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Delft March 26th, 2009 12:09 AM

Thursday is here, all be it, just ..........
It's midnight, officially Thursday!

I am dead tired, and I cannot sleep...... :cry: I think when one gets over tired, you cannot sleep.

Well, the doors are up and I LOVE THEM. And the males in my life have conceded that they are really nice as well. I could not be happier. Now I really start to see the work pull together. I especially love the new framing around the windows etc. I am glad the wallpaper is gone. While I know wall paper has come back into style, I will never, as in ever put it on a wall again, and yes I know the new papers are easier to remove, but it is still a never ever! I have gotten rid of so much. All donated. Alot is going to a garage sale for rescue.

I found things that one uses for a type writter, correction tape, the letter discs, and so on........Sam said I need to open up an antique store! OK, that desk was in the spare room and it had been a few years since I went through it..........the type writter is also going, that sat under the was electric though, and at the time was considered to be quite fancy! Things have changed in such a short time.

I need to get as much as possible put away in the next two days, on the weekend I am going to the country and go on a packing blitz, and pack most of the stuff. It will get done. Two weeks Friday is official moving day, although a week from now I will be bring several truck loads of boxes to set up the kitchen and bathrooms etc.

One day at a time......Beautiful sunshine today, we expect rain later this week, we need it to wash away the winter much.

Hope every one is having a good sleep and a good day tomorrow.

Travelnut March 26th, 2009 12:39 AM

Good Thursday to you Delf and the rest as you wake up,,,

Guess I'm in the same sleepless boat as you. :cry: Only I don't have a new bedroom to look at. :wink:

But I am sure I also have a fancy electric typewriter in my hall closet collecting dust,,,along with a Smith Corona personal word processor. :shock: LOL I had forgotten all about them :roll: LOL

I am coming down with something,,,as my throat hurts so bad. I'll have to call the Dr. in the a.m. :cry:

Today is my DH's birthday,,,He is 62,,, :shock: :wink: We are supposed to go out to dinner with our daughter/family sure hope I will be up to it.

Hope everyone has a great day,,,hugs and prayers to those that need them.

beenie weenie March 26th, 2009 03:58 AM

Oh, so is this where all of us insomniacs hang out? Well really I was not having trouble sleeping until d/d started having one of her awful coughing fits. So I got up to give her some meds to control it. Now am just giving it a little time to see if she is going to stop coughing and go back to sleep or not. At 8:00 I need to call the Doctor to get something much stronger like hydrocodone or something to stop the coughing. The poor little thing was really hacking last night.

The cat is sitting on my keyboard drawer, leaning against my chest, with her paws on top of my left wrist. so typing is a wee bit of a challenge.

Delft and TN I also happen to have a Smith Corona word processor / typewriter gracing my garage. It was kind of a key in my transition to the world of computers, but gosh that was a very, very long time ago. I am not sure why I still have it aside from the fact that I have several short stories I wrote many. many years ago saved on discs, who knows where and the discs can only be read by the typewriter. I think that when we have our garage sale in June it would be a worthwhile endeavor to try to hunt down the discs and see is I can still recover any of that stuff, and then see if I can unload the behemoth.

Well d/d cough seems to have subsided a bit. I will check back in a little later at a more reasonable hour. I am going to try to get some more rest.

rollerdonna March 26th, 2009 07:17 AM

Morning All, from Montreal, where this insomniac actually had a good night's sleep for a change!

All you hoarders with your typewriters, you can donate them to a pre-school or daycare. We have a couple typewriters and the kids LOVE to play "office" like mom or dad, or just to type out the letters of their names. If the machines are still functional, all the better! Just a thought....

The weather does not look promising today. It's hovering at 0C, that would be 32F, which is a slight improvement, but it is threatening to rain all day.
Maybe not such a bad thing, since it will wash away lots more snow... :roll:

Any LOST fans out there? Were you blown away by last night's cliffhanger?
Oh boy oh boy, can't wait for next week!


VTJen March 26th, 2009 08:03 AM

Good Morning Mates,

A dull, cold day here. Only 25 and I think it may rain.
Yesteday was a long day at work, then back for Bible Study.
Got to bed late, which is normal. And had another restless night. I think the most sleep I have gotten in one night during the last 6 weeks is maybe 4 hours - 3 is more the norm, and it is starting to effect me, I believe. My frame of mind is just not great - I feel overwhelmed.

Off to church again today - not to work tho'. Today is the funeral for my friends mom - who suddenly passed away. My dd will be singing.
Of course, with the brain fog I have been living with for the last 6 months due to med problems, kept me from remembering to order flowers from the Church for this funeral which starts at 11 - so at 9 I will have to call flower shop and pull a big favor and see how we can get something made up and delivered in about one hours time.
Tomorrow I will have to go back to church to get done all I won't be able to do today. This has been an unusually busy week for Church paperwork and it has hampered me from attending to lots of other things that need my attention.

My friend had her first chemo appt. yesterday. She is feeling quite nasueated today, and in the middle of the night her 4 yr. old woke up sick and wanted to get in bed w/ her, but she wasn't able to allow her too, her 10 year old daughter helped her sister as best she could, then the 17 year old son set up the nebulizer machine to administer a treatment. My friends parents will come today, so hopefully they can get the little one to the dr's. She has a fever. I feel so bad for this family.

I just realized that next week is equally busy as this week, plus a busy weekend with my niece's baby shower and such. I need to do some creative planning to make it thru I guess.

