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denys March 6th, 2004 11:33 AM

Western Caribbeans on Costa's Mediterranea
Sailing March 21st. on Costa's Mediterranea. Not intimitaded by negative feedback, we will enjoy our vacation and nobody can change that. A few qestions before we sail .

Does Costa have a sign and sail card?

Is there a lot of stateroom temperature fluctuation from the air conditionning during the night?

Can I board with a 12 pack of beer brung from home?I dout they have my brand.

What's the avereage price of rental for snorkelling equipment and can we buy new on first stop in Key West?What are the best brand to buy and at which store?

Sailing Key West ,Progresso, Cozumel and Grand Cayman, Is there enough things to do walking distance from ship to enjoy the day?ex. swimming, shopping or just be a little lazy in the shade.

What would be a good time to board in Ft Lauderdale to avoid line ups?Sailling at 7pm.

My wife and I make our home in Atlantic Canada and are from French background, wondering if someone else from this part of the country on same cruise.

Bon Voyage and thank for the responses.

Roemary March 6th, 2004 01:09 PM

Re: Western Caribbeans on Costa's Mediterranea
Hi, I am glad you are not intimidated by this board. It gets a bit "noisy" at times. LOL
I did this same cruise with Costa in February and had a great time.
Yes there is a sign and sail card. It will be waiting for you in your cabin. You must at some time during the cruise go to the desk and hook it up with your credit or debit card. I suggest doing thisat an "off time" as I have heard others complain about waiting in line. We never had this problem,guess we were lucky.

The cabin tended to be a bit warm. We complained and it was fixed in a timely manner.Our dining mates werenot satisfied with the temp at all and continued to complain and were given a balcony cabin!!!!! I was impressed!

I don't know about the beer,I brought some Irish Mist in a mouthwash bottle(a hint from an experienced cruiser or should I say boozer......LOL) We wanted Diet Coke so we bought it at Key West and carried it aboard without any problems. I suppose you could pack it in your suitcase if you think the cans won't rupture(if you are flying).

We used the snorkle equipment provided on the excursion we went on. It seemed satisfactory.Can't help you here.sorry!

At Key West you will dock at a military yard,so they will shuttle you to town and there is plenty to do on foot.

At Progreso,there is a five mile pier,there is also a shuttle to the end . We went on an excursion here so we didn't see much of the town. There is a beach on either side of the pier.Water was murky when we were there. There are taxis available if you want to go somewhere else. There is a largeshopping plaza right on the pier. You can haggle well here,it's fun.

In Cozumel we docked south of the main city. We took a taxi to it. It was $6 ,and we shared the taxi with a cruise member from another ship. You have plenty of places to shop and eat. You can also get a taxi to one of the many beaches.

Go to google or some other search engine and type in each port and you will get more info than you know what to do with.

In Grand caymen the ship is not docked but must stay out in the harbor due to restrictions. You will go to Georgetown on a launch and there is tons of stuff to do.
There is a restaraunt within walking distance called the paridise something or other,and you can snorkle right there.

We did not go to the ship till after 3:30pm and boarded within 20 minutes. You as Canadiens will probably have to check in extra so it may be longer for you. If you go early at 1pm you risk the huge crowd.

You will have lots of folks to chat with as there are many French on board.

I hope this has been helpful and I wish you and yours a grand time. Rosie

crusguy March 7th, 2004 12:02 PM

Re: Western Caribbeans on Costa's Mediterranea
On our Feb.22nd sailing there were 400 French speaking passengers on board,
according to our Cruise Director. And the MED has been known to depart "Fashionably Late" Our cruise sailed away after 9 PM.

denys March 7th, 2004 09:41 PM

Re: Re: Western Caribbeans on Costa's Mediterranea
Thanks for the good info, Rosemary.

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