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Gatormama September 9th, 2005 03:59 AM

Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Hi Everybody,
We made it, it's Friday .T.G. Have conference at 8 with youngest's teacher, That should be real interesting to see how he's doing in her eyes. He is not liking 1st grade. Ugh!!! I don't want to play this mommy game anymore. Wanna take my toys and go on a cruise. Was supposed to join the other CM's in Orlando but soccer reared it's head. Coffee is calling me, fresh brewed Kona. Anybody need a cup? Was at oldest's school last night for open house. Very interesting. Am schedualing meetings next week with a couple of his teachers. Their first marking period(6 weeks) ends next week. Hard to believe. Anyway, I smell my caffeine. Enjoy

Tweety September 9th, 2005 05:17 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Morning Anne and all CM's who follow. Up early this morning to get ready for the long awaited visit from Marylou, Gary, Sharon & Larry. I'm excited, haven't seen them in quite a while.

Hurricane Ophelia has been downgraded to a tropical storm again and is beginning to move North EAST away from us here in Central Florida. Weather report is calling for clearing throughout the day. This is great news for those flying into Orlando for the Glory B cruise today and even better news for the people coming in tomorrow. Doesn't look like it will be affecting the cruise.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonite at the restaurant. It's such fun to see old friends and meet new ones. Always nice to be able to put a face to the name.

Have a great day everyone, I know I will.

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Donna September 9th, 2005 05:21 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Morning Everyone,
Tweets, thats great news, can't wait to see all the Glory B cruisers tomorrow!

Doing a lot of last minute errands today, final packing, etc...

Have a good one !

Angela Z. September 9th, 2005 05:31 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good morning from Orlando where I'm happy that the weather is clearing. (although if the high school football game had been cancelled tonight I was going to make tracks to the CM time)
This will be the first home game (in 5 years) that my husband and I will watch from the stands instead of being stuck in the concession stand running that husband (rebel that he is) was kicked out of the parent organization last year after the new band director decided he couldn't get along with my husband. Husband was treasurer and evidently was asking too many questions......who needs the soaps with all this drama? Oh well.....we had some tshirts made that say "I'm with the banned!" and look forward to wearing them tonight.
Angela Z.

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fasteddie September 9th, 2005 05:53 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Mornin' everybody,

TGIF!!!! After 1 1/2 hrs in the dentist's chair yesterday, I'm up for a little relaxation this weekend. Oops! I forgot...I'm going to be busier than a one-armed paper hanger. It usually ends up this way when we have a football game to go to Sunday. There's just not enough hours in the weekend.
The dentist did a lot of drilling to get the tooth ready for the crown. But the worst part was the goop used to make the impression. YUK!!! Tasted really bad! Now it's just a little sore around the gums. Time for a little more drugs. <G>

An early bon voyage goes out the the Glory B cruisers.

Have a great day and a fabulous weekend!


DougR. September 9th, 2005 05:54 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good Morning Folks!!!! Day got off to a questionable start when we had to change busses due to a malfunction, however we lost no time because of it. I am ready for a cruise. Now and not on Thanksgiving day!!!!

Everyone have a great day and weekend!!!

BW September 9th, 2005 06:02 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
From: The Canadian Atlantic Coast:

Local newspaper headline: ''TRUCKERS' BLOCKADE SPARKS NEW BRUNSWICK FOOD, FUEL SHORTAGE''' It goes on: ''Northern New Brunswick grocery stores running out of produce, milk, meat as police negotiate with truckers to end gas price protest''.

This is not a good situation and it's difficult to blame the truckers. They negotiate rates for a period of time and with the sudden high increase in fuel cost, they will lose. The problems compound as dairy farmers have to throw away milk because they cannot move it to market and it just goes on and on.

Have a good weekend Cruisemates,


sue September 9th, 2005 06:23 AM

Re: Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good morning from swfl...I have little time today. I am picking up my grandson this morning and then I have a doctors appointment. Aiden is so upset about daycare I will take him today.Poor little guy. Off course a trip to Toys R US had to be done last night with my dh and we bought him a big nice toy that he can put together.It's a LIL people train set.It comes in a huge box and it's still closed.i will open it up with him.
Today both daughters are having friends over,all in all a busy day for me.
I was just now reading they upgraded the storm to a hurricane 1..boy oh boy.
Husband and I are talking about moving out of Florida. Maybe it will happen we will see.
have a good day mates

VTJen September 9th, 2005 06:42 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good Morning All,

Anne - wow almost six weeks into the school year! Time really does fly.
Doug - hang in there - your cruise is almost on the horizon
Bill - sorry to hear about the truckers protest. It is hard times for sure
Ed - sorry about the tooth. I can relate with the goop. With my jaw I've had to have
three sets of impressions over the last year, it is yucky.
Angela - love the t-shirt logos. I agree, I can do without the dramas
Sue - Hope Aiden can adjust soon. Never went thru that as I was able to stay home
I'm sure it is terribly heart wrenching for both Aiden and his mom (and you)!
To all you Floriday Cruisemates and Glory B sailers - I know you will be having a blast
tonight. Have a great dinner and Happy Sails.

Busy day. First P.T. Then off to church to work on crafts for the sale that we will be having at our annual Tea next month. We donate the monies to a childrens home in the Smoky Mountains.
Then off to the grocery store. I got roped into having a Body Shop home party tonight. It will be a spa theme. I guess I need to have some spa type snacks to carry out the theme. Then I need to finish cleaning the house. How does it get messy so fast?

