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Old April 1st, 2009, 08:09 AM
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rollerdonna rollerdonna is offline
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Default Wednesday, Wednesday

Morning All, from Montreal, where I am up after about 3 hours sleep..
Just one of those nights....

Off to work again early all this week, except for tomorrow when I go early to the hospital for pre-op testing, blood test, etc. Surgery is next Wed. Not looking forward to that!

Well, it's Wed. and besides being "Hump Day" it's also LOST day for me.
I will have the VCR ready to go at 9pm so I can watch it more than once to try and understand it!

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Old April 1st, 2009, 08:26 AM
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Phyllbo Phyllbo is offline
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Good morning RD and the rest of you CMers to follow.
Donna, I'll be keeping you in my prayers as you await your surgery. Sorry to hear that you have to do that, but hopefully they will fix up whatever is wrong, and get you back into cruising mode.

I drove a friend to Miami yesterday to get her 5 day chemo treatment. It was quite a day. After all her check in processes were done, they told her not a single bed was available. After sitting til late afternoon ,along with a girl who had come from the Caymen's, we were told that they thought there would be a bed available after 6. What a stressor for someone already going through a stressful situation! I was pretty nervous myself about navigating the highways and getting out of Miami, but I managed that fine. The weather reports of strong storms ahead along with possible tornadoes didn't help, but I'm here to say I made it through the storms.

Prayers going out for those who need them. Take care everybody.
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Old April 1st, 2009, 08:43 AM
ToddDH ToddDH is offline
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Good morning RollerDonna and Phyll and all our Cruisemates who follow!

Today is Church day and therefore RD, we will be adding your pending hospitalization to our prayers along with everyone else on the list.

Phyll, I just find such a wait absolutely inexcusable! I have no comparison except locally, but Fran always had an appointment for her chemo and though the place is usually full, she always was taken in within fifteen minutes of her appointment time.

Are such waits "standard" practice in the Miami area? I personally find it inexcusable!

I am well familiar with Miami traffic, Phyll, as we used to visit a late Aunt who lived over on Edgewater in Coral Gables. I used to point the car North on Dixie Highway and until I hit 95. At least I knew I wouldn't get lost! Hope everyone has a bright and sunny day (inside at least if your weather is cloudy as it is here) and Blessings upon everyone!

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Old April 1st, 2009, 09:04 AM
VTJen VTJen is offline
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Good Morning Mates,

It is quite breeze, but the cloud cover is not quite as thick, so I am hoping some sun will peek thru, but it is cool this am - not even in the 30's.

Well, my water troubles continue. For those of you on Facebook you will have seen my status message.
Yesterday the water coming from the bathroom into the living room increased, yet I had no way to shut water off. Then, the UPS man, who is a friend came to drop off a package (the Church stuff for National Day of Prayer - which has already become an answer to one of my prayers).
I asked him if he could look at something real quick - and he was like turn off your water. I told him I couldn't and he said show me - he figured out an easier way - well sort of, and he shut it off.
So I lived without water all day, which is a pain.
DH finally got home about 9. Too late to get to the hardware store to get required items to fix pipe. We did take a panel off the inside of our closet
there is a pan in there under the pipe - "just in case" - which of course was full and had over flown - we had to suck it out w/ the rainbow vacuum - which worked, but of course caused a mess - cuz dh let the hose down and the icky water went all over rug in ds room when we moved it there so it will be near by for the next time we have to empty the pan.
I did turn on the water so we could brush teeth and use bathroom before bed - to do this I must stand on a folding chair - the hoist my left knee up onto the rolled up solar cover that is wintering in the basement - from there i Ihave to wedge myself between two fittings on the top of the oil tank
then I have to wiggle myself across the top and far enough down to reach the shut off switch. So at least we can clean up real quick before we leave the house this am - and then again before bed, and some time in between if the need arises - it is just not a fun proceedure and I have used muscles in my stomach that have long been forgotten.
I dread going down there - as there are spiders, and no doubt that mouse is still lurking there somewhere - we caught one - but the trap has been reset and emptied of its bait, so I think he had a friend.

I hope dh gets home in time to fix this tonight, as I have a half washed load of laundry in the washer and dishes in the dishwasher - and dishes in the sink...

Phyll - so sorry about yesterday. Your poor friend -why do they schedule people when they have no room for them? I hate cancer and all its awfulness.

BW - hope your pt went ok - hope the pain is not too unbearable.

