that are currently sailing have stabilizer wings that reduce the roll of the ship but they can't stop it in heavy seas.

Give it another shot and next time you may want to go for the patch.

Take care,

Cruisemates Community Leader/Moderator

"There is a great difference between being well traveled and just having been to many places." ~Me

"Fear is the assassin of dreams." ~Me
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Old January 2nd, 2005, 01:04 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

Paula - Alaska Inside Passage cruises are generally more calm, as are most Caribbean cruises during spring and summer.

A word of advice for the next time - if you get seasick and the bonine/dramamine does NOT work for you, go to the ships doctor and get the "shot" - works miracles! Well worth the small expense for it.

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Old January 2nd, 2005, 06:20 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

I had "the shot" once and I was feeling better within the hour. I paid for it up front but my insurance company reimbursed me for it.


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Old January 2nd, 2005, 08:13 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

Sorry to hear about this Paula; I was probably one of those who advised you that you wouldn't get sick! I have the worst stomach ever, for motion sickness, yet in 5 cruises, have NEVER been sick, I have had to take Gravol (Canadian Bonine) to go on smaller boat excursions (catamarans, tenders, sailboats etc.), but I have always been fine onboard the ship. I have only travelled the Caribbean, so I can't advise about any other routes, but if other CruiseMates recommend "the shot", then I'd go with that good advice!


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Old January 2nd, 2005, 08:32 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

I agree about the shot.
But, stay away from the patch, I wore it on one cruise and the side effects of the patch
were worse then the sea sickness.

Mary Margaret
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Old January 2nd, 2005, 09:47 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

Paula, I think you must have been on the same cruise as my sister - over Christmas? Apparently the seas were very, very high. I would say that most cruises are smooth sailing, but from her reports, this was a very unusual situation.

I would try again. I think the odds of your encountering such high seas are small. Sorry you felt so bad.



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Old January 2nd, 2005, 10:03 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

so sorry to hear about the rough seas. I was also worried about our first cruise and the motion of the seas. Our cruise was in April 2004 and found there to be no problems. We cruised the Southern Caribbean. In fact, the only problem I found was looking out at the sea when we dined the first night. I did find there was a difference between the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea. My doctor told me that if I could sit in the bath tub at home then I could handle the calmness of the Caribbean Sea. We are going on a trans-Atlantic cruise in April and have to admit i am somewhat nervous as to what the seas will be like. I am especially concerned about the 6 sea days with no land in sight. Our cruise will start in SanJuan Puerto Rico and continue on through Portugal and then on to Dover, England. Can someone please put my fears to rest...ty
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Old January 2nd, 2005, 10:07 AM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

Don't give up on cruising! I have been on 39 cruises and have only encountered seriously rough seas once! and I have a very serious motion sickness problem.( I even get sick on buses, and cars in town and definitely on small fishing boats)

Pick bigger ships, with good stabiliizers, pick cabin in center lower of ship. eat frequently( never a problem for me!) ie always have food in stomach and decrease alcohol and if feeling nausea coming on by all means don't stay in cabin . get on deck and focus on the horizon.
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Old January 2nd, 2005, 11:22 AM
Cruizin K and J
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Default Re: Re: Rough Seas

So sorry that sea sickness spoiled your cruise. I've been on 11 cruises and have never been sick. Last April we did a transatlantic on the QE2. Extremely rough crossing to NYC that even damaged the ship. Lots of people were sick. Would ONLY recommend crossings in the summer.

Do try another cruise and do try a shot next time.

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Old January 2nd, 2005, 06:48 PM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

Paula, cruising is not the best fit for everyone. Some are more satisfied with an all inclusive land vacation; often because they can't adjust to being at sea. Others like being at sea so much they will use the bands, bonine, and shots just to get through it. You need to decide what is best for you.

No matter where you cruise, there is no guarantee that you will have smooth water. Yes, some of the larger ships are so large you can't tell you are at sea, but it can still get rough.


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Old January 2nd, 2005, 08:22 PM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

I have a terrible motion sickness problem,car back seats, buses, small boats, and I was afraid to cruise for years because of it. I finally tried it, I love cruising, and I can usually get by with wrist bands and ginger, but my last cruise, also out of New Orleans was awfully rough and I ( and quite a few others) were so sick . The ship was giving out pills and we had to take them the whole time. I honestly think it was the time of year and the size of the ship as I have never sailed in Nov. before. My best cruises have been to the southern caribbean, the seas just seem smoother and the islands prettier but there are not that many that go there. I've always wondered why. Anyway, if you get the courage to try again, go for a very large ship, and try to get a cabin low and center. Also, my most enjoyable cruises as far as good weather and smooth seas have been in May and June. I've done one to Bermuda and the Atlantic is rougher, so I'd be afraid to do a crossing even though it would be a wonderful way to see Europe. I hope you try at least one more in late spring or summer and a big ship so you can see the difference.
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 12:43 PM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

AHHHH!!! I was on the same cruise as you, except RCCL! I saw your ship in port every time! I felt the same way!! My first cruise & I was too sick to enjoy it. I did not feel better until Tuesday night!! Talk about a waste! I tried to visit our doctor & was sent away because I followed the directions on the Bonine package (1 every 24). The nurse said to take it every 8 hours & then see how I felt. Thanks!! I only wasted $4000 for a 6-day cruise that I saw 2.5 days of. I heard the seas were "abnormally rough" for that time of year. You & I were lucky enough to have our first experience come out so well!! the next cruise I take I am going to my physician before I go. And if that doesn't work, I will MAKE the nurse get me the doctor!!!

