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Old April 15th, 2009, 06:19 AM
Irish's Avatar
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Default If it is Wednesday....Then it must be Hump Day

Good Morning All

Yes it is Wednesday and I want to Thank everyone for their kind words..... I hate Kidney Stones, but I am very fortunate that I recover quickly. I was a little unconfterable yesterday, but alls well that ends well.

I hope everyone has a great day today/

You all have a great Alabama Day.

Irish 8)

May your troubles be less,
And your blessing be more.
And nothing but happiness,
Come through your door.
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Old April 15th, 2009, 06:52 AM
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And good morning to you as well, Irish. When I originally posted, you had only posted one line and I figured you must be really late this morning! . Am truly glad your kidney stone problem has at least abated.

Saw where there was another attempt to hijack another American freighter. Thankfully, this one was unsuccessful. Methinks the pirates best get what they can and enjoy it now 'cause I've a suspicion that some pirate facilities, etc. are gonna' be, shall we say "boosted" into the air in the near future. High explosive has a tendency to cause that, you know.

Well, it off to the "touristy areas" of Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg for a couple of days. Fran loves it over there and we're trying to get over there more often. Now is the cheapest time of the year and armed with Season Passes to Dollywood that were an Anniversary gift, "motel points" to go along with our coupons and with gift certificates to Red Lobster and Olive Garden, the whole trip will really cost us peanuts. It sure ain't cruisin' but we'll be doing that in less than two months.

I told Fran that in all honesty, it'll cost us, when all is said and done, less than a weekly trip to the supermarket.

Prayers out to all on the list and Blessings on all 'o you'uns!

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Old April 15th, 2009, 07:22 AM
beenie weenie's Avatar
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Good Morning CruiseMates!
Just sent d/h out the door to work and it is eerily quiet here in the house. The only sound I hear is the hum of the heating system running in the background. Today is not as hectic but still lots to be done. I have to remember to get my taxes sent off today. They say it is patriotic to pay taxes, well I guess we are very patriotic this year

The kids will probably sleep a little later today since they are both fighting allergies and runny noses etc. I hope they will get some relief when it finally stops raining today. I think we have had quite enough rain thanks very much! Last night I had to climb under the house into the crawlspace. A while back I dug a hole and d/h and I placed a small on-demand pump under there to pump out any seeping water that might occur during heavy rains like what we've been having lately. Well during the installation of the duct work the guys inadvertently unplugged the pump, so when I went down to check on things last night there was a puddle that had formed around the pump and so I plugged it back in and the water was pumped out very quickly. I can say that it is much cleaner and dryer under there with the new system.

My girlfriend is coming back over today and will finish cleaning up and organizing d/s's room. D/s can't wait. While she is doing that, I will be working in the rest of the house. I think that I will work on cleaning up the rest of the house. My desk here is a disaster area. That needs a lot of help. Probably nothing a good trash can can't cure. I have so much clutter there. I want to organize the kitchen cabinets and clean the bathrooms. It's always something though you know?

On a positive note, it seems like my new PT is working well. I am not sure if it is the ultrasound thing they do or the taping of my feet and legs, or the other stuff she does, but I am feeling pretty good these days. After chronic pain all these years it feels good to have some relief. I am excited by this.

Well I really need to get cracking here and start getting dressed and ready to have a productive day. I need to have all this work wrapped up by 1:30 because I have a hair and nail apointment and I am a wee bit overdue and looking a little ragged around the edges. Oh nuts that reminds me, I need to find time to cut both of the kid's hair. D/S really needs it badly. I saw a funny sign yesterday "Keep America beautiful, get a haircut!". So I guess this is just one more opportunity to show my patriotism.

I hope that everyone has a great day. I need to get my rear in gear and get to moving! Thoughts and prayers being sent to those in need!

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Old April 15th, 2009, 08:15 AM
Senior Member
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Good Morning Mates,

The sun is shining - hopefully the thick layer of frost that is covering my vehicles will melt soon. It is only 27, but they are predicting mid 50's - so I'm a-hoping.

Got the rest of my test completed yesterday - now I wait....tried to get the elbow pad the Dr. wants me to use for the pinched nerve in my elbow. Of course, it turned into a fiasco w/ the med. store and the insurance company, so I said call me when I can pick it up. I didn't have hours to spend there during the dispute.

Allergies seem to be kicking in..ugh!

Off to work soon. Then home. Hope to get in a walk - then back to church for Bible Study. I have lots of phone calls to make at work, I don't enjoy that part at all.
Also in trying to plan several special services that are coming up and it is stressful. Hopefully things will start falling into place.

