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Old March 31st, 2009, 08:26 AM
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Default Tuesday Tuesday

Morning Al, from Montreal, where we may just see some sunshine today. Not that it will be warm, but at least it's not as dreary as yesterday!

Late last night I caught up on the morning thread and I need to address 3 people:
Mike: so sorry to hear about Kramer, but I'm praying that his surgery will remedy the problem. I know how much he means to you. Go Kramer!

Todd: I only just found out the details myself, after waiting 1year since seeing the specialist, I am finally scheduled for surgery!

Grannycruiser: Welcome back to the board, glad to hear you are recovering and that I had a small part in it!
You mentioned the Miracle, and since I sailed her last Jan.(08) you can be sure there is a pictorial review somewhere on these Chit Chat pages if you search "Miracle Cruise" by rollerdonna, probably early Feb. 08.

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Old March 31st, 2009, 08:47 AM
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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well I called my agent and he wasn't sure whether or not the damage would be covered. The insurance adjuster called me within 5 minutes of my call to the agent and he could not get out here fast enough. Very nice friendly guy who took some time explaining to me how this works (I still don't get it) I have owned homes for most of the past 25 years and this will be the third claim I have ever filed. The first was for storm damage on the roof of my old house, the second was for golf clubs and other contents that were destroyed when d/h's car was totaled by an uninsured motorist. So he came out and looked it over. Evidently I have some kind of an "all risk" policy. Which means the damage is covered. But it only covers the resulting damage and not the cause of the damage. Well yesterday I went out and scraped away all the old caulk from around the window. This is a very big window that is 5 feet wide and about 12 feet tall. Well what a mess I found under the caulk. there was a gap in the mortar and bricks that was barely covered with caulk where I think a lot of the water got in, and other areas where the caulk had cracked. I am surprised we didn't have any more damage than we did. I know I have told you all how much I love my neighbors, well I had all the guys from this end of the lane come down to supervise the removal and re-application of the caulk. They approved each step of the project, so I am confident that I must have done a good job . They all brought down all kinds of scraper, and utility knives to aid in the removal of the old stuff. but the space was so tight on the sides, the thing that worked the best was an Onieda steak knife. So that is done. I will hear from the insurance company soon on what they feel the damages are. The adjuster was very helpful and gave me hints and tips on how to repair the damage and make things like new again.
Well the floor is not finished yet. D/H came home from work last night and said he was too tired to work on it and I said that's fine. I really don't care. It will get done, when it gets done.
I called a local heating and air conditioning contractor yesterday and we played phone tag, but unfortunately never caught each other live. I love my house so much, but some things about it were just done stupidly. One thing is the way they installed that big window (I found things yesterday that did not make me happy :evil: ) and the fact that when the furnace and a/c was installed they used flex duct in the crawlspace rather than traditional metal insulated ductwork. So it is a mess. Living out in the country, you know critters are going to get under there and try and find a warm place to stay in the winter and they love chewing through the ductwork and partying in the warmth. Well I am sure it would be worse if I actually ran my furnace during the winter, but these day I burn corn or pellets to heat the house. So long story short I am waiting to get an estimate on installing real duct work. D/H and I already replaced the flex duct once, and we both refuse to do it again, because it will just be destroyed. I am fed up with it.
Let see what else, tomorrow I start physical therapy. Unfortunately I have to go to Lafayette for it, because the place here in town does not offer the exact stuff the doctor ordered. I hope I can move after they are done working me over. He says it is going to hurt really badly, so I think I will take a load of tylenol before I go. Oh well no matter how bad it hurts it will be better than surgery, so I will try it.

I think that's about it for now, sorry to ramble on and on, but this is just the stuff that is bouncing around in my brain this morning. The kids will be up soon and so I better get busy doing something.

Hope you all are well and anyone going through a rough patch knows they are in my thoughts and prayers.

Mike congrats on Kramer's happy news!

Granny of the Seas, welcome to the morning thread, I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Read and post cruise reviews
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Old March 31st, 2009, 09:19 AM
ToddDH ToddDH is offline
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And a glorious Tuesday Morning to you RDonna as well as you BeenieWeenie.

Finally got the entire jungle mowed yesterday. Gosh I love the look of lawns in the Spring as the greens are so bright. I don't know if many of you ever watched Bob Ross on public TV (I got hooked when I was homebound back in the eighties after having two vertebrae fused) but I took up that wet on wet landscape painting techniqe and I loved duplicating the color of grass in the Spring and making all those "happy little clouds, mountains, bushes, etc.).

Donna, please let us know when you are going to have your surgery. While it may not be "open heart," I've never heard of any "minor" heart surgery.

B/W, We have a very close friend (actually she might as well be a member of our family; her father was our family physician when I was young) who is so like you regards home repair. Having never married, she therefore makes the overwhelming number of minor repairs on her extremely large (and beautiful) family home. She does electrical, plumbing, masonry, minor carpentry and even often fixes her own appliances when they break!! She knows about and can do far more than the average mechanically inclined male home owner. If she doesn't know how to do some specific chore and figures she would be able physically, etc., she'll go on the internet and find out how to accomplish the task. She saves an absolute fortune.

I just myself had reason to check over my homeowner's insurance. I can't recommend enough that everyone do this once a year. I just discovered that to be covered by earthquakes, one should have that rider on their policy. At least in this area, one major insurance carrier has dropped the coverage completely and we live on a major fault line!

