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Cruznut2 January 6th, 2013 07:13 AM

Sunday Morning Sleeping In!
Everyone must be sleeping in this morning. It is after 7:00 and RD has not been here to wake us up. So I will do my best to start off the day for Cruise Mates. My day promises to be a quiet one. My only plan for the day is to get out and get some fresh air and sunshine. I do hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Mike M January 6th, 2013 08:10 AM

Good morning everyone.

It's day four of pneumonia 2013 and yesterday it really hit me. I felt worse as the day went on. I slept most of the day and didn't really do anything. The bad part is that I have been awake since 2:00 a.m. and it will probably screw up my sleep schedule that I was just getting back into. It also leaves less time for the grandkids and more work for Betty. Hopefully things will turn the corner in the next day or two.

I did help my granddaughter with her homework. I find it interesting that she is now doing algebra and Euclidean math in fifth grade. I never touched that stuff until seventh and eighth grades. This is a good thing.

She also needed a book to read for an assignment so I gave her my copy of Steinbeck's "Travels With Charley". I first read it in sixth grade and hope she enjoys it as much as I did. She read 40 pages yesterday and said it was "funny, so far."

Today will be another R&R day. Hopefully, I won't sleep the day away but I know that Commandant Betty won't let me leave the house so I guess I better rest as much as I can.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and enjoys the upcoming week.

Take care,

rollerdonna January 6th, 2013 08:17 AM

Good Morning Laura, I was not up as early as you today, got to sleep in for a change!

I did not get on here at all yesterday, something would not let me log in; I've been having problems with the site, have to re-log in every day, and yesterday it kept telling me my username or password was invalid.
Today - no problem! :roll:

Yesterday we had an un-forecasted snow storm, got caught in it while out for a haircut in the morning. It was a bad drive home. It snowed pretty much all day, about 10 cms I would guess, and a little more forecast for today. All I know is, it is darn cold out there today, about -29C wind chill (that is 20 below F) :shock: I'm staying indoors!

Friends are supposed to come for dinner tonight, but that will depend on the weather because it is an hour's open highway drive for them.

Wishing you all a good Sunday, and Mike, hope you're feeling a little better today. :)


Luanne Russo January 6th, 2013 09:01 AM

Good morning from Mineral Wells Texas, where it is sunny and cool.

We are going to try and get ahead start on going home. Jim slept in, so maybe we can leave early. After going through Horse country, we are going to take the interstate back.

I hope all of you have a good, safe day.


Trip January 6th, 2013 09:27 AM

Hi Kids,
Bright and chilly today, with the coming week bringing temps close to 50. Shades of winter 2011...[I wish]

The fiscal cliff has hit the wealthy little town, where I work, and business is down, so for the rest of January, my Saturdays will be all mine, to do what I will with it.Lord knows where Bruce will be dragging me. :)

I have yet to watch any episoded, but I ordered season 1 of Downton Abbey & Magic City, to watch on my new,larger Kindle. Season 3 of Downton starts tonight,and with all the raves, I wanted to begin at the begining of both series. Magic is set in Miami Beach in the 50's with mob guys..right up my alley!

Bruce is making his famous spagetti, so the door is open for one and all:)

Make it a good one.

ToddDH January 6th, 2013 10:28 AM

Good morning Laura, Mike M, Luanne, Donna, Linda and all who follow.

Winter's been here since New Year with temps down to the high teens to lower twenties at night here in upper East Tennessee. It is, however, supposed to warm up beginning tomorrow.

Mike, I am so sorry to hear of your pneumonia but I can see how it can sneak up on you. Last year when I broke my back and they put me in the "horsepistol" I came within an ace of dying from pneumonia and didn't even know it until they discharged me! I am guess the pain in my back over rode the Pneumonia symptoms. Please stay relaxed and in bed as much as possible. I'm sure Nurse Betty will take good care of you as did my Fran of me when I was sick but with one big difference. I had Nurse Cratchet! :) Probably the best thing you could is recover on yet another cruise! They really do have sufficient medical facillity as long as you stay with the Nurse and out of the clutches of the ship's Doctor many of whom have utterly failed in their own land businesses.

For some reason (I don't even know why), I got caught up in the football "mania" department and as I've been under the weather for several days now, have been watching college ball. It is for me so much more interesting as the players are playing for their school as opposed to those multi-millionair salariess they make in the NFL even though some of them will end up in the "pros." I love the Oregon Ducks just for the name. They weren't expected to even "show up" against Kansas (I think it was Kansas) but they ended up winning by double digit points. Quack! Quack!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day and although I'll be alone I'm still cooking myself a complete meal built around a baked "Smoked" pork butt.

Again, take care of yourselves my beloved Cruisemates and I hope everyone has a prosperous week.

Lakers Fan January 6th, 2013 11:04 AM

Another chilly but very sunny day here .

Kuki January 6th, 2013 11:08 AM

Good Morning cruisemates! 45 degress in Scottsdale as I type. But, we're supposed to see temps in the upper 60s today. So, indeed I do have a golf scheduled, but planned it a bit later in the morning to give it a chance to warm up.

Mike.. feel for you. My Dr. and friend was visiting with his wife, and she came down with pneumonia. He started her on a regimen of cough syrup at night, and strong antibiotics, but it still took her a week of doing almost nothing to recover. Then she got to go home to the cold, just as she was feeling better.

Mrs. Kuki and I had a day of bonding at the Tangier outlet mall yesterday. About a 40 minute drive each way, and we enjoyed a late lunch at a restaurant not far from the mall.

I was shocked at how busy the mall was. Must have been a whole lot of people out using the gift cards they got for Christmas; that's all I could think of for it being so busy.

We did manage to fill the trunk with bags full of stuff for both of us. Odd because neither of us needed anything :)

LS80 January 6th, 2013 11:08 AM

Morning from the Pacific Northwest.........

Mike........feel better.......

Luanne........have a fun day........

Not much happening here..........

Y'all have a good day..........


CruisinK n J January 6th, 2013 02:21 PM

Sunday Morning Sleeping In
A late good morning to you. The rain didn't materialize, so maybe we can get to a mall today.

RD, some sad news: Ruby's Diner in Huntington Beach is closing its doors today.:( The restaurant and the city could not come to an agreement on leasing. The city is looking for another restaurant to fill the space.

Nothing on the agenda except a possible trip to a mall.


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