BW - sounds like you have a busy day. Happy Organizing. Glad ou are getting some relief.

Irish - continued healing and health to you
Todd & Fran - have a blast.

Wishing all the mates a lovely day.
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Old April 15th, 2009, 09:19 AM
travelgalSue's Avatar
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Ohio
Posts: 872

Good morning all! It is a cool and damp morning here with forcast of more of the same all day. I was up early getting as much done as possible, laundry, dishes, bedsheets changed, sweeper ran, and a few other things. I have a busy office day today so now I need to do a quick straightening of my desk so I can get started. Just wanted to check in to say Hi.

Irish-hope you continue to feel better.

Todd-only wish I were going with you. We used to go to Pigeon Forge every year, boy has it changed over the years. Enjoy your mini-vacation.

BW-glad you are finding relief with the pain. How you do so much just amazes me. I need you to come to my house and teach me how you do it all.

Prayers to all those in need.

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Old April 15th, 2009, 09:50 AM
Mike M's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2004
Location: You're Looking At Me
Posts: 24,361

Good morning everyone!

It's a beautiful day in the land of 10,000 "unfrozen" lakes.

I now have to call Phyll my official "dream girl". I had a dream last night that I was buying her condo and she was showing me around. I guess that's what happens when you talk about condos in chat.

I am almost ready to go on the cruise. I have a slight setback though. My travel laptop has a problem. The AC jack on the motherboard is going out. I had my son solder the connection thinking it may be loose but when he pulled the motherboard it looked and felt solid. He put a bead on the connections anyway. No luck, it looks like the jack itself is bad. So last night I got online and ordered one for a whopping $5 but paid $22 for overnight shipping. Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow and my son can solder it onto the motherboard. There is no way I would attempt to solder electronics. I wasn't very good 25 years ago and now I'm not steady enough to even hit the connection with a bead. Years ago when it was actually my job to install modems I would pawn off the soldering on someone else. There was a woman in our mail room who used to do my soldering for me. She once worked on an assembly line for an electronics company and all she did was solder. After six months of helping me, on the side, I hired her for technical support and she now is a supervisor at South Central Bell's Atlanta test center. It was a symbiotic relationship.

Well, it's time to start the day. Irish: I'm glad that everything came out alright. I've passed six kidney stones in the last four years and they are not fun.

BW: Sorry about the aches and pains. I hope the PT continues to help.

Todd: Have a good time at Dollywood. It sure is pretty in that part of the country.

To everyone: Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!!

Take care,
Cruisemates Community Leader/Moderator

"There is a great difference between being well traveled and just having been to many places." ~Me

"Fear is the assassin of dreams." ~Me
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Old April 15th, 2009, 10:39 AM
rollerdonna's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Caribou River, Nova Scotia
Posts: 17,603

Morning all, from Montreal, where it is bright and sunny and already 8C! (46F). Supposed to hit 12 today, I'm hoping!

I slept in till 10:00, after a very restless night. I guess 2 hr naps in the middle of the afternoon don't help you get a good night's sleep.....

Today I'm hoping to get some more painting done. It may sound strenuous, but I love it and find it relaxing, and I'm enjoying re-decorating. If I feel up to it, why not put my free time to good use?

Todd, sounds like you and Fran have a few fun days ahead of you - enjoy!

BW, I admire your dedication to cleaning and uncluttering. That's on my agenda also once I finish painting the one room, I hit the rest of the house!

Mike, you must be excited, heading off in 2 days time!

Jen, you're way too busy, as usual! Take a break for yourself!

Irish, good to see you posting again, we missed you!

It's Wenesday, and that means LOST day for me - Whoo Hoo!

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Old April 15th, 2009, 11:46 AM
CruisinK n J's Avatar
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Default If It's Wednesday Then It Must Be Hump Day

Good morning from chily, windy Southern California. Got really cold last night . . . then the heating up starts!

Gym day again while I finish the ironing.

Have a good day!

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Old April 15th, 2009, 01:06 PM
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: virginia beach
Posts: 1,298

Good afternoon from chilly, Virginia Beach. This morning I went to the doctor's for my sixth month check up. I had the usual questions and bloodwork. I might suggest to all my fellow cruisemates, to make sure you get at least one physical a year; what you don't know can hurt you! Todd, I wish you and Fran a great time in the Pidgeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. Rob and I have been there several times; one time we used a week of timeshare in Asheville. The Smokey Mountains are beatiful and Asheville has many things to do and see. I have started gathering my clothing for our cruise, departing on April 25th and have found that buying the 21/2 gallon zip lock bags great to fit more clothing into my luggage. Make it a great day, fellow cruisemates!
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