I really just feel like sitting around in my bathrobe, drinking tea and working on a scrapbook with a movie in the dvd player - Like Pride and Prejudice - something long and familiar.

My friend brought her brand new puppy over yesterday - an 8 week old Pekinese (I have no idea how to spell it , not enough caffine in my system yet). He was the cutest thing ever. My dog was so jealous, growling and then went off to pout. Any ideas on how I can train my dog to be more welcoming. He is so jealous of anyone/thing that is near me. I spoiled him, that is for sure.

Have a great day All,

Lynne &Trevor September 9th, 2005 06:47 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Hi There!
It's very breezy and cool in the Avon Park, FL vicinity this morning and the sun is just starting to break through. I am also drinking my morning caffeine. I need something to jolt these eyes open! The trash has put out. I should start counting how many more times I have to do that before we cruise! (12= 2x/ wk x 6 wks--too many!)

The Glory B group sounds as if it's gearing up for a very good get-together. Like AngelaZ, if I could get there, I would! I will miss seeing several of the cruisers I've seen in the past and meeting the ones who have been posting awhile. Hugs to all!!

We have the Stardusters Band coming in to perform this afternoon. They were there for the Anniversary Dance, so the Residents will enjoy them. Just wait until our new dance floor is installed! Lots of senior citizens doing the foxtrot!

Have a wonderful day, Everybody! I'd like to see baby Aidan's face when that box is opened! Lynne

Trip September 9th, 2005 07:12 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Hi Kids,
Lots cooler here today, and tomorrow as well..70's!! I get sad this time of year,I hate to see the winter come..

I am still a bit stiff, today. More pain associated with this surgery, then last time, but not hard to deal with..I am off to work tomorrow. I will let my boss take the mannequins from the windows, I will change them, and he can put them back in.I don't want to lift..Let him do it, and he will, with a smile..He is a very nice boss to have!

Almost cruise time..This weekend I am getting the suitcases down, so I can iron at my leisure, and get my summer stuff in the cases, instead of the closet, to be put away for the season..

Make it a good day !

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rollerdonna September 9th, 2005 07:18 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Morning All, from a more pleasant Montreal (it rained heavily all day yesterday!).
You Glory B cruisers are the envy of all of us this morning, getting together tonight, and sailing with each other for the next week! Think of us poor landlubbers, and bring back lots of pictures!
Sue, I'll bet Aiden has more fun with the big box than with the nice toy!
VTJen, you spelled Pekinese perfectly, despite the early hour, and my suggestion for your dog is to keep doing what you're doing - giving him opportunities to socailize with other dogs. My dog has the opposite problem, she has to say hello to EVERYBODY, man, woman, child and dog on the street!

I am SO glad it's Friday. Even though it was only a 3 day week for me, it was a stressful one. I'll be glad for this weekend to recover!


Jeanne & Ellis September 9th, 2005 08:15 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good Friday CMs, Wishing you all a great weekend stay safe and Glory B cruisers have a wonderful time getting together tonight, and Bon voyage! Wish DH was able to drive that far and back in one day. Would have loved to have been there to meet you all.


Kuki September 9th, 2005 08:22 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good Morning cruisemates! It's raining in Calgary, and high might reach 50F ... and I'm off to the Calgary Flames hockey team charity golf tournament.

I'm dressed for Alaska, in about 8 layers.... hope I stay warm!!

Cruisin K and J September 9th, 2005 10:39 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Good morning from a nice cool overcast Southern California.

I am so jealous of the Glory B cruisers! Bon Voyage to all.

Some coffee and oatmeal, then off to the gym. After that, the rest of the day is mine.

Have a good day, all, whether on land or at sea.


Cindy September 9th, 2005 10:45 AM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Tweety: Glad to hear that "Ophelia" is moving away from your area. Hope you have a wonderful visit with Mary Lou & Gary. Please say hi to them for me Have a great time at your restaurant get-together with everyone. Wish we could have driven up from Ft. Lauderdale to be part of the fun.
Bon Voyage to all the "Glory" cruisers also.

AngelaAlabama September 9th, 2005 12:35 PM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!
Hello everyone!!!! It's Friday and it's one more day closer to my cruise!!! I swear I am gonna be bonkers by the time it gets here. My mom keeps saying that I am going to be so tired from not sleeping that I am going to fall asleep on the plane and miss the cruise or fall asleep on the ship and miss everything there. Time to be getting some Vivarin for the cruise.. WHHOO HOOO!!.. Anyway. Today is bill paying day. Also making a huge bowl of pasta salad. My neice turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and it's my brothers weekend with her so he is throwing her a birthday party. She won't know the difference. She just knows cake and presents and Granny. It's about an hours drive out to his house, he lives WAY WAY out in the country. Yes, the directions to his house include " then you turn off the paved road".. lol.. He can even go deer hunting on his back porch...It's a beautiful place. An old farm house with a little brook running through the front yard. Got it for a steal!!! 3 acres and the house for $30,000... I am jealous and proud.. Can ya tell???

Well enough of my rambling,

Denise H September 9th, 2005 01:28 PM

Re: Good Morning, It's FRIDAY!!!!

good moring cruisemates i hope everyone is doing good trip please don't talk about
winter i'm not ready for it i wanted to go glorrywith the other cruisemates but i well have wait until next fall have a good day every one

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