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rollerdonna December 3rd, 2012 06:59 AM

Monday and Winter is Over!
Morning Mates, from a very spring-like Nova Scotia. Yesterday it was -10C with freezing winds, and today it's like spring again with lots of rain. Thank goodness it wasn't snow because it would have been one heckuva storm last night - howling winds and pelting rain!

Still having trouble getting in to this site. Still getting the "not found" message unless I Google CM first. Very frustrating and time consuming.:twisted:

Yesterday I managed to get the tree up, and a few decorations around the house. Today before work, I hope to get the tree decorated.
Amazingly, it is still standing, although Griffin has managed to run off with the tree skirt several times already....:roll:
Not much in the Christmasy mood, especially with these warm temperatures!

Mike and Betty, Bon Voyage!


Mike M December 3rd, 2012 07:43 AM

Good morning everyone:

I was up bright and early trying to gather "information" for our techs on the problems we're having. I did find out one thing that has already been found.


It takes you to the wrong URL. The best way to access the site is via: www.cruisemates/forum and use the Quick Links > Today's Posts shortcuts to navigate the site.

If you can believe it I, and the rest of the CM staff, are more frustrated than all of you with this.

Well, today is the last full day in the house for a month. I'm sitting here looking at a packed suitcase and verifying that I have all the "stuff" taken care of before we head out. Yesterday, I put small posts (electric fence posts) up and down the driveway so my new plow guy will be able to see the contour if and when he plows. My old plow guy finally had to give it up. He's now 78 and both he and his 1954 Dodge Power Wagon are no longer fit for plowing. It sort of makes me sad. I'll probably save money because I always gave him a couple hundred each Fall to plow and last year he only plowed once. For snows less than four inches we just blow it ourselves. Two years ago I gave him an extra $200 because of all the snow. The interesting thing is that he never asked for any money. I just gave him what I thought was fair. He did tell me once that I was more "fair" than my neighbors. ;):D The new guy is only charging $25 a time. Not bad, since I have a 150 foot driveway.

We also had a wonderful weekend with the Grandkids. It was fun playing with them, working on homework and just talking. They grow up so fast. It's is nice but also a bit strange to start having "adult type conversations" with my ten year old granddaughter. She is studying WWII in school and I gave her my Dad's medals and pictures from his service days. We also watched a couple of documentaries on WWII to give her more of a perspective of what led up to the war and why we entered it. She was amazed to learn that before 1941 there were so many people against going to war in Europe and Asia.

OK: I've babbled enough. I'm off to get my day started. I think Betty deserves to awaken to a clean and clean shaved husband. :)

Have a great Monday and a wonderful, wonderful week.

Take care,

green_rd December 3rd, 2012 08:08 AM

expected to be 71 (F) here today.

Lakers Fan December 3rd, 2012 08:11 AM

Although its expected to hit 60 today and tomorrow for me winter is not over till March .

mehawk December 3rd, 2012 08:16 AM

Good morning Donna, Mike and all of our cruisemates friends to follow. Donna, good to hear your tree is up. I am considering not putting a tree up this year myself. It seems as if I took it down just three weeks ago for last year.

Mike, doesn't it feel so very good to help people out when they least expect it? Being fair is what life is about.

Today's weather is rainy and we were not expecting rain until tomorrow. The weather forecasters are a lot like the NFL referees... mostly wrong. My it has been warm! Got up to the lower 80s F yesterday and for today.

I also have been having a bear of a time trying to get to this site and staying on it. I always return to the messages tab and return that way. If I choose the "back" arrow, I get bumped to the last page of a thread and I do not want that. A new day everyday!!

travelgalSue December 3rd, 2012 08:21 AM

Lots of fog here this morning after a rainy day yesterday. Our temps are in the mid 50's right now and going to go up as the day progresses. What does that for D/H! He never thought he would be playing golf in Ohio on Dec. 3rd but it is going to happen today.
I am hoping to get my Christmas decorations out this week. Just can't get moving on it for some reason. The grandaughters were over yesterday evening and just could not understand why I didn't have it all done, they have theirs up and ready. I told them I was old and slow.
Mike, Hope you and Betty have a wonderful month on your trip. Bon Voyage!

