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Old July 1st, 2012, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamloops Cruiser View Post
You don't want our system. What you can get as a routine exam and is usually done quickly can take weeks if they will even do it in Canada.

My DW was admitted to hospital for a bowel problem. The doctor ordered an emergency procedure to do a colonoscopy (SP ?) , it took six weeks to schedule an appointment in the hospital. She now can't get done for another seven years. For myself the doctor can order one but it would probably refused because I have no family medical history requiring one.
We have been told that we can see a Doctor in the US and get one almost the next day (we pay for it).
In emergency you could die while in the waiting room to be see a doctor.
We have had to cases in the last year where is has happens.
Wow...I had a Colonoscopy ordered by my Doctor because of IBS...I waited 5 days.

From the above post it seems that the health care system really is not as great as some might tend to make you think.

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Old July 1st, 2012, 05:55 PM
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I could conveniently flummox you on many of your points but I choose one major one. Have you, uhhhhh, happened to check out the UAW opulent club for Union officers only? All of a sudden they're talking about selling it. Hmmmmm...........wonder if the announcement to sell it was based on a major news story on TV? BTW it's worth in the tens of millions even in today's economy. Oh and one last thing, you haven't told me how much the income of the Presidents or Heads of Unions make? Best get out your calculator.

I'll tell you this. With virtually every line you write, which is your God given right (God given in this co0untry at least, certainly not in hundreds of others around the globe), I hope you know you're digging yourself a hole of which you'll never be able to extricate yourself.

i honestly believe, based on your own writings, my friends on this site with whom I strongly disagree on occasion, will back me up on that one.

BTW, one more thing. I was around (not that long ago either) when COPE started. Yes, it is to provide money for unions to use for political purposes. But is it the only money the Unions use or that purpose? COPE was no more than a political move that proved to be (at least in great part) unnecessary. Not even a fraction....so my wise friend, kindly show me the facts of from whence the millions and millions both before COPE and even during COPE originate. I know of not one Union member that has or ever would VOLUNTARILY contributed to COPE!

Oh and yeah, I retired from Big Business...actually a huge business. I was a New York State Police Firearms Instructor, I'm just rolling in the dough. Oh and I've known about 16,000 sworn law enforcement officers.

As many know, I'm also a BIG TIME student of history and that especially includes the history of US labor unions. In short, I have forgot probably as much if not more than you'll ever know on the subject.....and that's even if you're a Union big shot! I even taught a course that was heavily associated with the history of Unions in the US.

You wanna' play......let's do it! BUT if you do we're going to do so, I'll only deal in FACTS, not innuendos or opinions or even politics so you don't have to worry about that. So start your research and remember, research constitutes all sides.

I'd bet a year's income that as of this moment, you couldn't even tell me who started the first Civil Service Commission in the US. Of course you can look it up in a fraction of a second but I've a feeling you're going to be looking up a whole lot of stuff if you wish to continue on this track.

If you wish not to do so that's fine. Just drop the subject. Okay?

And there's no hard feelings....at least on my part. I may stand my ground as those on this Board know, but I don't take it personally. One of my favorite people in this world is AR and I don't remember the last time we agreed (but I'm sure there were one or two things.
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Old July 1st, 2012, 06:07 PM
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Your fancy talk will not fool anyone...and I stand by it...

Considering you have not answered one of my questions that I asked you not to avoid, I will give you the same answers you gave me Nothing...


There is one town in a major city in this country where Legislature is about to stop all active and retired, Let me repeat that ALL ACTIVE AND RETIRED civil service pensions...bet you are looking forward to that.

Hey Todd can't wait for this to happen to you...your right lets end all pensions...

You forget one thing...I own my own business I dont rely on pensons...Ah but you do...now when yours is attacked don't cry foul...

There you go Bud, you asked for reform, you got it...looking forward to see what you do when this happens to you.