RD - will be keeping you in prayer

Well - it is about time for me to schlep to the basement and get up close and personal with the oil tank.
Hope you all have a good day
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Old April 1st, 2009, 09:43 AM
beenie weenie's Avatar
beenie weenie beenie weenie is offline
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Good Morning CruiseMates.
Good Grief Jen, I wish I were there with you, as I am confident we could get that leak fixed through sheer "girl power" alone once we put our heads together. So nice though of that gentleman to help you get the water turned off. Thanks for your kind thoughts abotu the PT appt. I will leave here around noon to ensure I get there on time. I am kind of nervous since I've never had anything like this done before. But you guys are so brave I will draw from that!

Well I think I told you all I got that window caulked the night before last and then yesterday it rained off an on all day. Well I went and checked on it last night and it looks like it set up fine, in spite of the rain. whew!

RD you and I seem to be having the same sleep patterns. I pray all goes well with your surgery and you can relax and not worry. I know if it were me I would drive myself crazy... because it's a short trip to begin with .

Phyll I just think it is so sweet that you took your friend for chemo yesterday. Your kindness was probably the only bright spot in an otherwise frustrating and scary experience. This is one of the many reasons I think that CruiseMates rule!

Todd I hope your day is wonderful and look forward to hearing more from you. I kind of miss it when I don't read as much from you everyday. I need my "Todd Fix".

Well I need to get off my duff and get moving. I have the heat and a/c contractor coming today to look at my ductwork and give me an estimate to replace it with a better solution. He called me this morning and said he'll be here soon. So I need to get dressed before he shows up and is blinded by the sight of me !

Take care everyone. Prayers going out to all who are in need.

Read and post cruise reviews
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Old April 1st, 2009, 11:33 AM
bahamamomma bahamamomma is offline
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Good Morning All -

Not much going on around my corner of the world - at work (don't want to be) but am leaving after a meeting this morning and won't be back until Monday - so that's a nice break - just hope the weather holds up - no rain,snow or anything like that!! Need a weekend to be full of sunshine

Sending prayers out for everyone whether you be sick, have house problems, or whatever - a prayer will cure everything!!
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Old April 1st, 2009, 11:50 AM
ToddDH ToddDH is offline
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B/W, Please forgive me for failing to mention about your scheduled PT as I know what that type of "exercise" can entail. I feel especially bad because I recently mentioned it to Fran. I really am pleased that you look forward to my post. I'm just embarrassed that I don't always have that much to say (which is really something new for me ).

Also, I wanted to remind everyone especially today that this is the day my cardiovascular surgeon's infant daughter Karrie has her second open heart surgery and I ask yet again that everyone keep her in your prayers.

Keeping in what appears to be the weather condtions in a lot of the east, today continues in the dreary damp and raw vein. Maybe this afternoon it will start clearing up. I am just so very thankful that I had a beautiful day to do my lawn on Monday.

Jen, Is there any feasible way that you can move that turn off valve to make it more accessible or is that about the only place it can go? At least you evidently have the "lever" variety and not the old style valve wheel as do I. But at least mine's accessible.

Oh and keeping with the wonderful neighbors subject, I have an apple tree in my large side yard that sported the most abundant crop last year that anyone remembers seeing. It was so much that it pulled one of the large limbs down toward the ground and I couldn't mow under it. It was also of sufficient size that I was no longer able to climb up, cut it off, and dispose of it on a large burn pile I keep for the neighborhood. Well, two of my neighbors, unbeknownst to me, the other afternoon came up, cut it off, and trimmed the tree elsewhere making it look normal again. I am, as are so many of you, extremely blessed to live where I do.

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Old April 1st, 2009, 12:35 PM
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Default Wenesday, Wednesday

Good morning from Southern California. The sun is blasting in but it doesn't appear to be all that warm this week.

RD, I am sorry to hear that you have to have surgery.
BW, how did your PT go?
Phyll, what an unplesant experience for your friend, on top of an already unplesant experience!

Keith is getting ready to go to the gym, so I'd better get breakfast on the table. I see the oncologist later today and probably a chemo treatment tomorrow.

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Old April 1st, 2009, 01:31 PM
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April April is offline
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Good morning
Well yesterday sucked so hoping today will be better and no April fools jokes---played on me anyways---
Hopefully my great husband will take me for a drive to see Daffodil Hill--which just happens to be close to a Indian casino-----were I told him I'd buy him lunch----
It's looks as if its going to be a really nice day out here---
Wishing everyone well--and my thoughts and prayers going out to all--big time------
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Old April 1st, 2009, 01:40 PM
granny of the seas granny of the seas is offline
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Hello all Cruisemates, both north and south, east and west of the Big Apple.

Just got off the phone with Marietta and we are booked on the Miracle going out of New York on August 28th. It is truly a miracle that I survived my original surgery, so my daughter said it was an omen. As we do not have to do airfare, I have booked Category 11 suites for all of us. Life is good.

Hope all you people have a great day - mine so far is fabulous.

Granny of the Seas - aka Leyla
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