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NewCDNcruiser April 19th, 2006 10:00 PM

Onboard charges? NCL Spirit
Hi everyone.
New to the forum and I am awaiting my first ever cruise onboard the Norwegian Spirit May 28th. I have been reading through the forum and websites trying to get reviews / comments etc.. on this particular vessel and have many questions that I can't seem to find answers to.
If anyone has travelled on the Spirit lately, some input would be so much appreciatted.
Does the Spirit have an ATM machine? For getting USA cash to shop at the ports.
Are there *many* hidden costs that a traveler should be aware of? eg: I just read that NCL adds 10.00 per person per day to your onboard account for gratuity/services?
Pier parking in NYC..How much? I have been givin 3 different prices so far ranging from 10.00 to 25.00 per day.

Aside from the casino, drinks ( alcoholic & non-alcoholic ) and the *premium restaurants*, what other costs should be factored into this trip.

I have yet to get my package from NCL yet which hopefuly will give me more info. But I'm going to rely on educated cruisers to hopefully fill in the blanks with real time information.
I'm traveling with an 15 year old son who will probably be stuck in the video arcade 75% of the time. So he's no worry.

What I'm trying to figure out is how much is a good sum to take in a ball park figure maybe?
Cruise cost: 2400.00 US ( already paid for )
Shore Excursions: 420.00 US ( Applied to onboard account aparently )
Hotel In Rutherford NJ 210.00 US.

Total so far is almost 3000.00 US and I haven't even left

Would 2000.00 US be enough for onboard account?
Any help / input would be greatful, I don't want to get surprise charges at the end of a cruise. Not hard to tell I'm a first time cruiser :-)


dina April 20th, 2006 08:28 AM

I wish I could help you out on the ship but I'll leave that to some of the other more experienced cruisers.

Your other expenses could come from things you buy on the ship, pictures purchase, buying pop (don't know if this is incuded but on Carnival its not) and gambling. All of those things can add up if you choose to purchase them. Speciallty coffees can also cost you extra. Bottled water.. that will absolutely cost you. Your shore excursions all cost extra and they are not cheap so check the price sheet before you sign up. The extras can add up quickly.

Mike M April 20th, 2006 08:54 AM

Hi NewCDN:

My first word of advice is to secure your account using a credit card instead of cash. It makes things simpler and avoids you walking around with that much cash in your pocket. It also gives you a recourse. If that isn't an option then US$2000 should be adequate for two people.

I suggest using an ATM before you board to obtain cash. The ship's ATM does charge a fee and you can avoid it by using a bank ATM while in New York.

You will be charged for sodas, alcoholic drinks, specialty coffees and bottled water. I see no need for bottled water as the water from desalination on the newer ship "should" be quite good. The amount of alcoholic drinks, wine and shops purchases will govern your onboard account. Your spending on shore will govern the amount of cash you need there. There will be many shops to tempt you with duty free purchases and local trinkets, jewelery, crafts and wares. It's up to you to figure out your budget. Some people will spend $100 or $1000 per person a day, others will spend $20.

One other thing to watch is the video arcade. The machines are not free. They will run about .75 to $1.50 per game. This can add up fast so your son should have budget of how much he can spend there.

I'm sorry I can't give you a hard number but it varies from person to person. The rule of thumb that I give is $100 per person per day. That will usually cover the majority of people. Your $2000 falls into that category.

Take care and have a wonderful cruise.

LisaK April 20th, 2006 01:51 PM

if you use salon or spa services that will cost you extra
some classess in the gym have a fee attached to them
if you buy any of the photos that the ships photographer takes
alcoholic drinks - buy your fancy frou-frou drinks when they are on special
expect to pay for a good bar drink about the same as you would back home at a good restaurant or nice tavern.
Soda is extra - if they have a soda card/sticker and your son or anyone else likes soda its a good deal - average price for a soda on a ship $1.75-$2.00
If you order from room service,you will not pay extra for your meal, but if you order a drink or a soda there will be a charge - tip the person who brings your room service meal a buck or two.
Some classess/seminars have fees

NewCDNcruiser April 20th, 2006 07:30 PM

Thank you very much for the replies :D
Not hard to tell I'm a first time cruiser which I hope will give me a little experience for my second cruise next April.

A few very informative points were made that I did not now yet and I thank you for suggesting them.

No Salon or spa's.
Alcoholic drinks won't be a problem as neither of really drink much except for the occasional 1 here & there.
Soda cards, yes I did see these available.

Mike...Thanks. Yes. Using a CC for onboard account. And video games..
Kid has 300.00 US for games. When thats gone. It's swimming pool and basketball court time :D

Can't wait....37 days and counting 8)

KimJack April 22nd, 2006 02:03 PM

Hi Dave,

It looks like you've received some good information, and that you're pretty much set for your cruise. As you pointed out, NCL does assess a charge of US$10 per person per day as a service charge, which includes tips to cabin attendants and to all servers (dining room, buffet, etc.)

Since you will be using a credit card to guarantee onboard charges, the only places where you can use currency will be in the casino and the game room. You can even charge casino chips to your account if you like. At any time during your cruise you may ask for a printout of your current onboard statement at the main counter, so as to avoid any surprises on the last day or to correct any erroneous charges.

Enjoy your cruise, and let us know how you liked it when you return.
We've sailed on NCL 4 times, and have had few complaints. Keep that positive attitude, and I'm sure you'll both have a great time.


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