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rollerdonna July 23rd, 2013 07:01 AM

Tuesday Good Morning
Morning Mates, it's Tuesday and aquafitness day for me, got to get some breakfast and get out of here. We are looking at another beautiful weather day and I plan to enjoy it!


Luanne Russo July 23rd, 2013 09:26 AM

Good morning Donna, and all those to follow.

It is a beautiful day here in El Paso.

Our furlough days are over, so now it's time for Jim to go back to work. It is funny that the rules say, NO WORK, but Jim's phone kept ringing all weekend. It is against the rules to call him, and wrong for him to answer, but darn it, it was driving him crazy.:)

Today he can get in there and figure out how to get things on the right path. It all seems a bit silly, because it is such a small amount for the Gov, but so big for us.

Our room continues to be a bit of heaven, and the pain of the other place is going away.

Today the paperwork on our re-finance arrives by Fed EX and we can finally close on the loan. What a mess that didn't have to happen this way, if someone had done their job, but so be it, you just have to roll with the punches, right?

I hope all of you have a good day.


travelgalSue July 23rd, 2013 09:36 AM

Sun is up and shinning bright. Maybe we can get the grass mowed before the afternoon rain that the weather heads predicted hits. Being gone for 4 days and all the rain it is a jungle out there. Need to go to the grocery as I need to fix a couple dishes to take to my sisters. Her mother-in-law passed away and they will have a house full in the next few days. I don't want her trying to feed them all so I'll see what I can do. Other than that not much else going on here. Everyone have a great day.

LS80 July 23rd, 2013 10:12 AM

Morning from the Pacific Northwest.........

Warming up again a bit.......sunshine this fog today......I'll take it......

Not too much happening today.......just celebrating our anniversary.......boy do the years fly by.......... :wink:

Y'all have a good day...........


Aerogirl July 23rd, 2013 10:17 AM

Good Morning

It's funny how our flood control project turned into having concrete work done.
Since they broke up a very sall area of sidewalk we"re having it repoured and since their here why not have them fix the cracks in the driveway and while their doing that why not break up the old outside basement landing,oh yes the chimney needs to be tuck pointed as well as the corners of the house.
It never ends...I'm not complaining just think its funny how this goes.

Have a great day

Lakers Fan July 23rd, 2013 09:28 PM

I began doing my research for my fall trip to Halifax and other Canadian cities.

Manuel July 23rd, 2013 09:58 PM

I booked a trip to Nashville, TN.


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