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Trip July 15th, 2005 10:20 PM

The Name Game !!
Do you like your name? if you had the chance would you change it? Is there a story to your name? What would it be? Are you named after someone/ Are you a jr, or III?

When I had my kids, I became, a name fanatic. Their names had to be lyrical. I had a one syllable last name,so that meant I could not have a one syllable first name. The letters of the 3 names could not spell anything, that kids could make fun of...They ended up being: Michael Damon, Jonathan Evan, & Nicole Allyson.

I was never a fan of my name Linda, middle name Ann..There are many many Linda's born around my birth year. Buddy Clark, had a record called, Linda, which my Father loved. Lots of other parents loved the song too I guess:) The Everly Brothers made it famous in the 60' sister was named Helen...she never liked it, so she changed it to Deven....just by changing 2 letters, she moved up a few generations..she called my Mother and said,I hope you don;t mind , but.........:) when she hung up, I told my Mother, I was changing my name to Hermione...did she mind?:):):) And my Mother really didn't mind..whatever made her happy, she said...:):) She was like thatt:):):)

My Fathers siblings all had biblical names, he was Jacob, but just HOW, did an Ida sneak in there, we wondered;):)

My Mother is French, her name Lucienne...her familys names sound like they came from a romance novel.

Sometimes, when I see kids names with what the parents think is a cutsy spelling, I feel for the kid, who, forever more, has to spell that gosh darn name.

Phew.....I guess I am done now.:):) oh I would be: Sunshine Moon Unit Chastity Pearl

So whats YOUR story?

UConn1 July 15th, 2005 10:25 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I love my name...Jodi Denise....I was almost a "Kimberly" - a name of which I am not a fan. My name flows well and when I would hear my mother call me by both names, I knew I was in deep trouble....


Lisa July 15th, 2005 10:36 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I am a Lisa middle name is kind of in honor of my great Aunt Anna....but my mother thought Lisa Anna would not do, so I became an Anne. (BTW - I absolutely love the sound of Lisa Anna!)

My sister though...................My mom wanted to name her Amy.......which my father absolutely hated with a passion.....she ended up being a Laura Amy.

My brother would NEVER be a junior according to my he ended up as a Mark Robert (Robert being my Dad's first name.)

Our last name begins with "P" so my sister and I thank goodness dodged the bullets of being called "lap". But we did have fun with my brothers initials.....whenever he would burp, we would call out "mrp" sounding like "mmmmmmrrrrrrrrp!)

BrendaS July 15th, 2005 10:43 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
There is no story behind my name but there is a cute one that goes with my youngest daughter, who is now 28.

I wanted to name her Shayla but her dad thought it was too weird so we agreed on Stephanie. As it turned out she came very early (28 weeks) and back then there was almost no chance of saving a baby born that early. My mom was in another hospital having surgery when the baby was born so she couldn't be with me, but my dad and husband were there. After she was born i told my dad that her name was Stephanie and he went to the other hospital to see my mother and tell her about the baby.

Now, you need to know that my dad is very spacey and forgetful and is the butt of lots of family jokes. Anyway, while I was in recovery my husband came in and told me that he felt bad, knowing that I wanted to name the baby Shayla and now the baby was probably going to die and...well, he changed his mind and said I could name her Shayla. COOL! I was happy about that (and I wasn't admitting to myself yet that she might die.)

A short while later my mom calls me from her hospital and says, "How is little Stephanie?" I said, "Oh, her name isn't Stephanie..... it's Shayla." Mom said.....

"Your father can't get ANYTHING right!"

So, the one time that my dad remembered something right he STILL got blamed for being spacey and forgetful, lol.


Trip July 15th, 2005 10:51 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
Well.I am a daughter was a NAP. my 2 dil's are LAP and PAP...rofl

BrendaS July 15th, 2005 11:00 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
Without my middle initial my married initials are BS. When it dawned on my dad what they were he said "That's awful!" I said "yeah, but before I got married they were BM"
All he said was "OH my GOD! WE did that to you??"

Don Smith July 15th, 2005 11:26 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I am named after the town drunk, his wife a good friend of my mother, and a gay ballet catcher, a cousin of mine. I dislike my name due to it being a frog. There are 17 other people in my town with my name that I know of. Many of you know some person with my name, do you not?

