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JamesRT December 20th, 2009 06:57 AM

Sunday Morning!
Good Morning CruiseMates!!

I'm not into sports much, but gotta say " How About Them Cowboys"???
Another wet, cold day here at the "Homestead".
Family has started arriving, and soon all the grandchildren will be keeping me busy! I do LOVE this time of the year!!!
Have a Great Day everyone!

ToddDH December 20th, 2009 08:01 AM

And a bright good morning to you JamesRT and all who follow. Here it is a cold and damp start to the day. Temps are in the mid thirties, it's overcast and misty.

As I probably mentioned last year around this time (I'm a creature of habit), we attended our friend and physician's family Christmas Concert that was held yesterday late afternoon. What a joyful experience. They originally had three children but lost a 20 year old son to brain cancer in '85 and the concert has been held in his memory every year since. The son and daughter are both married and all are successful in their fields, the parents consisting of two physicians, one RN and a Nashville Accountant. As the grandchildren have come onto the scene, the "orchestra" has grown with all of the children (ages 6 through 17) taking part. The program was of course Christmas Music with light Classical thrown in. Two of the brothers (ages 15 and 17) are violinists and I swear, one would think they were listening to professionals even when playing difficult technical pieces.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and prayers continue for those on the list plus anyone suffering any travail and are accompanied by a request for Blessings on all


ready2gonow December 20th, 2009 08:14 AM

Good morning, James, all my other mates!

We awoke to a cold, dry daybreak, but there's the promise of it warming today. I'm so glad that we flew home (LaGuardia to Baltimore/Washington to Houston Hobby) last Thursday. I don't think that flight is happening right now, due to the snow. I'm sorry for my friends in the area, but glad that we missed this event!

Now I have to really get serious and get ready for Christmas. I tried to have most of it done before we left home on Thanksgiving, and now realize that I failed!

We had a really good cruise crossing the Atlantic. It got a little rough, with 30 ft seas and 90 knot winds (that equals 104 mph winds). Even the crew were feeling the effects of the ocean. Fortunately, the only effect Don and I had was that our sleep was interrupted by some hard vibrations. We had an aft cabin and it was like being in the last car of a roller coaster!

Time to get ready for church, and then this afternoon I will have an up close and personal relationship with my washer/dryer!

Everyone stay dry, warm, and safe.

James, I know you will surely enjoy having all your family with you!

rollerdonna December 20th, 2009 08:14 AM

Morning James RT, enjoy the grandchildren AND this time of year!
Todd, glad to hear you enjoyed a holiday concert.
There are many talented people out there, even in our small town we've seen some great talent. Better in my opinion, that the "stars" that pass as entertainment today....

It's a dull, gray day out there today, with more snow in the forecast, up to 15 cms if they're right. Right now it looks more like it will rain, and at -3C or 26F it just might.

No big plans today, I am working on a painting project (gift, not walls!) and have some more Christmas baking and wrapping to do, plus a lot of housework to catch up on, so I will stay busy!


beenie weenie December 20th, 2009 08:41 AM

Good Morning CruiseMates!
Well dear friends it won't be long and the holidays will be upon us. I didn't realize how much shopping I did online this year, until I ventured out to Champaign yesterday. Evidently folks in East Central Illinois did not get the memo that we are in an economic recession. I have never seen so many people out shopping. It was complete insanity. I have to be honest it was a wasted trip for me. I was on a quest for about 60 pounds of shredded foam for my latest project. I got out the old sewing machine and sewed a Fuf couch, now I have to stuff it. My husband just laughs and shakes his head when I told him I needed about 60 pounds of shredded foam...oh he of little faith. This is what it should look like when I finish it...

Well I think I have found a supllier for my shredded foam, and as soon as it arrives, I will be stuffing my bean bag with wild abandon.

It snowed off and on all day yesterday. It might snow a bit today too, but it doesn't add up to much because the temps seem to be hovering slightly above freezing.

My neighbors called last night, Their daughter is visiting with their first grandchild who was born in October from Boston. Well their son in law was to fly in from Boston yesterday and he sat at the airport all day while his flights were cancelled, finally last night they told him they could get him to Chicago instead of Indy..., so the neighbors called to see if I could help them get him home from Chicago, without having to refinance the house or spending 6-8 hours round trip going up to fetch him in what could be less than ideal weather conditions with a tiny baby in tow in the middle of the night. Some how remembered a shuttle service that the U of I students use to get between Champaign and the airports/Chicago Burbs. We got him booked on that. I will wait until I see activity over there to call and check to see he made it in alright in the wee hours.

There isn't much going on right now. D/H and Sleeping Beauty is still asleep, just me and d/s here holding down the fort. It's about time for my second cup of coffee and I will start cleaning house and making plans to fly the coop around noon, as there will be visitors arriving and I am going to let Hubby be the hosty for the mosty. I am determined that this will be a peaceful and wonderful holiday and this is part of my strategy...avoid conflicts and fly the coop when contentious annoying people arrive.:evil:LOL

So have a great Sunday everyone. Hope you all are well.

Trip December 20th, 2009 09:06 AM

Hi Kids,
Welllllll, we have about a foot of white fluffy snow,and 's still snowing soflty. Bruce and Christian are out in the driveway plowing the cars out, and the walkways...If you lived through the blizzard of "78" this is nothing.I had a new baby. no hot water, the doors kept blowing in,and had to walk for pampers, this is a cakewalk. Sadly, I think many cruisers may be stuck up and down the coast!

We went food shopping yesterday, all the xtras for the holiday,and the snow, made it perilous to navigate the crazed bread and milk buying public!

Sweet James,so nice to see you posting here again, you have been missed, enjoy the kids...Darlene, are you sitting still for a while? We want to hear all about your cruise

Stay in if you have snow and enjoy, to abyone else, go out and shop:)

Good thoughts to all,and, make it a good one.

venice December 20th, 2009 09:30 AM

Good Morning from New one left the SuperDome being that upset about those "g@#*&^ d%$#@ Cowboys' upsetting our Saints..yes, we are sad because of the undefeated season not being there, but we were very proud of how the Saints came back and see the loss as being a blessing in disguise because it will better prepare us for the playoffs

the real Sunday morning question is what does one do when your team does not play on Sunday/

Cruznut2 December 20th, 2009 11:39 AM

Good Morning Friends!!
Cool but sunny here in central Florida this morning. I went to IHOP for breakfast this morning and it was soooooo good. I got the eggnog pancakes they were heavenly. The only thing missing was ginger brandy!! I love eggnog with ginger brandy. That is a thought for my shopping trip tomorrow.
Those of you that were in the storm I do hope all are safe.
Trip I remember well the "Blizzard of '78". I was in central NH then. We were lucky enough to be able to get around all week. My Uncle had been visiting us from RI. He was on his way back there and had to stop and stay with my cousin in Nashua. He was not allowed to go through Mass because of the roads not being cleared enough to drive on. Terrible storm and so many stranded. I will stay here in sunny Florida where there is rarely any snow.
Have a wonderful day folks, stay warm and stay safe.


CruisinK n J December 20th, 2009 12:06 PM

Sunday Morning!
Good morning from Southern California. Looks like the sun slept as late as I did.

I had most of the wrapping done, or so I thought. But when I had most of the wrapping supplies put away, I saw three more gifts that need to be wrapped. Guess I'll do those today. There's still another that Keith bought on line. I hope it gets here in time to be wrapped.

Other than that, this will be a quiet Sunday with a nice lunch out somewhere, maybe the Asian fusion place in Arcadia.

Have a nice day, all.


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