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tom f January 12th, 2004 11:27 PM

I almost forgot this one
This bad dream called the Costa cruise keeps coming back to me. Now, anyone on this Christmas cruise. Did anyone attend the midnight mass. I did. And it was a DISGRACE. I dont know if the man on the make shift altar was a priest, but he was highly intoxicated. It was an embarasement. I have never seen such a spectacle. The mass lasted over and hour and a half. I really hope i am wrong, I found the man saying the mass, and I do hope he is not a priest, was hitting the wine bottles. The man was incoherant and it took him over an hour for the sign of peace. Once again never seen anything like this.

And PLEASE people. If you are considering this cruise, or any cruise with Costa, RETHINK now, befor you throw your money into the sea. This really is a disorganized ship from top to bottom. The food, i dont care what you want to call it, Italian, not the American italian, or what, was the pits. I really would have traded anything on the menu in the dining room for a number one at McDonalds, it was that bad. And I hate McDonalds. It was food that should have really been placed into the garbage. I kid you not. i only wish I would have paid attention to the reviews before I boarded this boat. i thought they were a little over belief. Was I wrong, it was ten times worse then I expected. So RE-THINK, there are many other cruise lines out there that appreciate your business. You dont need what awaits you on your next trip with costa. Rude crew passengers and HORRIBLE food, all by a company that could give a *edited*.

anne January 13th, 2004 11:56 AM

Re: I almost forgot this one
don't know about a drunken priest, but tom doesn't know what he's talking about with respect to his other comments. his off the wall remarks make me think he works for another cruise line.

the cruise staff and all employees were incredibly friendly and spoke good english. the food was definitely good in the dining room, and about what you would expect in the buffet line.

lalli January 13th, 2004 11:59 AM

Re: Re: I almost forgot this one
I agree! The social staff spoke in several languages which made me envious but they were smart, cute, young and very much fun and tried to make sure that everyone was involved.

Juan January 13th, 2004 01:01 PM

Re: I almost forgot this one
Phew!! Thanks, guys. I was starting to think that maybe it was ME who was being naive! lol

I was very impressed with the fact that most of the crew spoke AT LEAST three languages. And, most of the time, they KNEW what language you spoke when they addressed you. I have said this many times on this board in the past few days: My wife and I had a wonderful time, and we will cruise Costa again with no reservations at all.

Pascalle January 18th, 2004 08:28 AM

Re: I almost forgot this one
I have to agree with Tom. We were on the Christmas Costa Atlantica cruise (Dec 22nd 2003) and we found it a disgrace from start to finish.

No organisation at all throughout the entire was a fiasco! Staff were rude and didnt have a clue what was going on...and most did NOT understand English at all.

People were flouting the no smoking areas regularily, even smoking cigars in the lifts...disgusting. We even saw staff smoking by the lifts outside the Boticelli restaurant.

Guests were treated with utter contempt by the staff. Tickets for excursions didn't turn up...bookings in the drop off box were just ignored, so guests didnt even know if they were booked onto the excursions or not. Excursion times were published incorrectly on the daily information magazines, so our excursion gropu were told our excursion started at 7.30AM in the Caruso Theatre, only to be told when we got there that they had published the wrong time and we didnt leave until 11.oo AM. What a joke! Again, we received no apology or explanation, which was a typical theme throughout our entire cruise.

The service in the restaurant on the first night was so bad we asked to be moved. Our waiter disappeared for so long without even bringing our courses! Each meal arrived at different times and then he didn't even have the courtesy to tell us that what we ordered was unavailable, he just left us sitting there wondering what on earth was going on for over an hour! It took us 3 hours to get just 2 courses....what a fiasco. Again when we complained we got no apology, infact he just walked off. The food was abysmal and no where near the quality you expect. However, there were some saving graces - the pasta dishes were usually worth a look in and the pizza in the boticelli restaurant was lovely.

From start to finish the cruise was full of disasters...only accountable to the incompetences of the staff and costa cruise line. Any attempt at complaining was fruitless and entailed queing for a couple of hours in the VERY long line of guests who were complaining.

I have to say the general consensus of everyone we spoke to on the ship, was how terrible it was and that they would never ever be cruising costa again. I know we wont be.