Cruznut2 July 16th, 2005 02:12 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
I was named for my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother was Laura Mabel and my paternal grandmother was Elizabetta. So I am Laura Elizabeth. I love my name now but not always. As a young girl I wanted to be Linda. Back in the 60's the Lindas seemed to be the popular girls, the girls in the "in crowd" I wanted to be one of them. My sister Mary Ann was simply a name that my mother loved, she was not named for anyone. My brother Thomas William was sort of named for my father and my grandfather. My father coming from an Italian family was Tulio. My mothers family for some unknown reason always called him Tom. I have no idea why as everyone else always called him Tulie. My grandfather was Waldo but his brother was William. Unable to name her son Tulio Waldo he became Thomas William.


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Thomas July 16th, 2005 04:17 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
Trip, you are sick!


VTJen July 16th, 2005 06:07 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
I was named after the actress Jennifer Jones - who I'm sorry to say - I have no clue as to anything about her. The Beth was just something they liked.

My husband's middle name was after his grandfather - Wilfred.

My daughter - Elizabeth - I wanted a Biblical name, Anne - because my mother's middle name is Anne and my mil's name is Anna.

My son - Josiah - I wanted another Biblical name - and I loved this one - it had a real old timey feel. His middle name is Frederick - which was my father's name.

My kids are now called Lizz and Joe - go figure.

I'm glad I wasn't a boy as my father wanted the name Hiram and my mother would have put my middle name as Abner (after her father) - how awful is that. Then as my father got older - he said he wished he'd thought of this name earlier - I'd have been named Polly Esther - can you imagine.

I can't wait to see what my grandchildren will be named. My daughter has been thinking up names since she was in 7th grade - and to be quite honest they are pretty dreadful.

VTJen (who shortened it because I didn't particulary like my name and really didn't seem like a Jenny. My brother always called me Jeffiner - he really wanted me to be a boy).

Sea Trekker July 16th, 2005 06:39 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
I was named for Carole Lumbard. Because my mother had a infatuation with Clark Gable.My initals are CAR.
My x - husband was named Beverley. But then his mother was crazy.
His initals are BBC.
I named my daugher Cheryl Rose , my madien name
the company I work for has all the sons with jr, III,IV, etc. but they all have nick names so they can tell then apart. and they all don't answer when called. lol

Trip July 16th, 2005 06:41 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
Thomas, How sweet you are this morning:):):)

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rodnarf July 16th, 2005 06:48 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
my friend tells me she was named yvonne after the person who won the miss america pagent the night her mom went into labor....i always remind her she was lucky her mom wasnt watching daffy duck cartoons

rollerdonna July 16th, 2005 07:40 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
Apparently, I was supposed to be named Gail, because my father liked the name. But when I was born, my father looked at me and said "she doesn't look like a Gail, she looks like a Donna", so that's what I am! My middle name, Lee, is apparently because my mom had a fascination with Chinamen (?). She worked at a Chinese grocery and liked the Chinese people. So, Donna Lee was born.
When I started work at my present daycare, there were 3 Donnas, so I became known as Donna-Lee to differentiate. I am now the only Donna left, but I'm stuck with Donna-Lee anyway. Everytime someone calls out "Donna-Lee" I still cringe, because the only one who ever called me that was my mother when I was in big trouble!

My husband's given name is James Michael, but his family always called him Michael. (go figure). When I met him, he introduced himslef as James, so it's weird that I'm the only one who calls him James, when his family and co-workers call him Michael.
(he says, "just don't call me late for supper!")


Rebel July 16th, 2005 09:12 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
Nancy is for my Mom's best friend and my middle name (which I never tell anyone) is my maternal Grandmother's middle name. My Mother has her Grandmother's middle name and wanted to carry on the tradition.
My kids are Jessica & Jeffrey. I gave Jessica my Mom's middle name (which is Nevada, and she loves it..thank goodness!) My son's middle names are William George which are both his Grandfather's first names.
My husband is Leslie and he absolutely refused when I wanted to name our son after him. Being mistaken for a girl got pretty frustrating I suppose.


dezertcruzer July 16th, 2005 09:26 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
I was born Jennifer Hope Little in 1951. I was the only Jennifer I ever knew until I was well into my 20's, and then a new generation of mothers began naming ALL the little girls born for the next 10 years or so Jennifer! I have always loved my name. Sometimes the kids would say things like, "There is very Little Hope for Jennifer," but it never bothered me. My name has a beautiful rythm to it, and I would never have wanted to change it for anything.

venice July 16th, 2005 09:42 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
My middle name (which I hate), is my father's mother's maiden name. She died giving birth to my dad, so needless to say I would never dishonor my dad or grandmother by changing it..Needless to say, my son was not named a junior...My son's first name his mother selected from watching a soap opera when she was pregnant..He didn't like his either, so needless to say his son is not a junior

Trip July 16th, 2005 09:54 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
In 1972, when Love Story came out, it was also the year my Jonathan was born, he would have been Jennifer...Tons of baby girls that year named Jennifer.

