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Delft September 5th, 2009 08:49 AM

Another bright and Sunny day. Just beautiful!

We were up till 3 AM last night to finish the electrical and new plumbing. I was giving moral support! Its done now and is perfect. I must say when Sam does something his work is perfectionist quality. The electrical is done way above standard , and the plumbing which he is not a plumber is also better than anything a plumber has ever done for me. Everything done step by step and anchored and neatly done as well. I am really pleased. Just waiting for the delivery people to call and tell me when they are bringing the machines. Then I can start on all the wash.

DS , his GF and some of his friends were here last night and it was nice taking a pizza break from the work! His friends were here for moral support in his quest, spurred on by my request ( :shock: ) to de clutter the family room and his bedroom. Its not actually a family room any more, it has become a DS room as it is in the basement along with where his bedroom is now. It's time for the dear to part with some of his treasures..........what a painful night it was........

RD is it this weekend that you are moving? what a good weather for it if it is so!

Have a great day every one.

rollerdonna September 5th, 2009 09:09 AM

Morning All, from Montreal, and I will only be able to say that for another week! I'll have to come up with a new salutation from Nova Scotia....

So no Delft, not leaving this weekend, although the weather would be perfect. Just hoping it's not pouring next Friday when we load the truck! Or next Saturday night when we unload the truck in Nova Scotia! :shock:

The plan is to leave here very early Sat. morning, with 2 people in the rental truck and me in the car with the cat and the dog. Should be an interesting 13-14 hour drive straight through with a wailing cat. She is sweet, but she is vocal!! :shock:

Meanwhile, this is our last Saturday in Montreal. The weather is absolutely beautiful, as it has been all week, so we will enjoy it.

Delft, glad all your work is done in the, on to the laundry!


beenie weenie September 5th, 2009 09:21 AM

Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well I am just putting the finishing touches on our cruise plan next month (OMG did I really say next month?)

The ports are:
Samana D.R. we would normally just go to Cayo Levantado, but NCL waited until the last minute to post the excursion and increased the price substantially over thelast time we were there, so we're going to head to Playa Rincon beach. Strangely, I think we we've already been out this way before, but won't know for sure until we get there. I suspect this is where we were taken after we went scuba diving on our honeymoon way back when.
Tortola probably going to Brewer's Bay or Cane Garden Bay
St. Kitts will either hang at the Marriott with the tourists or head over to Cockleshell Beach and Lion's Bar
Curacao Kon Tiki Beach
Aruba Baby Beach, and a stop to drop off laundry on our way there
Roatan Bananarama Resort, was going to go to Fin's and Flipper's but they doubled the price
Belize taking the water taxi out to Caye Caulker for some fun snorkelling with Tsunami adventures. D/S is hopeful he will once more get to have some raw conch :shock: , wish he would get that excited about brocolli.

So my work is finished with all that stuff now. Unless you guys have any other suggestions aside from the places I have found.

No much else is happening today, aside from cleaning and laundry. Hope you all have a great day.

Mike M September 5th, 2009 09:54 AM

Good morning everyone and a Happy Labor Day Weekend.

We were scheduled to be out of town this weekend. We were to be at my brother's lake place to have a get together, do some fishing and drag Betty around the lake on water skis.

However, with my broken leg/ankle and last night my SIL called and let me know my brother was in the hospital with kidney stones. He was to have them blown out in the tub (lithotripsy) tub because one is too large to pass. Gee, he's turning into me. I haven't heard anything since last night so I assume that all went well.

So we'll just have a lazy day and perhaps take in a movie. Betty does have to work on Monday so there will be no Labor Day for her.

Delft: Glad to hear that the electric and plumbing is all done and done well. My BIL is also a perfectionist when it comes to his "projects". But unlike Sam it takes him a few "years" to achieve perfection. :roll: My SIL has spent most of her life in a "half finished" house. :roll:

Donna: I don't envy the drive. I did that 26 years ago when we moved to Alabama. I also like the rollerskating pics. Keep skating as long as you can. It keeps you young. Betty is older than you and still loves to water ski.

I hope everyone is going to/or is having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your break from "Labor".

Take care,

venice September 5th, 2009 11:23 AM

Good Morning from muggy New Orleans

today marks the 6th anniversary of my heart attack and reminds me of how blessed I am to have survived it...statistically, with African American males there is about a 75% of having a second heart attack within 5 years of the first, so I'm glad that God, my cardiologist and friends keep me in good health and cruising with Jazz keeps my pressure low

have a great day

LS80 September 5th, 2009 11:34 AM

Morning from the Pacific's raining!!!! Oh well.......we need it..........

Getting back to there such a thing???.......after our 14 day Alaska cruise........we had a fantastic were right......we loved Pacific Princess!!!! Think I'm spoiled by it fact we booked Royal Princess for may.........

Lots of laundry to do..........

Y'all have a good day...........


CruisinK n J September 5th, 2009 12:01 PM

Good morning from Southern California. 'Nother hot one and hoping that the humidity will drop soon.

Sharon, sounds like a good trip. Tell us about the ship, please!

I have a yen for trout almandine, so later a trip to King's Fish House is in order.

Have a nice day.


Mike M September 5th, 2009 01:04 PM


I'm glad you had a great time and now you know that "bigger isn't always better." LOL

Take care,

ToddDH September 5th, 2009 02:55 PM

Happy Labor Day weekend as well from yours truly. I remember the first part of my career from which I'm retired that Holidays were just another day. The latter half, however, I enjoyed all weekends and Holidays, which was and is still unusual for those of us employed or formerly employed in the Public Service sector.

Nothing on tap for this weekend. We're both looking to next Friday for our little four night "land cruise" to Virginia Beach.

Looks as if you have everything in place, Delft. Soon you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, maybe even on our Labor Day!

Just one more week, huh R/D? You must be excited beyond belief. I used to routinely drive from the Mid-Hudson Valley to Tennessee and upon arrival we wouldn't be at all tired or sore.

B/W, you are so darned efficient! You've got everything lined up for your cruise which I must ask, is it still looking as if you'll be going alone with your kids? rofl

So happy Venice, to hear that your "ticker" is still in good shape. Will keep praying that it will continue to be so!

Hope everyone has a fantastic Labor Day whereever you are!


beenie weenie September 5th, 2009 04:32 PM


B/W, you are so darned efficient! You've got everything lined up for your cruise which I must ask, is it still looking as if you'll be going alone with your kids?
Yup pretty much LOL! No sign of the renewed passport yet. I even checked the bank account and the charge for it hasn't gone through yet...

So it's a tough break. He should've listened and gotten the stuff done earlier.

Oh well, lack of planning on his part, does not constitute an emergency on mine.

On the bright side, think of all the money we'll save on extra baggage fees LOL.

CruisinK n J September 5th, 2009 06:37 PM

Beenie, I am not a Carribean fan, but i must admit I loved Tortola.
We look a wild ride up a mountainside in a jitney type of vehicle. Your kids would love it, you'd get to see a lot of the island, and the driver told a lot about it. Maybe you can check out the shore excursions in Tortola and see if you can find the tour.


beenie weenie September 5th, 2009 07:59 PM

Thanks Judy, I will check it out! Thanks!

nlb1050 September 5th, 2009 08:47 PM

Beenie, when we were in Tortola we were able to get a very nice tour at the dock. If I remember correctly it was $30 per serson for a 4 - 5 hour tour. One of the best things was a wall painted by a native that depicts the history of the island. It was probably one of the best tours we have taken. Others that booked the same thru the ship did not get to see as much as we did and they paid a lot more.

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