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Paul Motter April 8th, 2009 01:50 PM

What kind of cruise shopper are you?
I am doing a "mood check" of our readers. These are tough times and I want to know how these current economic conditions are affecting your cruise plans. So I am going to introduce a few different topics in here to see if we can get more cruise-inspired topics.

Has the way you plan cruises changed in the last year? If so....

What kind of cruise shopper have you become, and why?

Delft April 8th, 2009 03:09 PM

Put it on the back burner as I would not leave my mother as she is so ill. Now that she is close by my home and loved ones, if she is stable like she is now we may well consider one, and we shop mostly on the internet looking at Itins and then price, but while one goes before the other, they are closely linked. Not because the economy has affected us bt because I have always kept careful watch over money ( where as Sam is the quick spender, which is why I do all bookings and plans) and I will not go into debts for any trips let alone acruise.

Paul Motter April 8th, 2009 03:32 PM

I understand the family issues (boy, do I ever), but it is possible to get away. My family doctor has been telling us that it is important that we NOT let my mom control our lives - because she will try, but we resist.

So - you still are watching the options out there. Are you wishing you had the freedom to take advantage of some of the bargains out there?

I just read a Peter Greenberg column that said Europe airfare will be down 33% this summer.
With low cruise fares that should be a huge incentive for people to book exotic destinations this year.

CruisinK n J April 8th, 2009 03:43 PM

What Kind of Cruise Shopper are You?
Hi, Paul. Well, I think that most people consider price first. Be that as it may, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, we cancelled a 15-day Hawaii cruise. I'm still smarting over that one. Since I am in chemotherapy, all travel plans are on hold, but when that changes, we'll proably rebook the Hawaii cruise on HAL.


balabusta April 8th, 2009 03:48 PM

with the economy, the way it is, Rob and I are looking for deals on cruises. We are going on a repositioning cruise to europe, in a little over two weeks, because of the price. We usually book an inside cabin on a lower deck. As the saying goes, you get the same meals and the same entertainment. I would rather have the money on save on a cheap cabin to spend going out for meals in the ports, going on excursions, or just to shop in the stores in the ports!

Paul Motter April 8th, 2009 03:53 PM

balabusta - YOU are the kind of cruiser I was referring to. I met people on Soltice who love transatlantic bargains. And if I was retired I would agree!

These curises are $40/day, and you end up in Europe to boot.

You can air home from Europe for a few hundred dollars - that makes these cruises a bargain.

Paul Motter April 8th, 2009 03:55 PM

Jud - so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, but I am happy to hear the treatment is working.

I hope you get to see Hawaii soon.

Delft April 8th, 2009 05:24 PM

No, Paul I disagree, it's not about control in this situation, my mother would love for us to go on a cruise, or land trip and bugs us constantly to go, She feels like such a burden, but the fact is my mother is very ill and she should have already passed away. I will not leave her and I will not be left with knowing I left on a trip when I knew she could have turned for the worse. That I could never live with. Things happen unexpected when one goes away at times, but I know how sick she is and I wont go now till it is over. Sam and I hope to get away a few days this spring, probably not more than a few hours driving time. We may consider a cruise or land trip during a week she doesnt get treatment IF she is stable and it would be last minute, and only if she is really stable and doing well.

Paul Motter April 8th, 2009 06:08 PM

I am not trying to urge anyone to ignore their sick parents :D

I am just saying that it is tough to have things holding us back when the cruise bargains out there are so outrageously good.

I guess what I am talking about is psychology. Right now there is a lot of fear and doubt about the economy, etc, but the people who have the wherewithal are looking at the prices out there and saying "this is unbelievable."

Has there ever been a recession where property values tanked where you didn't kick yourself for not investing in real estate during the recession? But during the event people are guided by fear that it will never end. But it always does.

Is there anyone out there who thinks they will never be able to afford another cruise in their lifetimes?

Delft April 8th, 2009 06:38 PM

I always find that if one looks at life with a glass half full, then things always work out. I dont think about the great cruise or land fair I am missing now, but what a great trip lies ahead when the time is right one day. A friend of mine economically cannot cruise now, and she see's the low prices, but she says as well, I just have my trip fund jar and she saves each pay check a few dollars, andone day , when the time is right for her, she will go on a trip. It makes life much easier to deal with!

Ron April 9th, 2009 01:03 AM

We are fortunate that we haven't been affected by the economic downturn so it's not had an effect on the number of times we cruise per year( normally twice). I've cruised enough over the years that I know pretty well what the price of a cruise will be before I get a quote. I may not be exact, but I'll know pretty close so when I do get quote I know right away if it's a fair price or not. Dealing with the same T.A. helps also.
We always book the type and cabin number we want up front and don't play the upgrade game--I know what I want before I ever call or e-mail the T.A. and don't call or e-mail until I'm ready to book, so no, we've not changed our routine any over the last year or so.I just hope our good fortune holds! :) :)

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