Everyone have a great day and prayers continue for all our mates in need.

Moiraine December 3rd, 2012 08:47 AM

Good morning mates. It's been warm and cloudy here for days.

I'm working on Christmas. I'm slow, too, or I feel that way. I'm just not feeling it this year. I'll probably wait to put up the tree until the kid comes in for Christmas break and let her do it. I've got most of the shopping done. I hope to get what's left finished in the next few days. Then it will be time to work on the cards.

Mike, I hope you and Betty enjoy your month away. Bon Voyage.

Have a good day mates.

Trip December 3rd, 2012 09:44 AM

Hi Kids,
Bright & shiny today, going to be in the high 50's & a great day to see the hawk, which seems to be living in my back yard somewhere, Whatta beauty! Those wild turkey better watch out;)

So, I took my beading class for this technique called kunihema. The better part of the class was spent loading 8 strands of thread with 35 beads each..oy...If I get anything worthwhile, I'll post a pic of my $$ lesson!

Once again, Bruce cannot hold out till Christmas,so my new 8.9" Kindle Fire, should be arriving today. Will be interesting to see the new features.:)

Mike I hope you & Betty, have a fun time in the far east. I know you will be eating all kinds of nasty stuff, given your past food junkets. Bring some pepto! Have a ball, post if you can!

Make it a good one.

Mike M December 3rd, 2012 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Trip (Post 1457135)
Hi Kids,
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]

Mike I hope you & Betty, have a fun time in the far east. I know you will be eating all kinds of nasty stuff, given your past food junkets. Bring some pepto! Have a ball, post if you can!

Make it a good one.


Nasty is in the eyes of the beholder. A lot of it is pretty dang good. No Pepto needed. Greasy hamburgers, fries, tomato sauces and other "Western" foods are the ones that give you heartburn. The more exotic stuff has never bothered me. :D

Take care,
Mike (Who's looking forward to a big bag of "Honey Beetles"

Trip December 3rd, 2012 09:56 AM

Point taken:) I still want foodie foto's of what slithers or walks down your throat! You amaze me, but I will not be putting those on my shopping list:)

Aerogirl December 3rd, 2012 11:11 AM

Good morning
I woke up and stepped out on the deck an it smells like vacation outside! It's warm and humid and smells like the ocean for some reason that or I'm really in need of a ocean vacation!

Mike I hope you and Betty have the time of your lives on your upcoming cruise, be safe and enjoy every single moment of it.

CruisinK n J December 3rd, 2012 12:08 PM

Monday and Winter is Over
Good morning. It's rained since Thursday and looks like some more wet stuff will drop in a bit. Northern CA really got hit. Us, not so much, just a lot of little showers which added up to about 3/4 of an inch, so I hear.

Time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I got a call bright and early from the clinic to schedule a mammogram.

Mike and Betty, have a wonderful trip!


Chuck Palm December 3rd, 2012 12:53 PM

Another bright and sunny day here in Patzcuaro, Mexico...will reach about 75 degrees f. again I suspect. No Christmas decorations going up here, bah humbug!

Why, because we are busy taking our suits to the cleaners and beginning packing for our cruise. A week from tomorrow we go to Mexico city spend the night before flying to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Then we spend three nights with our good friends Terry and Phoebe and then back to Fort Lauderdale for our cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam 12-16-12.

After the cruise we will be spending three more nights with the same friends and then fly to Mexico city for a couple more days of playing tourist. Then its home for us on 12-28 or 12-29. Not sure of that yet.

I guess Im glad winter is over.. perhaps that is true some places but we havent seen winter as yet....and I hope it stays that way!:D

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