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rollerdonna October 4th, 2009 09:09 AM

Sunday Morning Coming Down
Witha nod to Kris Kristofferson on this dull Sunday morning in Caribou River....
We're experiencing a break from the lovely weather of the past week. Dull at the moment, but much rain is expected later, and for the next few days..
Good weather to finish all the painting I have to do!
Right now I am too sore to paint any more, taking a break today to go find a new, smaller, computer desk.

Not much else is new, decorating is going slow, and there's still much to unpack waiting out in the garage...will it ever end?

Hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday, and can't wait to hear what Todd is having for dinner!


beenie weenie October 4th, 2009 09:46 AM

Good Morning CruiseMates!!!
Remember yesterday, I said I had planned to spend my day cleaning and then pop down to the Applefest. While I did get some cleaning done, everything else went to H*LL in a handbasket. D/H wanted to pitch in and help a bit. He got the duster out and started to attack the dust bunnies and cobwebs that somehow find themselves on the light fixtures and everything out of reach. So of course I was thrilled to have help. I went out to spray my plants with bug spray before bringing them in sometime today, when my sweet d/h came out and said, "Hon, I have to show you something"
My radar went off and I said this can't be good... So I asked him, Dear does this involve wetness or moisture? He replied he had no idea what it was, but he said, You're not going to be happy at all. So I clenched my teeth and went for a walk to survey the newly discovered damage. There was a spot in the bathroom ceiling that I had been meaning to dust for a while but it is in a precarious spot for me since I am a bit vertically challenged. It looked like a spider's lair in one corner and I just figured I would get to cleaning it up this weekend, well d/h went over it with the duster and in the process the textured ceiling started to crack a bit. That is when he came and got me.
I of course said oh no sweety thats just dirt from the spider, So I grabbed the vacuum and started to suck up what I thought was the spider mess. Imagine my surprise when it sucked up a good size hole out of the ceiling. D/H announced we had the killer mice from hell in the attic and they were chewing a hole into the house. I was not going to go along with that line of reasoning so easily. It had been a couple of days since we had rain, but I suspected that we had a leak somewhere. So d/h and I headed up to the attic to check it out. We have a really high pitched roof and some very high vaulted ceilings. With the way our trusses are designed, you have to be half mountain goat to make your way from one end of the attic to the other. So he and I are up there and finally get over to the spot and realize thatdirectly above the area of damage is where the PVC pipe that vents the baths goes up through the roof. So when you look upward through the vent, you could see daylight. It would appear that the rubber seal on the flashing had become brittle and started to crumble and crack. So we have three of these things and they were all in pretty sad shape. Off d/h went to the local hardware store and he got the exerior issues fixed pretty quickly. Did I mention that it was very nasty and windy yesterday? LOL So of course I was in charge of tossing stuff up to him, holding the ladder, and calling 911 in the event the strong winds blew him off the roof. Then last night, after a lengthy conference with half of the male residents on the lane, we decided the best way to repair the damage and I made a late night run to the big hardware store across the state line for that stuff. So today d/h will get to do that. pray for him please, he needs all the help he can get. He's a computer geek and does a great job at that, but he is slowly honing his handyman skills.

Well today is more cleaning, trying not to laugh as d/h fixes the hole in the ceiling and going to rehearsal for the symphony and choir Christmas thingy. So I better get off this computer and get moving.

Have a great day everyone.

Mike M October 4th, 2009 10:20 AM

Good morning everyone:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Weather wise it's sort of sucky (nice adjective eh?) but I feel like my normal self, whatever that is.

Yesterday I didn't mention that my sister and her husband risked infection and came to stay at my place for a long weekend. It's nice having them here but they have a number of things to do so they are basically using my house as a base of operations. I don't mind that. They are great house-guests. They can fend for themselves, even do their own cooking and not mind at all.

This morning we will be heading out to a local restaurant for brunch. It is a nice place with great food so I'll have to put on a "cruise outfit" (Dockers and shirt) to go. My normal jeans and "I'm with stupid" t-shirt (Arrow pointing up) won't cut it there. LOL

Beenie: Ah the joys of home maintenance. I've been where you were but the difference is that I'm the one holding the latter and throwing stuff up to Betty. My life insurance isn't what it used to be so she won't let me up on a ladder, much less the house, anymore. I'm glad you found the problem when you did so it didn't become a major problem.

Well: It's time to get in the shower and prepare for the fancy feast. I want everyone to have a great Sunday and make this week the best one you've ever had.

Take care,

CruisinK n J October 4th, 2009 11:55 AM

Sunday Morning Coming Down
Good morning, Donna, Beenie, and Mike. As I sit here wrapped up in a cozy robe, I wonder if the winter seaason is finally making a bow. I am tired of all the heat and fires. The tectonic plates are moving in our San Gabriel Mnts., too, although we haven't felt any tremors where we live.

Mike, I'm glad you're feeling well enough to go out for brunch. Keith has a delicious recipe for French toast that he plans to make this morning, so that will be a versioln of brunch, but without all the trimmings that a restaurant wwould add.

Have a nice Sunday!


ToddDH October 4th, 2009 01:17 PM

Good afternoon all!

Actually R/D, today's Sunday menu is nothing exciting and is what I call "country basic.." We both enjoy Roast Pork and we have it frequently. We last had it about three weeks ago so I went to the store and bought a small one today. I don't like loin roasts because even though I have finally learned the trick to roasting them and still have them juicy (but the juices run clear), I prefer a piece with some fat in it and therefore purchase what they call around here, a boneless butt. I dredge it prior to roasting in the same thing I dredge chicken when I fry it; flour, salt and pepper. Today's menu will also include tossed salad with homemade creamy garlic dressing, the roast with a rich gravy made from the drippings, mashed potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables dressed in butter and the obligatory southern yeast rolls. Dessert will be coffee and banana splits.

Glad you're feeling better Mike and as for your situation, B/W, I'm probably even less skilled in things home repair than your husband. Last week I had to replace a shower arm and after completion, I just knew it was going to leak so I turned on the water and then went down to the basement to see if I could get away with calling the plumber until Monday. LOL Would you believe the thing never leaked?? :shock: :shock:

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday. As for your's truly, I'm going to watch the boys run over at Kansas but I do find that usually a very boring track.


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