Sea Queen July 16th, 2005 09:54 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
I was almost named Sophia Lorraine because my mother was a huge fan of the actress, Sophia Loren. My grandfather talked her out of it and convinced her to name me Gail instead, which was his preference. My godmother is the one that suggested my middle name, Antoinette (which I LOVE!!!). I wish that were my first name instead.

Gail (formerly Cruiseaholic)

Phyllbo July 16th, 2005 10:20 AM

Re: The Name Game !!
I am Phyllis Ellen. Named after a lady who was a family friend, who had asked my parents to name me that. In return she set up a small trust fund to put towards my college education. I later found out that she was a secret lover of my favorite grandfather. (family skeletons, oops) I really have never liked the name, but I'm not sure what other name I would like to change it to.


rayb July 16th, 2005 12:04 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
Passing tidbit---Our Daughter, 4th child had 3 Sons, named them Jason, Justin and Jonathan. We call them the 3 Js.

I have no idea why I am named what I am. But must to have been OK because we named our 1st child, Son, a Jr.

JoyL July 16th, 2005 12:19 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I was named Carolyn Joy because my mother's first name was Carolyn and her best friend was Joy and she said I was her pride and joy. She called me Joy. My last name was Lee and in school when we would do neat coloring projects that you would use the name you were called and your last name, I would beg the teacher to let me use Carolyn too because I would always get done before anyone else...... I only had 6 letters for me!! I made sure that when I had children they were called by their first name and that it was a long name. First daughter, Meredith, second, Jennifer (I never saw the movie Love Story, I just loved the name Jennifer). One of the sweetest stories of naming a little girl was from my mother's niece who died when she was 23 when her youngest daughter was 2. Hilda (niece) had decided to name her baby if it was a girl, Karen but was having trouble with a middle name, so she took the first 2 letters of her best friends from school-La for Laura-Be for Betty-Th for Theresa and named her Karen Labeth. It was such a sweet and sad story for Hilda did not live long with her little girl and Karen loves that story about her mother. Karen is now 42 and her mother died 40 years ago.

Gatormama July 16th, 2005 01:53 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
Ok, Anne Elizabeth checking in. Mom, why did you name me Anne Elizabeth? I have no clue. My DH is Jeffrey Scott and I liked his initials so our oldest is James Scott (keeping dad's middle name). Youngest is Peter Thomas named after a friend of mine (who passed away) because he was due on his B-day and the friend that introduced DH and I to each other. Thomas is my dad's middle name.

susancruzs July 16th, 2005 02:32 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
My sisters and I have no middle names. My mother did not like her middle name, so she decided we would not have them. She was Eva Veronica and all her married life used EJC as her initials, Eva Juneau Carlson, she loved her French connection.

Actually none of us use our formal names either. Kathleen, Judith and Susan are all Kathy, Judy and Susie. When I was named, my mothers sisters (4) all said, she'll be Susie all her life and my mom said what is wrong with that?

Here in the Mobile Home Park where I live, people were always surprised my dad called me Susie, most people call me Sue. Susie suits me better, I don't mind Sue but really do not like Susan as it just doesn't seem to fit me. People at VW and Abbott's call me Susie.

Susan is my legal name but I don't mind the cutsie version. I know Susan's that would never ever be Susie!


Carole and Johnny July 16th, 2005 02:37 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
My first name comes from my aunt. My middle name, I never use. Stopped using it about 6th grade. I kept getting made fun of in school. I hate it. Had I received my aunts middle name, my initials would have spelled CAD (which in England DOES NOT mean computer aided designed). So I got a middle name that would not give me a name if you use the initials. Anytime I was forced to use my middle name, (Drivers license, military, etc) I used it, but if I didn't have to, I wouldn't or I would put "no middle name". I got tired of it. Even today the name is used in an ugly way. In England it is a whole different and nice meaning. Here, it is not. When I got married, I dropped it and used my maiden name. As an adult, I have never used my middle name again. I would have liked it to be Lynn, but they were concerned I would be called Carolyn. My first name is Carole, Not Carolyn or any of form of the name. I like my first name, never really thought about another name to be called. If I ever was Forced to use my middle name again, I believe I would get it legally changed or removed. Many of my friends don't even know what it is.

