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CruisinK&J April 7th, 2005 08:20 PM

Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
First stop was Puerto Villarta. I had planned to shop on that 2-mile stretch along the waterfront. Keith became tired and wanted to rest, but he collapsed before he made it to the bench. I don't mind telling you I was scared. He said his legs felt weak and his knees were like jelly. People rushed to help him. We grabbed a cab back to the ship, and he had trouble getting in and out of the taxi. He slept about 2-1/2 hrs and seemed to be fine after that. But there were many people his age and older who did just fine.

We took a bus tour of Mazatlan. We hadn't been to any of these ports since 1992, so they had changed. Mazatlan has a population of 650,000 and a large contingent of Americans and Canadians who live there permanently. I did a bit of shopping while Keith sat.

I really wanted to shop in Cabo San Lucas which has grown a lot. As it was, I only made it to the Mercado. We took what was called an historic carraige ride. I wouldn't recommend it. The carriage was poorly maintained and the cassette, which was to have been the narration, didn't work. In its place, a live tour guide subbed who spoke poor English with a heavy accent and no one understood her. Keith had trouble getting in and out of the carriage. Stairs were impossible for him n the whole trip.

Sadly, because of his short-term memory loss, Keith didn't remember how to use his digital camera. I took very few pix with my 35 mm and I haven't developed them yet.

We saw one production show called "The Piano" and two comedians in smaller venues plus a wonderful Flaminco guitarist. Also, we enjoyed a Dixieland quintet. So did an elderly couple who blissfully danced, and later, a toddler who "danced" and "led" the band. I guess everybody loves Dixieland. LOL

Overall, this cruise was pretty much of a washout because we were so limited. And this was a simple cruise: no air travel and all its hassels. We really thought Keith would have no problems with this cruise situation. I graded Keith a C; he gave himself a D because he found anything physical to be so tiring. He has no energy, no stamina, and no endurance. He wanted to sleep or sit the entire cruise. We're still looking into an exercise program with the hope that it will strengthen his lower body over time. I really can't think of any kind of travel that wouldn't require walking. We can't afford to travel a whole lot, but even after 12 cruises, it pains me to completely give it up, or its shore excursions. I thought about a wheelchair, but haven't mentioned that possibility to Keith.

Questions? Ask away. End of review.


SarahJ April 7th, 2005 08:25 PM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
Thanks for the review. I am sorry things didn't go smoother for the two of you. I hope your pictures turned out good so that you have memories from your trip.

venice April 7th, 2005 08:42 PM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
I would think that your husband has gone to his doctor upon your return..being fatigue like that could mean many things..hope he feels better soon and you guys can take another cruise

great review by the way

rollerdonna April 7th, 2005 10:04 PM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
Sorry you felt your cruise was a washout Judy, I know how disappointed you must feel. I have the feeling that a wheelchair for Keith would be a good idea, but that convincing him would mean a battle!
Maybe you could post some pics for us when you get them developped?


Mike M April 7th, 2005 10:14 PM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
I am sorry that Keith's was so tired during the cruise. I have used a chair/cane on days when I have felt a bit shaky. It is light weight and provides a great place to sit down when you need to. However with my size it usually becomes more like a suppository. <VBG>

I hope that Keith can get his strength back. This can be as much of an incentive as a let down.

One question though. Are you sure he didn't become light headed after he saw the bill for what you bought in the shops in Puerto Villarta? <VBG>

Take care of both of you and thanks for the review.

cruzfever April 7th, 2005 10:47 PM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
Judy, I too am sorry you felt your cruise was a washout. I stay pretty quiet on this web site, but did follow and read all your posts on Keiths recovery and was glad to see that the two of you were going on this cruise. In 2003 when we went on our first cruise, my father who was 88 years old came with us. He is a very proud man, and quite active but was having some trouble with his balance (we found out after the cruise it was due to his new medication for a stomach ulcer) My sister suggested a wheel chair to him when we were in Jamaica and held her breath.....He agreed! Celebrity loans us a wheelchair and said we could have it for the entire time of the cruise, but he only used it in Jamaica. I think it took some of the pressure off of him to keep up with us and we had a really nice time. Maybe in the future Keith may agree to a wheelchair even if it is only for shore excursions.


KimJack April 7th, 2005 10:49 PM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
Sorry that Keith had problems during your shore days, Judy. Sometimes the excursions can be a little hard on our old bodies, as can be disembarkation when you have to lug your hand-carried items (including purchases) as you struggle down to claim your luggage. I feel for you as well as for Keith, who's only a few years older than I. You showed lots of love and stamina in handling your situation, and you should be proud of yourself. Wives can really be terrific (at times). <G>


dantam April 8th, 2005 09:38 AM

Re: Diamond Princess Review Pt.2
are there any wellness centers where you live, my inlaws joined and it has done them a world of good, go three times a week, do exercise in the shallow pool for lower body, seems to be helping, maybe you and keith should discuss it, at least it is a start, it is never to late to whip the o'l bod back into shape

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