Here's wishing a wonderful day to everyone and of course prayers for those on the list and Blessings on everyone!

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Old March 31st, 2009, 09:19 AM
VTJen VTJen is offline
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Good Morning Mates,

It is another dark dull rainy day. Inside and out!

BW I feel your "pain" of home repairs. At the moment I have a leak of a bathroom pipe - somewhere in a wall, dripping on to my living room carpet. DH is working out of town and I got one call into him just before he will be out of cell phone service for the rest of the day.
To turn off the water (which will be to entire house) it will take someone with super powers - as the only valve (think very old plumbing which dh hasn't gotten around to update) is in between two oil tanks that you some how have to use a 3 foot iron poker and slink your arm inbetween the two tanks and hold it in one hand and tap it with a 3 foot board, after you have some how hooked the lever with the 'L" part of the poker - the hit the board upward to draw lever up - I am not strong enough to do this.

He won't be back home til at least 6 and he is on call - so by the time he gets home I could have a tub in the living room - which will ruing his bowflex - yes my living room is also a home gym (and yes I hate it).
I am beyond frustration with this house and it (me) always taking the backseat - but with two college tuitions and now another rent we will have to help dd with for a few months and help her get a car there is no money for house improvements....but something has to be done, as I simply can't take it any more. It adds so much stress, which affects the way my body absorbs or doesn't absorb my meds - so then I just end up a physical mess..

Well time to go inspect what is going on - guess I won't be going to work as I will need to be here to monitor this mess.

RD - so sorry you need surgery.
Granny - welcome - glad you are posting
Mike - yeah for Kramer!
Trip - I didn't realize that your dd was moving home - wow a big adjustment I am sure - but lots of love. I will be praying all goes well - and Remy is better soon (does his name have a connection with Remdawg?)
Judy - I understand how you feel about your sunglasses - I hope you do get them back. Hope you are feeling ok today.
Delft - hope you are having a good day today!
Todd - are you behaving? Hope Fran is well.
Kuki - hows the foot coming?

Bye for now, if the ceiling collapses, I'll let you all know as I'll grab my laptop and check into a hotel - lol!
NCL DreamCarnival Victory
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Old March 31st, 2009, 09:20 AM
granny of the seas granny of the seas is offline
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Good morning to all my fellow Cruisemates. Thank you for your warm welcome. I was truly touched by all your good wishes.

You all seem to lead such interesting lives, so I thought I would share with you what a typical day for me is like at the present time. After morning coffee, my home health aide arrives for her 4 hours of care. She helps me with my shower. Then my nurse arrives (the same one who has come here every day since last August) and she dresses the small open area of my abdominal skin graft. Then she leaves. My aide then unloads the dishwasher, makes beds/changes linens, and does all the laundry. In order be to licensed here in NY, she had to take a course in laundry (a woman after my own heart). She folds the wash so that it doesn't wrinkle and my linen closet looks like Bed Bath and Beyond.
She then cleans up the breakfast dishes, waits for the mail to arrive and goes out for lunch and brings me back anything I feel like having. I credit my speedy recovery to these 2 women who have removed the stress from my life. However, this will end next Friday. By then, I will be able to be on my own and will not need their services any longer. One could get used to all this pampering.

I am happy to hear that Kramer is doing much better. I am a dog lover and would do anything to help my pet.

Todd - love your style of writing. Look forward to every Sunday when you post the meal of the day - while drooling over my keyboard.

Again, thanks for the warm welcome. Cruise in the planning stages. Waiting to hear if my son-in-law can get approval to take vacation time the last week of August. Have been in touch with Nancy Bogert and will book with her if it is a "go".

Granny of the Seas - my real name is Leyla.
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Old March 31st, 2009, 10:47 AM
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Hi Kids,
I think that yellow ball in the sky today, is called the sun!! Wow! That may entice me to get out to TJ Maxx, to see what I can see

Jen, Bruce calls Remy, the Remdawg, but honestly, when we knew we were gtting him I googled a list of dogs names, and I liked the Frenchness of the name..who knew from Red Sox...not moi But he is struggling fork Myastenia Gravis[sp] and an esophogeal problem. He has good days and some not so good

Today I think I will make some chicken parm,to use up some of the sauce, from Sunday.....

Good thoughts going out to all in need.....I may add that name to the list

Make it a good one.

Trip, with her book & tea!
Chat Hostess & Board Moderator

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Old March 31st, 2009, 12:36 PM
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Default Tuesday Tuesday

Good morning from sunny Southern California. We have a bunch of utility trucks outside. They have to install a transformer manually because they can't get their equipment down a small alley. Lots of noise.

I have one last shot for the sunglases: will call the restuarant wehre we had lunch and see if I left them there. I don't think so, though Later, it's off to the blood lab.

Have a good day, people. Go, Kramer!!

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Old March 31st, 2009, 12:49 PM
bahamamomma bahamamomma is offline
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Good Late Morning to All -

a bit of a storm blew through last evening, thunder,lightening, rain ;
now today is a bit overcast but the sun is trying its hardest to shine and make things better!!

sounds like a double dose of prayers need to be sent up - there's not only people sickness, but house and dog sickness as well - we just can't have that - everything gets a prayer today!!!

Despite everything, hope the sun shines brightly on each and everyone of you and all your troubles just float away!
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