Angela Z. July 16th, 2005 03:50 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I am named (sort of) after my father's sister, Angelina (which I sort of like better than Angela). My middle name was supposed to be Maria but they made a mistake on my birth certificate so it's Marie.
My mother wanted to name me Vita since my dad's name was Vito but he vetoed (!) that idea because he said I would always remind him of the Vita brand herring in a jar.
When our daughter was born I was so convinced that I was having a boy I told my husband that if it was a girl he could name her.....and that's how we ended up with Hayley! (boyhood crush on Hayley Mills). Her middle name is Kathleen for my sister. The poor kid, most times her name is misspelled. We also knew that with our last name starting with a Z that we couldn't give her a first name with an E.
Our son is a James. In Italian families (I'm half) the first born son is generally named after the fathers father. We were lucky that this name also belonged to my grandfather and my brother so we hit a lot of bases with that pick!
My husband is David but have no idea where that came from.
Angela Z.

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rollerdonna July 16th, 2005 05:03 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I have another name story, involving my kids. When my daughter was 5, her little brother was born, and she took part in the choosing of a name. She and I both wanted to call him T.J., I, because I liked the sound of it, and she, because it was (so she thought) part of her favourite song at the time, sung by Canadian childrens' performers, Sharon Lois and Bram. The song is a Guyanian chant called "Che Che Koolay", but she thought they sang T.J. Koolaid!! So my son was named T.J., but we had to pick names that would go with that, and he became Tyler James. Unfortunately, the T.J. part never stuck and he has always been known as just plain Tyler!


MichelleP July 16th, 2005 05:27 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I never much cared for my name... it was the fourth most popular name for girls in the 70s. I remember being in a class once where there were six Michelles.

If I could change it, I would be Bronwyn, from the book "How Green Was My Valley." I love the name and it seems to fit me better. But if I changed it now, everyone would think I was crazy, and I don't want that. So I guess I'll just stay Michelle.

Interestingly, Mark was supposed to be Jason, but his dad ended up filling out the birth certificate with the name he preferred!

Michelle P.

Luanne Russo July 16th, 2005 05:35 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
Growing up, my name was Luanne Rawls. I hated it, because of the singer Lou Rawls. Lots of jokes at school. I never had a middle name, because my mom and dad fought over it(Elizabeth) and my dad won.

When i because a teen, a song came out called Luanne by Toto. I learned to like my name then.

My husband's family all have the same iniitials, so I followed that for the boys. I wanted names from the bible, because I was not suppose to have kids, and figured that it was the thing to do. Joshua David, was named after David in the bible, but the Joshua althought also is in the bible, I heard the name while watching Guilding Light. I was 33 when Josh was born, and when I went for my six weeks check up, I was already pregnant again. Joe was named after my grandfather, and also Jim's grandfather, but I did not have a middle name. A girl I worked with in Germany had a crazy husband, but I liked his name and it fit. So Joe because Joseph Daniel.

Lynne and Trevor July 16th, 2005 06:30 PM

Re: The Name Game !!
I am Lynne Ann. My father told me that my name was originally going to be Diana Lynn, after an actress. Yes,I have heard of her. However, my mother met a woman, either when she was younger or who she met in the Navy, who was very elegant and had nice things and was a success in my mother's eyes. Her name was Lynne. I guess Ann was chosen because it went with everything. My paternal grandmother always put an E at the end of the Ann, too!
My mother's name is Frances Betty, but she's been called Bette, in the family. My aunt is Constance Mildred. My step-grandmother was Ella Henrietta. My father is Alvin George.
Earlier initials had me as LAM--Lynne Ann Murray (maybe they called me "lamb"). When I married, it went to LAN. Nothing significant there. Another marriage had me becoming LAB-Lynne Ann Butler, and now, I'm Lynne Ann Warman--LAW. Interestingly enough, my mother's other sister, Barbara, ended up marrying a Bob Law, so that "name" has been in the family before.
My two boys are James Robert (Robert was his dad) and he's called Jamie. The second son(who I thought would be a girl and would be named Jennifer Lynne--yep-1971--is actually a Kenneth David. (I had a crush on a boy named David in Jr. High). He is called Kenneth!! He is named for my mother's brother who was killed in the Canadian Navy in WW II (Kenneth Hugh--called "Hughie")
There are several Irenes in Trevor's family, and many Trevor's in Trevor's family. His son is named Trevor which can get confusing-middle initial is different, thank goodness.The immediate family calls my Trevor, "Ted, or Teddy" (teddy bear).Step-daughter, Irene has named her now 5 year old, Caleb, which turns out to be another family name.
Young Trevor's 3 children are Jeremi Douglas, Joshua Patrick, and Jessica Ann. I've always been bothered because the girl got the plain name and the boys have neat middle names.
Lynne (whose boss calls "Lynnie-Bug".)

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