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Lakers Fan December 26th, 2011 12:55 AM

What was your most interesting New Years Eve ?
For me it was New Years Eve ,1963 .I had just broken up with a girlfriend and had no plans to spend the evening .My friend Marvin invited me to a party at his girlfriends house . It was nearly 10 miles to travel .I did not have a car but Marvin assured me that he would drive me home after the party .

I took 3 buses and arrived at the party ,had a wonderful time and apptoximately 12:45 AM left to go home . However my friend was unable to start the car .We should have gone back to his girlfriends home and have her or her father drive us home but we decided to be adventurous and walk till we found a taxi. That did not occur as there were none in sight and we woulnd up walking to Marvins home .He wanted me to spend the rest of the night in his home and get a ride home in the morning but I was determined to get home as soon as possible and walked the rest of the way. It was nearly dawn as I arrived home ,went to bed and was awakened by my father 45 minutes later as he thought I had arrived home much earlier .

Lakers Fan December 26th, 2011 01:22 AM

My second was in 1972 .Friends of ours were invited to a party and asked my wife and I to join them . The party was being held at the home of a guy who is currently holding an appointed office in the Mayor Bloomberg administration .The walls in every toom were painted black .The floors in every room had wall to wall black rubber mats . Our host was dressed in black . Every glass ,cup,bowl in every room was black .
Aside from that the party was great .

Marc December 26th, 2011 09:09 AM

Two years ago, we spent New Year's Eve in Petra, Jordan. Actually didn't overnight at the sight but in a hotel near the entrance. Had a wonderful eclectic buffet of food where they tried to satisfy everyone's favorites. Spending 31 December in Petra and 1 January at Wadi Rum were highlights of a wonderful two week trip to Israel and Jordan.

BTW, here is what I copied down from the menu (they had problems with their English):


Tonight we have a New Year's Eve dinner and party. We were given a copy of the menu. I do not know if their word processor is bad or they have a french keyboard. Regardless, the menu has items like pikils, chaines salad, cabbage roch salad, fried baby marrw, sour chicken livar, whole lamp, staffed meat medallion, staffed tarkye (at the carving station), and appel biy. There is also to be music and belly dancers.
A close second would have to be our first cruise on Radisson Seven Seas Mariner Dec 2002/Jan 2003. For New Year's Eve, we first had a show before dinner. At the show, they gave away all sorts of "door prizes." Arlene won a bottle of Dom Perignon; my step father a lessor champagne. We didn't win the big prize which was a free cruise. After a wonderful dinner, they had the celebration in the atrium. Waiters with caviar, chocolate, and champagne were flowing through the crowd. It was a magical night as it was our first New Year's Eve at sea.

Manuel December 27th, 2011 06:23 PM

For me new year's eve of 2007 on the Carnival Liberty was a lot of fun and 2008 in Last Vegas was a blast as well.

As for being interesting, I would say that 1966 in Vietnam would take 1st place.


ToddDH December 27th, 2011 09:03 PM

For me it was probably back in '72 when Fran and I hosted a New Year's Eve party in our one bedroom apartment. It was snowing heavily and really piling up and Fran just knew no one would show up. I said to relax, it was early yet. I asked her if she wanted a drink and Fran, who was not a drinker said yes so I made her one. She was so nervous she downed it in less than five minutes. A little while later she wanted another. Fifteen minutes after that no one had showed and she wanted yet another. That was the last thing she remembered until the next morning!

Turned out every last person showed up (Fran was really known for hosting great parties) and she only found out about it the next day. I took pictures of her out like a light on the bed with different people acting as if they were out of it alongside of her.

Told her next morning she missed one hell of a party. She was so embarrassed that she was afraid to go to work. I didn't help the angst when I said, "Wait until you see the pictures!"

snorklr45 December 28th, 2011 03:35 PM

Hyatt Grand
Jan 2000 - Hyatt Regency Grand in Houston. Seemingly millions of balloons were dropped from the ceiliing of the 14th floor at midnight. Awesome music on multiple floors, live band, lovely & delicious buffet...Awesome desserts with all the Starbucks coffee you want. Sparkly party favors for everyone and friendly Texans to get to know everywhere!! Famous revolving Spindletop restaurant at the top of this hotel. The best party I've ever been to!! Bought a package deal which included the New Years party and an overnight stay at the hotel. Room was super comfortable and they accommodated us with a feather free, hypo-allergenic bed.

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