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Trip June 25th, 2005 05:30 AM

Good HOT Saturday Morn!
HI Kids,
It may reach 100 here today in Beantown....WOW! This will be my last Saturday to work till August, my boss closes down, since the town where I work becomes a ghost town.Hopefully, the air conditioner will keep pumping al day...To one and all, have a good day!

BW June 25th, 2005 05:58 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
From: The Canadian Atlantic Coast

Local newspaper headline news: ``It's a hot one, 35C today``. It goes on: ``Temperature expected to shatter 62-year record; smog alert issued. If you love hot weather, you'll love today, Hot and humid conditions are forecast, with temperature expected to shoot up to a sweltering 35C (95F) during the day``.

If you were thinking of heading of heading to the Canadian Atlantic Coast for cool weather, think again. With the humidex factor, we expect 104F.

Have a good and fun weekend.


Jen Young June 25th, 2005 06:09 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good Morning All,

It is getting hot out there all ready.

I had such good plans for yesterday. I got out tied up loose ends at church then stopped at a local veg/plant stand and bought the hanging plants I needed, a few perrinniels to fill in bear spots and annuals for the planters and to brighten up the other beds. I figured I would unload them, get in the house at 10 and work on paper work until 3 -then even if I wasn't done I'd have a good handle on it and could finish here and there. Then I thought I get started on my planting and by the time the boys got home from work I 'd be available to help put the second coat of stain on the pool decking. Imagine my dismay when I drive in the driveway and first I notice my husband is home and he has removed everything from the deck that leads into the house. He had worked so many hours the night before he was sent home on rest time, he decided that the house deck needed to be stained (it did). So there went all my well laid plans. We stained that - it took hours then took a break for about an hour then tackled the second coat. Of course he got called out, son had a date and I was left to finish.

In the mean time my oldest sister kept calling as she needed to get a shower gift on my nephews bride-to-be registry on line and her computer wouldn't work. So I read her the list. Then she thought our brothers wife would like to do the same, so after about 3 calls I got it all ordered. There's more to the fiasco, but I don't even want to reveal it yet because if I tell you all about next weekends plans you'll all be exhausted and I don't want to spoil your weekend.

So this morning I'm getting a jump on the paperwork, then will trudge outside plant and finish up on a bunch of stuff out there. Then head to the grocery store and buy food and supplies then get on getting it ready, somehow get the laundry done and of course pick up the house and try and get some sleep before the Youth Group gets here tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great day.


susancruzs June 25th, 2005 06:23 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good Morning, "Mates!

Greetings to Trip, Bill and Jen! Yep, hot here, too! Very hot for June and no rain in sight, lawns are very brown, very dusty, we really need rain! Phyll told me to do a rain dance, I just might! :-) In winter, I dance for snow!

Trip, AC where you work is a good thing today, we're sending some more 90+ your way. I don't have to work today but I'm up early as I have a muscle pull in my shoulder that is bugging me, if I roll over on that side I wake up.

I'm going to take it easy today, no yard work, stay indoors, nurse my shoulder and neck, maybe venture down to the lakefront later for a brat and an ice cream. Not on my diet, but just want to touch base and let them know I'm still around.

Well, that's about it, have a great day/weekend everyone and stay cool!


Tweety June 25th, 2005 07:26 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good morning Trip, BW, Jen, Susie and all who follow from Central Florida where the temps are supposed to top out at about 88F or so. Forecast was for clouds for most of the day but the sun is shining brightly right now and temps are in the low 80's.

Going to a friends house today where her community is having a garage sale. Have lots of stuff to get rid of. Will clean out that garage one way or another.

Have a good day everyone.

Lombard June 25th, 2005 07:35 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good Sunday morning one and all.
Its 12:32 am sunday morning here in NZ.
The hail is hitting the window at the moment with a predicted 4 C temp over night.

The All Blacks won last nights game against the British and Irish Lions team 21 V 3 I think.

All have a great/warm day!!

rollerdonna June 25th, 2005 07:45 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Morning All, from Hot Hot Hot Montreal! Already 25C, like BW, it's going up to 35+ humidex, we're looking at temps in the 90'sF. Probably will be heading to my sister's pool today!
Last night was my son's Grad Dinner Cruise. They had an absolutely perfect hot summer evening sendoff from the Old Port in Montreal. All the kids looked so great all dressed up, boarding the little cruise ship, with 3 levels of dining tables indoors and an open top deck for music and dancing. I will post pics in the Personal Gallery as soon as I get a chance.
Last night also, my step-daughter and her husband arrived from Australia, via Hawaii. Their talk of Hawaii is making me really anxious for our cruise there next Jan.

Jen, once again, I'm exhausted reading your post. You've got to learn to relax girl!
Tweety, can't believe it's warmer in Montreal than it is in Florida!
Trip, like you, I'm thankful for AC today! Ours was just installed this past week.