Alabama Town Stops Paying Retirees' Pensions, Some Residents Destitute

That articule proves you dont know what you are talking about...in good times Governments stopped contributing to the pension systems accross the country because they were making so much money...the state g=Governments decided to spend the money elsewhere...when the wall street blow up happened, the pension system suffered...Proof you dont know what you are talking about...

I dismiss your lack of uneducated knowledge.

Last edited by buttons16; July 1st, 2012 at 06:17 PM.
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Old July 1st, 2012, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
I have no sympathy for anyone who now has to pay for health care.
I've paid for my health care all my adult life so spare me the self-righteous lecture.

I tend to avoid this type of thread because it inevitably becomes the usual liberal versus conservative back-and-forth, and all it does is get people angry at one another. As we see, it is already happening here. Thus I am done with it.

Happy cruising to all.
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Old July 1st, 2012, 06:42 PM
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Trackypup and Kamloops Cruiser... Its my understanding that health care is a Provincial, not Federal, responsibility, and coverages vary widely from province to province. That would make your colonoscopy problem a British Columbia problem, not a Canada problem. Oddly enough, my pal in Quebec needed a rush colonoscopy recently, and waited nowhere near as long as you state. Yes, it was longer than someone with excellent med. insurance Stateside would have waited, but it certainly was NOT intolerable. In fact, I dont know anyone who has died a horrible death waiting for urgent tests up in Canada.
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Old July 1st, 2012, 07:00 PM
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Originally Posted by buttons16 View Post
Ok I guess the peole who will vote for Romney (AKA Willard) never heard of Romneycare while he was Governor in Massachusetts.

I suspect plenty of people have no clue on what Obamacare is really all about...Im sure If I sat with alot of people who are against it really when it comes down to it, have no clue about what its really about. Do you know what Romneycare is...Im sure you will now all google it..bet most of you never even knew about it.

Lets see a Mormon Multi Billionare who has not paid his fair share of taxes due to loopholes will look out for the average American and disregard all his billionare friends...almost laughable if it were'nt so stupid.

I just look at some of these posts and think to myself..."Boy these people really have no clue on how Obamacare would work"...And I really mean that...NO CLUE.
Yes, I have heard of Romneycare.

As a matter of fact, Mass. is the state with the LEAST amount of uninsured citizens. (5% of Mass citizen are uninsured) That is the least amount of any states in the us.

While we may not be experts on Obamacare....we are experts at watching Obama do things like :

spend 2 Billion (with a B) on the solar industries owned by his friends where 80% of that money went overseas. (which makes Obama's current political ad accusing Romney of sending stuff overseas rather hypocritical). Billions whose purpose were "sold to American citizens" as bringing new jobs to the United States.

we have watched his buddies at Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae run one of our nation's financial foundations (the mortgage industry) into the ground with fraud while his friends ended up with HUGE golden parachutes.

The list could go on and on.....

As for Romney being a billionaire....so are the Kennedys and the Rockafellas and many other Democrats who run our Nation. In fact, if you totalled up the net worth of all the Federally Elected politicians in Washington....the Democrats are richer than the Republicans.

But personally, I would rather put my future in the hands of a successful business man who has proven he can make a dollar....than a man who has done nothing but lived off the government dole all his life...and does not even know what a tax is..... (apparently, since Obama is still saying this is not a tax)

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Old July 1st, 2012, 07:08 PM
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We only allow politics to be discussed on this site because that is what most of our readers said they wanted when I asked them.

Furthermore - I allowed it because most of the people here understand how to stay on topic and discuss the issues pro and con, rather than getting on a soapbox and proselytizing.

But - this thread went downhill far too fast. It was about the Supreme Court decision - not unions or Wall Street.

And most importantly I was disgusted by some of the religious and economic bias I just read. This country has freedom of religion. Denigrating Romney because he is Mormon is no classier than knocking Obama because he not Caucasian.

Lastly - just because you (in the general sense) have an opinion, you should never characterize other people who disagree with you as "clueless" or "morons."

This thread is closed, and if I see many more like this we will ban politics as a topic here. With an election year coming up I don't think people will be able to restrain their emotions.
Closed Thread


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