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rollerdonna November 5th, 2012 07:16 AM

Miserable Monday Morning
Morning Mates, it is cold, rainy, gray, Monday, and worst of all, November! I hate November, the weather, the time change, the early dark, and no special holidays (in Canada).
However, I must stop and thank goodness I have a warm and dry home, and electricity.
Many others in NY and NJ are not so lucky. :(
Todd, glad to hear that your Adelaide finally got her power back yesterday.

Well, my weekend consisted of nothing more exciting than giving the puppy a bath, but that is OK, quiet relaxation is a good thing too.
My back really needed the rest anyway, it is giving me a hard time lately.

Here is your daily pet pic, to show that Griffin is almost as big as Lucy now, but they are still very wary of each other!

Have a good week everyone!


mehawk November 5th, 2012 07:37 AM

Good morning Donna and all of our friends to follow today. Houston has severe fog problems today and temps in the low 60sF. I am glad today is here. It makes election day one day away. Hooray!! I am so very tired of the drama surrounding the candidates. I am the election judge for my area and I am never surprised at the problems that voters present to me at the poll. I bend over backwards to allow a solid, friendly event to occur. You cannot make everybody happy all the time.

Have a wonderful day!!

Luanne Russo November 5th, 2012 08:03 AM

Good morning all from a sunny Texas.

Donna, Sorry about your back. I can sure relate.

Michael, Tomorrow will be very busy for you. Take care, and be safe.

Not much planned for today.

I do wish everyone a very good day.


DougR. November 5th, 2012 10:29 AM

Good Morning Everyone!!!! Working from home today which is a better way to start the week.

We moved into our new home Friday a week ago just before Sandy hit. We are well inland now and we only lost power for about 4 hours. Our old house is only 4 miles from the Atlantic and had many big trees that could fall. I think we may have moved just in time.

The destruction on the barrier islands north of Atlantic City is truly devistating and heartbreaking. It will be years before they will once again be a vacation destination.

It is very personal to me as my sister and her husband have a business in Seaside Heights (yes Snookieland! and as far as they can tell they have been wiped out. No one is allowed on the island and it may be next fall before full utilities are restored even. They live in Toms River and only regained power yesterday. As a result we had to take in my 97 year old mother until power was restored.

We need this upcoming cruise badly ! Made the final transportation arrangement yesterday, reserved a shared ride van to and from Philly airport.

All thats left is pack and go!

Won't be long!!!

Cruwysie November 5th, 2012 11:05 AM

Good morning, everyone!

It's cold and overcast here in eastern Ontario, but it's nice to be home.

We just returned last night from playing "dodge the hurricane"! We sailed on the Explorer of the Seas on Oct. 28th from Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, New Jersey. Our very experienced captain steered us directly south between Sandy and the US coastline, getting us to Bermuda within an hour of our originally scheduled time, but even better - safely! It was an exciting first cruise for my two brothers and their spouses, but they survived their first adventure at sea and even managed to enjoy themselves. It's actually quite amazing how well the ship handled 30-foot waves and winds of up to 120mph. And only my one sister-in-law felt under the weather for a while. The captain and crew worked incredibly hard to keep us safe and as comfortable as possible. They did a marvelous job and we can't praise them enough! Our cabins were on the starboard side, which took the brunt of the weather. Some cabins were flooded by water leaking through the balcony doors, but ours were fine. Although phone lines were opened up for people to check with home or try to find out whether their cars were still in the parking lot at the pier, we weren't able to reach our hotel to check on our cars. In the end we were lucky - we'd parked at our hotel near the Newark airport, and the flooding didn't reach that area. Except for the potential of a few scratches once we clean off the tar from flying roofing debris, our vehicles are fine. It's hard to describe how lucky we are compared to so many others in the area! Despite the weather, we managed to have a marvelous vacation. And it was a great way to enjoy our anniversary!

I hope we soon hear good news from our fellow CruiseMates who live in areas hit by Sandy.

CruisinK n J November 5th, 2012 11:29 AM

Miserable Monday Morning
Good morning. A beautiful day here, and wow, is it warm! The only exciting thing here is that there is a coyote living among us. Everybody in the neighborhood has seen it. It lives in a revene near our house and goes food hunting in the creek behind us.

I send good wishes for recovery for those in Sandy's path.

Have a good day, people.


rollerdonna November 5th, 2012 12:00 PM

So glad to hear from my good friend "Cruwysie" about her cruise. I was going to share some news from her e-mail to me, but she pretty much covered it in her post this morning! Glad all is well, even the car, and that her brothers and spouses survived their first cruise. I wonder, will they do another one after that experience? ;)


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