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balabusta April 4th, 2009 02:59 PM

Hunter brand boots...
This morning, while I was at Marshalls with Rob, I snagged a pair of Hunter brand boots on sale for $25. To all of my fellow cruisemates, who suffer from "shoe mania", like I do, this was one heck of a good buy! (Hunter brand boots retail for $115!)

Trip April 4th, 2009 05:59 PM

I am a crazy shoe person, but, I have not heard that name before....

rollerdonna April 4th, 2009 06:12 PM

I've never heard of these either.
I'm picturing large rubber hip waders..... :shock: :wink:


balabusta April 4th, 2009 06:44 PM

Hunter brand boots started in Scotland and are endorsed and worn by Queen Eilizabeth and Prince Philip. They started originally in a green color and now, due to the popularity of the boots, come in many styles and colors. Look up www.!

ToddDH April 4th, 2009 08:54 PM


Fran loves Marshall's and so do I. We were in the one in Va. Beach last Fall but nothing caught our eye. But I have purchased a $560 suit (and it was a $560 dollar suit 'cause I used to sell suits) fifteen years ago at the Marshall's in Poughkeepsie and I paid just under $100.00 for it. They don't seem to have the stock they once had because the same thing (slim pickin's) happened in Staten Island last summer.

The thing I just cannot believe are the folks who pay tons of money for junk, just because of the name. Fran has a $350 Gucci handbag that was a gift and it's PLASTIC!! Think that's bad enough? Someone gave her a coordinating wallet and it was $125.00! It too is plastic!

All of which reminds me, we were in Bed Bath and Beyond this afternoon to pick up some coffee for our coffee machine and in the front of the line was a woman with a huge basket full of expensive items (evidently her husband is immune to the Recession). Anyway, she was about 52 or 53 which is fine, except she was trying to pass for thirty. She had diamonds on several fingers that would choke the proverbial horse, blonde frosted hair that was far too long for a woman her age, so thin everywhere except her chest that she looked almost anorexic and of course was wearing designer jeans so tight if probably took her a half hour in the bathtub to get 'em on. She was also wearing a white shirt over which she had on her black jacket (even though it was about 77 outside) with the Ferrari logo on the front and California written on the back. She was syrupy sweet with a condescending attitude that flashed neon. I quietly remarked to Fran that with people such as that around, one needn't look up the definition of pretentious. I guess my remark was not as quiet as I thought. The two standing behind us in line (an also obviously well heeled woman with her twenty something daughter) evidently overheard my remark and started laughing so hard I thought both of them would choke. Fran said I turned beet red but I needn't have worried. The commotion went right over Mrs. Ferrari's head.

Dontcha' just love people watching?


balabusta April 4th, 2009 09:13 PM

Todd, I don't care how much money I have, or even don't have, I would still look for deals! It's the hunt of a good bargain that gets my adrenaline flowing. We used to have a store, that recently closed, called Value City which was the old Schottensteins in Columbus, Ohio, where I went to Ohio State. If you hit Value City when they had their "customer appreciation" sales, you could buy anything in the store at an additional 20% off. I would make out like a "bandit" on those days! I was shocked to find Hunter boots at Marshalls; obviously it was an overstock from the manufacturer. Those boots were, "such a deal".

ToddDH April 4th, 2009 09:54 PM


You sound just like Fran! rofl


rollerdonna April 4th, 2009 10:34 PM

Hey! I looked 'em up and guess what?? they make 'em in PURPLE!!! LOL


Cruznut2 April 5th, 2009 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by rollerdonna
I've never heard of these either.
I'm picturing large rubber hip waders..... :shock: :wink:


RD you and I think alike. I too was thinking just that. But on the other hand I never liked boots at all. I did not even own any for most of the years I ived in NH. For me less shoes makes happy feet.


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