Don't give up!! Next time try a shorter one in case you hate it!!! Everything else was great except that. Perhaps next time you will already have your "sea legs," and no problems!!!
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Old January 3rd, 2005, 07:42 PM
Lynne &Trevor
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Default Re: Rough Seas

I was prone to motion sickness as a child, sometimes having to stop by the side of the road, so was leery of cruising.
Our former next door neighbors treated us to a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean as a Christmas present for Feb. 1998. It was the Sun Princess. I didn't take anything before I left or onboard but had Bonine with me. I never got sick, but our neighbor did, and she was a seasoned cruiser! It was like my first flight aboard an airplane. I sat on the aisle but halfway home from college moved to a window so I could see outside!
At dinner the first night, I was looking out the window at the waves.As for the movement, I just thought (and think) of it as being on a train-a form of travel I'd also taken as a child-and pretended we were going around curves, or "lurching" as a train does. No problem.

Our next cruise was by ourselves to the Eastern Caribbean in Oct. 2001 on the Golden Princess. Again, no problems. We've been cruising every year since then and "graduated" to the Caribbean Princess in Sept. 2004.
Everything was fine until 2 days from reaching home port when we got caught up in the swells of Hurricane Jeanne. It was almost exciting after experiencing VERY calm seas for the first part of the cruise. I experienced a little queasiness around 2:30PM (well after the swells had started in the AM) and decided that I should have a little something to eat so my stomach wouldn't be empty. I went to the Horizon Buffet and had a small lunch, but then carried some crackers with me.Then I went up to the 18th deck where my group was involved in a miniature golf tournament.The biggest problem encountered was the smell of the deisel fuel in combination with the motion. That sent me to the cabin-but I wasn't sick. I don't know whether it was just the laying on the bed watching TV or the decision around 4PM that the Captain made to turn the Ship around-but no ill effects.

Only once before on the Golden did my hubby and I experience some discomfort, but we had sailed into a "front",so the seas were rougher, but we were playing Scrabble and kept putting our heads down. I drank some ice water and kept looking up towards the TV to keep my stomach from completely turning. Afterwards, I went to the ship's store and bought a roll of Tums. I took 2 before dinner and was fine.

The point of this long dissertation is to not give up on cruising. Granted, I haven't encountered your motion sickness--SO FAR-but if I didn't experience it in the high swells of Hurricane Jeanne, then I feel fairly sure that I can master it. Give yourself another chance. Most likely, your next cruise will be a smooth one!! Lynne

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Old January 3rd, 2005, 08:32 PM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

On our first cruise 7 years ago we sailed from New Orleans the first week of January. When we were coming back up into New Orleans at the end of our cruise we his rough water, it was continuous for a day and a half. We even lost electricity one night, we were watching the magic show and it went BLACK for about an hour or more. When I was sick the only thing that made me feel better was to walk on the treadmill. I took the pills they had out (by the basketful on the counters) and tried to go to bed and sleep until it passed but the walking seemed to do the trick. One lady at our table tried the patch and she touched her eye after touching the patch and had a bad reaction in her eye, I later heard about this from other people so if you do the patch be careful what you touch. I didn't know they had a shot for motion sickness. My husband thought I must have just eaten something that disagreed with me because he was okay, but motion sickness is a feeling like no other. It is horrible because you don't have any place to go to get away from it like when your sick you can go to bed and be left alone. I too have heard that you want to keep food in your stomach at all times (seems like the last thing you want to do is eat, but it works) I kept crackers in our room just in case. Good Luck and I hope you give Cruising another shot.
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Old January 4th, 2005, 02:59 PM
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Default Re: Rough Seas

I was one of the people who was afraid of water. A friend of mine talked me into going on a cruise. It was for 7 days out of florida. I was so excited about the cruise that I forgot that I get sick sometime just from riding in a car. We got on the ship no problem and walked around and had a drink. First day went fine. Second day i got sick. But I was determened to have fun. That night I was sick as a dog and would not eat. My waiter that night insisted that I eat. He informed me he would order my meal . It was great and all stayed down. A seven course meal at that. So for the entire cruise he ordered my meals. And I had a great time thanks to him. I also went to the ship hospital for the all great shot. It works thank goodness. I am now a big time cruiser now . We are on our fourth cruise now and it was great . I try to stay with larger ships. As it helped this last time we were out. The last night out the ship was hit with winds of 75 miles. It left as fast as it came and of course the ship tip a little. Since the ship was 101000 tons you did not feel it much. We only knew it because the curtains on the stage leaned when the winds hit. But now I am getting ready to put together a cruise for 12 people.So do not let a little rough water keep you from having fun. GO with the flow have fun the cruise is what you make it.
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Old January 6th, 2005, 10:29 AM
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Default Re: Re: Rough Seas

Don't worry about those 6 days at sea. I've been on 38 cruises and have only encountered rough seas 1 time in the Gulf of Mexico. Year before last a friend and I cruised from Singapore to Australia and had 5 days at sea. The water was as smooth as glass. As a matter of fact we had a glass of water sitting on our window ledge and commented to the fact that the water wasn't even moving. I always get my cabin in the middle of the ship both up and down and front to back and it's alwayssmooth sailing. Have fun!
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