Hope you all enjoy a great weekend!


bigjohn461 June 25th, 2005 08:11 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good Morning in "Hot" springs, it is going to be like it is in "Beantown"..Hot Hot Hot..maybe over the 100 mark today..that will make allllllll the lakes very busy and thus making us busy. Maybe not though.
It was good to make in to chat room last night. I dont get to make in there much now days so, it was a treat.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend and please stay safe.

Kuki June 25th, 2005 08:18 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good Morning cruisemates! Our weather in Calgary has turned once again. Forecast is for MORE rain with high temps in the 50s F. June weather has been LOUSY.

Golfed yesterday, but that could be the last of that for almost a week, so it'll be brunch with my father today. Could be a good thing though. He needs some company as my mother has been watching way too many of those "home redecorating shows", and is driving him nuts with what she wants to do to their house <G>

Cruisin K and J June 25th, 2005 08:29 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good morning from Southern Calkifornia where the sun is just peaking out. Not too terribly hot here. High 80's yesterday.

I'm not feeling well, so there's not much on the slate . . . just get Keith to do his exercises.

SIL comes tomorrow to fix the computer. Want to try to talk him into coming here early so we can go to lunch instead of my fixing dinner.

Have a good Saturday, CM's.


L&S80 June 25th, 2005 08:33 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Morning from the Pacific Northwest.........rain.........suppose to dry up let's hope it does. Mid 60's for the weekend.

Tweety.......that's one way of cleaning your garage.....<S>

Decorating??? Kuki......that's what a good son is suppose to help with.......<S>

Y'all have a good Saturday!


Angela Z. June 25th, 2005 08:41 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good morning from Orlando. Sounds like it'll be nicer here today than in the northeast!
Hoping the rain moves through before this evening so we won't be sitting in the rain at the Citrus Bowl as we watch the Drum Corps International show. My son wants to try out for one of the corps so this will be a good chance for me to learn more about it.
My daughter and I went to see Monster In Law last night....kind of predictable but still a hoot!
Angela Z.

Phyllbo June 25th, 2005 09:46 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good morning from cloudy WI. Checked the weather site, and it seems that our humidity is higher than in FL today. We did get some much needed rain overnight, and may add to that a little today. Susie---sorry it didn't get south enough to fall on you.

Jen, Jen, Jen-----I need to picture you lying in a hammock on some tropical beach, doing nothing. Whew! You wear me out. Please take it easy, and take care of yourself as well as you do everyone else.

I decided not to call the doctor to find out the results of my MRI. I'll find out on Monday. Sure hope it's good news.

Tonight we are going to take my son and his girlfriend out for his birthday dinner. It'll be nice to see them.

Have a good safe weekend everyone.


fasteddie June 25th, 2005 09:54 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Mornin' everybody,

I just got back home from the memorial service at church, and I decided to check my home e-mails. It took me forever to go thru all of the junk.

It's going to be a hot one here too, supposed to be about 93F Ugh! It's time to put the spare A/C unit in the living room window. I hate to do it, but it's going to be hot and humid for the next week.

It's time to get the ice pack out. I overdid it at work yesterday, so the swelling was real bad. It's gone down some, so I'll head it off at the pass. <G>

Have a great day, everybody!


sue June 25th, 2005 09:55 AM

Re: Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
good morning from swfl..have been up ages but been busy. My sugars have been real high and I might have to call the doctor monday. Please pray for my sugars to go down. I am eating well, exercising but they just don't want to listen to me LOL

Otherwise I am just feeling down too. WE are not doing anything today except visiting a giant health food store that only carries organic foods. The pool needs leaning, the pool deck also etc etc. Oh well, there is always next weekend. We are not doing anything on my birthday on the 4th as far as I know.

Everyone have a good day!

Lynne &Trevor June 25th, 2005 10:00 AM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good Morning
It's going on 11AM. Had Chorale practice this AM. Our concert, along with a potluck dinner is at 5PM. I'm not sure we're prepared for either this time, but, it'll be a forgiving and hungry audience-who will bringing some of the food.
Grandson, Josh, is out driving around in the golf cart before it rains. He and Trevor had just gotten up a few minutes before I got home at 10AM. Josh was playing my keyboard a little. He's pretty talented, we're finding out.
The rest of the day for me will be spent freshening up for the concert and listening to accompaniment tapes to the songs we're doing tonight. Because of vacation and not being able to get to sectional rehearsals because of my work schedule, it will be like studying for a vocabulary test. Know it well enough to get through it tonight. I know it pretty well, except for some of the fine points done at separate rehearsals.

We all sound as if we're busy or involved one way or another. Have a great day! Lynne

Lisa June 25th, 2005 08:03 PM

Re: Good HOT Saturday Morn!
Good evening from SE Wisconsin where we finally got a bit of a break from the heat and humidity. I live south of Phyll but we got no rain whatsoever last night - only a great lightning show from the storms hitting up in her neck of the woods. Hoping that tonight we get some much needed rain.....we are in drought conditions here in SE Wisconsin.

Had an easy day today and plan on the same for tomorrow.......need to do a little laundry and housecleaning that's about it!

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