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nolou525 December 31st, 2007 01:25 PM

Cultural traditions on New Years
Do you have any cultural traditions or customs you follow for New Years?

Being Italian, we eat lentils on New Years Day. It is supposed to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

ready2gonow December 31st, 2007 03:05 PM

In the south, it isn't lentils, it's Black-eyed peas and cornbread!

DougR. December 31st, 2007 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by ready2gonow
In the south, it isn't lentils, it's Black-eyed peas and cornbread!

In the parts of the south that I lived in it was pork and Black-eyed peas. We are cooking it tomorrow. Might whip up some cornbread also!!!!

Trip December 31st, 2007 05:18 PM

In my area, it may not be culteral, but regional..Chinese Food......
The restaurant where we go, is so popular, you need to call ahead a few days tp place your order, for pick up tonight!!!

You need a wingman to run in, while the driver, drives around....:( Tonight Bruce will be whining about this, he is going alone!

Tracyd1014 December 31st, 2007 05:49 PM

Transplanted Texan
I'm in AZ now but my blood still runs Texan. In our neck of the woods, New Years is a meal of black eyed peas, cornbread, cabbage (gives you luck for $$) and ususally some sort of pork. Can't quite get the pork connection but who am I to change tradition?

CaptainEdwardJohnSmith December 31st, 2007 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Trip
In my area, it may not be culteral, but regional..Chinese Food......

Shouldn't you be celebrating that in February, Trip? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Happy American New Year to you! LOL LOL LOL


seadog2 December 31st, 2007 09:07 PM

Black eyed peas, cabbage, hot water cornbread and chittlins'. The cooking starts tonight. :)

LibraLass January 1st, 2008 06:02 AM

Hello Ship mates.
Here in Blighty - can't think of anything we particularly eat on New Years Day, how sad is that. But last night on NY Eve I baked a camembert cheese and we dipped some carrots, apple and celery and crackers in it and that was yummy! :-P

One thing we must do is NOT take down the christmas decortaions until the '12th night' which is 6th January as it's back luck to do so,

happy new year


nolou525 January 1st, 2008 02:46 PM

Thanks for answering.

I have already taken down all the Christmas decorations except my VERY LARGE nativity. This stays up until January 6th, Feast of the Ephinany.

LibraLass January 1st, 2008 03:53 PM

I took down all the cards from the window ledges and walls - dust grabbers! But will take down decorations on the 6th - no bad luck wanted with a cruise on the horizon - just watched Titanic and hubbie can't swim! :-P


REDWITCH 13 January 5th, 2008 03:39 PM

For Food:
Pork and saurkraut. My Grandmother and Mother always added egg drop dumplings, so do I. For the last past 22 years we have celebrated my youngest son's birthday, so we have birthday cake.

Things we do:
I give out a silver coin(usually a dime or a quarter) to everyone there. This is to make sure they never go broke for the coming year.
I also place a sliver coin on the window sills(inside) of every window. Same reason as above.
Hammer pots with a spoon and yell.
Ring a cow bell.

Darlene from Pittsburgh

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