So I fully support Tom in his comments, and I think that he has made some very valid points, which I and the rest of my group (there were 6 of us) wholeheartedly agree with.
I think that all of you people who are showing no sympathy to the poor guy, should take a look at the facts and stop condemning the man. He and his family missed the start of his cruise through no fault of his own. He was taking a flight that COSTA booked him on and assured him that they regularily book people on that flight, and that he would make the ship in time! Then when he didn't, surprise surprise, they didn't want to know. That is so typical of Costa. They didnt' even have the decency to get a message to his family! How would you all feel if that happened to you?? I'm sure you'd be making the same comments that Tom is give the guy a break, he's entitled to his thoughts, as it seems that they are deserved and fair given the circumstances.

Everyones entitiled to their opinions.


Joanne Bellisari January 18th, 2004 09:44 AM

Re: I almost forgot this one
I just returned from a cruise on the Atlantica and I did not experience what you experience. The staff was bi-lingual the cruise director spoke 6 differnt languages.
If you didn't like a dish tha waiter would exchange it for you and even get you something that you would like that was not on the menue tthat night.
As for the priest being drunk that is a horrible thing to say if you do not have proof. And if he was why would you broadcast it on a world wide internet. Being a catholic you should report it to the proper peole and most of all pray for him.

tom f January 18th, 2004 11:27 AM

Re: Re: I almost forgot this one
Joanne, First off, I dont think the man was a priest. He said the mass, that was it The man was what he was.
As for the food. I dont care if you sent it back. the next course or the next meal would be the same. I was not on he Atlantica. I cant speak for the Atlantica. I was on the Med. As for a cruise director speaking 6 languages, I could care less if he spoke one hundred. The customer service for this line is a disgrace.
This is what I am reporting, this was what I observed on my cruise. I am not telling you anything that I did not observe.

Catholic January 19th, 2004 05:09 AM

Re: Re: I almost forgot this one
I'm afraid Tom is not catholic, as he should know that only a priest (or a friar) is allowed to say Mass (and by the way any catholic would write Mass with capital M)
So actually what Tom says is that a drunk priest (or friar) celebrated the Christmas Holy Mass on Costa Mediterranea and this is very hard to believe.
If he has proof of what he is saying he should report this to Costa and ask them to report to the Bishop in charge for the priest on Mediterranea, if he has no proof I feel he should apologise with everbody on this board.

Kuki February 19th, 2004 10:18 PM

Re: I almost forgot this one
Tom.. Just curious... Have you addressed your concerns to the cruise line?

There was a post just this week on the Carnival message board, where due to error on the part of Carnival ,a couple missed their flight booked with Carnival. They didn't even get to go on their cruise, because no one from Carnival was available to help them with alternate arrangements.

However, in that case, the people wrote a well thought out letter to the "right people" at Carnival, and working with their travel agent, found what they felt was fair compensation from the cruise line.

Perhaps you should think of contacting your travel agent as well, and take your grievances to those in charge at Costa!

Aside from all the rants, I honestly do think you have some legitimate complaints, where an approach with a more restrained tone could lead to them trying to making amends.

,,, and BTW.. U didn't forget. We've heard the priest story before <G>

Joanne Bellisari January 4th, 2009 09:49 AM

We have been on two Costa Cruises and they were wonderful. 20 of our friends went on this cruise line together, and we received wonderful treatment and wonderful food. Most of us are Italian decent. The sevice was wonderful and so were the people. The people who directed the people spoke several languages to accomodate the people. I counted one of the their directors languages and it was 7 different languages to help the people. We also went to Mass every day and even were asked to participate with the Priest. We never had the experience that this man
by the name of Tom says he had. We were very polite to their people and they were very polite to us. Going out of the way several times to please us.

A well satisfied Costa customer.

Joanne Bellisari

beenie weenie January 4th, 2009 02:26 PM

Joanne, please tell me why you would go to the trouble of reincarnating a 5 year old thread that was dead and buried and resting in peace? Not to mention that someone who shares your name already posted on it 5 years ago?

It is wonderful you enjoy Costa and they suit your tastes. You seem to pretty much be their target market. I returned from a Med. cruise on the Concordia a month or so ago. It was not a horrible cruise, but it was the least enjoyable of any cruise we have taken so far.

As my MIL says... there's a lid for every pot, while Costa may be a good fit for you, it doesn't fit us at all.

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