BW - hope your dd is feeling better soon.
Delft - so glad you are happy with your room. I hope you get some much needed rest.
RD - I don't watch Lost, but my dd does, and yes, she was blown away.

Well, time to attach the day...wishing you all a nice day

beenie weenie March 26th, 2009 09:12 AM

Good morning again CruiseMates,
Jen I feel so bad for your friend, she really has it all coming at her at once. Such heavy things to deal with.

RD that's a good idea, I will do that! I wonder what mystical powers these typewriters have that can keep their owners from sleeping at night? It must go!

I went back to bed only to be awakened an hour or so later by d/h searching for his lunch bag. Mind you, it can't be just any lunch bag, but it has to be his Microsoft Lunch bag, so him and all his techie buddies at work can drool over the some more of the swag he scored at last year's conference. I should have sent him with d/s's Power Ranger's lunch bag, that would have given the guys something to talk about. rofl

I called the doctor's office and asked for something to help d/d, they said they'd give the doctor the message. I hope they get her something to control that bark.

Well I tried some of the new pain patches and ointment the Doctor sent home with me and it is helping quite a bit. It is supposed to help reduce inflammation as well so it seems to be offering some relief and in a few weeks my new orthotics will be in and how things go from there and how long I can tolerate going without any more drastic interventions.

I decided to be just a little bit self indulgent, so today I am going to go and have my nails done. I have a pretty bottle of nail polish here and I think it will look very nice and make me feel better about life in general. I haven't had my fingernails done in several years... so I am way overdue.

ready2gonow March 26th, 2009 11:32 AM

Good morning, Mates!

Delft, as I was logging off the computer last night, I noticed your post. My eyes were already half closed, though, so I didn't join you and the other night owls.

Since DH has retired, he has managed to change my body clock! I used to go to bed at 10:00, watch the news, and TV off at 10:30. Now I'm usually still up and about at 11:00. He usually comes to bed around midnight. Since we set our own schedule, I guess it's o.k. I normally wake up before him, so it gives me a few minutes of that wonderful "alone time."

Speaking of alone time, a friend purchased a new RV and DH has gone with him to pick it up. I have the day all to myself! Lunch with a friend, in a little while, and then I may sneak over to the mall!

JoAnne, my DH turned 62 on the 14th! Sending birthday wishes to your husband. Enjoy the family dinner.

Beenie, I hope your sweet daughter feels better soon. Hopefully the doctor will give her a stronger medicine for the cough.

Everyone have a great day. Prayers going out to all my friends in need. I'm always thinking about you!

CruisinK n J March 26th, 2009 11:38 AM

Thursday is Here, Albeit . . . Just
Good morning from Southern California.

Delf, we had an IBM Selectric, long gone now. We had a Tandy (from Radio Shack) computer, too. I was in college, and what a hassle it was to do a bibliography for a paper on that thing!

I've had a set-back . . . a new infection from the compromised immune system. So must call the doctor today.

Keith and I enjoyed Wed. afternoon's very warm temps by going to an adjacent community. We had a cuppa really good coffee at an outdoor cafe in the "village." The chocolate cupcake wasn't bad, either! :)

HAve a good day.


balabusta March 26th, 2009 02:36 PM

Good afternoon from drizzly, Virignia Beach. After going to the gym this morning I went to the bank and then picked up a few food items at the grocery store. This afternoon I ran washes and packed. We are Maryland bound tomorrow as Saturday, our younger granddaughter is having her second birthday party. At that age they want grandparents there, when she becomes a teenager, that will be a whole other story! We made our reservation to stay at a hotel near Dulles airport the night prior to embarking on our repositioning cruise in four weeks, today. May all of my fellow cruisemates enjoy your day!

Cruznut2 March 26th, 2009 04:20 PM

Sleepless in Florida checking in too. I know it is late afternoon but I had to work today. I was rudely awakened by noisy upstairs neighbors at 1:30 this morning. This is the second time and I am not a happy cruiser tonight. Otheer than being tired I had a pretty good day at work. Have a great day everyone.


ToddDH March 26th, 2009 04:34 PM

Hello All,

I've been a lurker throughout the day but everytime I went to post something came up that called me away from the 'puter. And that's not counting the time I had one completely written and inadvertently deleted it instead of posting it!

Mine as I'm sure will everyone else, will be offering prayers on behalf of your friend going through chemo.

BW: I was really sad when I read yesterday about your foot problems. One would think things such as that only happened to elderly lazy such as moi. I so hope the orthotics and the drugs work for you. But if they don't, please bite the bullet and have the necessary surgery before you get to can I spell this............ an old FRAT such as I. And I never even went to college!

Back when I was a young officer on the job I never took my lunch to work. A lot of young recently hired IBM'ers lived in our apartment complex and they all carried a valise. When I aked a friend who had worked for IBM for years why the "newbies" apparently had so much paperwork he laughed and said that the contents usually consisted of only a couple of sandwiches and a banana. As the title of that English Comedy Series goes, they all must were merely "Keeping Up Appearances."

Judy: you are right to IMMEDIATELY jump on any infection, especially if you run a temperature. Nip it in the bud now. BTW, we continue to pray for our special four (you, Delft, Delft's Mum and Luanne) with additional ones added as needed, every night and Wednesday at Church.

Readytogonow: Give it a little more time. If you knew what time we went to bed you'd........well you'd rofl

Blessings on everyone!


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