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theonemermaid July 17th, 2004 03:47 PM

? for Staff and Crew re: guests
Hello, I have a question for Staff and Crew both past and present...

I am going on a cruise in September as the guest of my boyfriend... He is making arrangements for me to stay in his cabin while I am on the cruise. For those of you who have had guests. How does this differ from me being a full paying guest?
Will I be required to eat in the dining room or will I be able to eat my meals with him? Will I be allowed in the crew bar and crew parties or will those be off limits? He is an Officer, will this make any difference about where I am allowed to go?
What can I expect my week to be like?
Thank you so much in advance for any and all information... I appreciate it... I am a little reserved about traveling alone and having so much time to kill while he is working... I think it would be a blast to get to know some of the other crew and see "behind the scenes" if possible...

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donalee July 17th, 2004 06:37 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests
It sounds like a great trip! Why don't you participate in the passenger activities when he has to work? Go to a dance lesson, arts and crafts class, lecture, show, shore excursion etc and have a good time with some of the passengers.

on_the_water July 17th, 2004 10:37 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests
You should have almost free reign of the entire ship. As long as he's with you, you'll be able to go in all crew areas. Hang out in the bar or have dinner in the officer's mess. If you want to eat in the passenger's dining room have your boyfriend fill out the paperwork for the two of you to do so prior to you coming, or go and see the matre'd first thing that week. You'll definately want to eat with the rest of the passengers. At least the majority of the cruise and he can go with you as long as he gets it approved before hand. It's no big deal, just requires a form to make sure that no one (himself or the matre'd) gets in trouble.

As for the time when he is working, you can do whatever you want. Lay out by the pool and get some sun or get involved in the activities on board. There are plenty of people to meet on board and i'm sure you'll be fine. A lovely lady alone on a ship. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding people to talk to. Good luck and have fun. Maybe spend some of that down time to attempt to learn Italian. It will make this relationship much easier, but maybe not as exciting!!

theonemermaid July 18th, 2004 12:47 AM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests

Thanks once again for coming to my rescue... I am so excited now that I have an actual date and ship to see him on again and not just some time "in the future". This has been the longest 5 months of my life but definitly a learning experience and most definitly worth it... I remember getting on the plane after my last cruise and bawling my eyes out and my aunt told me to quit blubbering like a baby that I would NEVER hear from him again... I thought the same thing but had an e-mail waiting when I got home... Was I ever surprised... I probaby know more about him than anyone ever in my life.... The Italian lessons are coming along if not slowly... Very difficult to teach yourself another language without someone to practice with... I walk 5 miles every night and listen to language c.d.'s... Time to buckle down and really put it to the test... E-mails I can pick put quite a few words and know what they mean but so often I copy, paste and hit translate... Shame on Me!!! Am I excited? Oh yeah! Scared? S---less!!! 9 days with someone that speaks a different language and is from a different culture will be a learning experience but at least after it is said and done we will know if this has been all fantasy on both our parts or if there is a possibility of more in the future.... My friends all think I am crazy... They have tried to set me up on so many blind dates and I just am not interested... I gave him my heart but for now he owns my soul! I say life is an adventure... Follow the path untraveled and you never know what surprises the future has in store for you... So far, it has been the most exciting few months of my life...

Just out of curiosity, do you miss working on the ships? Any plans to go back now that you have your land legs under you again?

Thanks a Million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Donalee July 18th, 2004 01:42 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests
Well I am leaving on a Royal Olympia cruise on August 6th. I met a crewman in November 2003 onboard Olympia Voyager. I told him that I was coming back for a February cruise to Tahiti. He seemed so happy that I was returning to the ship. Unfortunately the cruise line went bankrupt and his ship was sold to another company. I don't even know if he still works for the cruise line. I have no way to contact him other than through the cruise line. I will have a good time onboard the cruise even if he's not there. Still, it would be nice to find him. I meet men here at home who want to take me out but they don't interest me. I have to make this trip just to know if its time to bury this dream.

on_the_water July 18th, 2004 04:17 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests

You're welcome for the info. It's no problem. The only way to learn things is to ask. I understand you must be freaking out a bit with so much happening, and so much uncertainty. That's a tough, but exciting, spot to be in. Good luck.

I've been in and out of the cruise industry for years. Most recently I was in for the last two years and just got out within the past few months. At this point I have no intention of going back, but who knows what the future holds for any of us. I certainly don't. Shiplife can be extremely fun, but it can also be a bit much to deal with at times. In alot of ways you're trapped on a ship for six months straight with nowhere to run and hide other than your tiny cabin.

However, yes there are lots of things that I miss about working on ships. Certainly all the people that I've met and grown to know so well. Most of them are still out there and when we do talk they tell me their latest stories of the crazy things they've done. I also miss the diversity that is on a ship. It was such a joy to be surrounded by people from so many different cultures and walks of life. There was always someone to talk to and always a story of a far away land that they've experienced. If you're open to the people and things around you, then you'll grow in so many ways.

Your relationship and asking me about shiplife is an ironic. That's one of the reasons why I decided to walk away when I did. Relationship are hard enough on land, and even harder while working in that business. They can be so amazing when you're working on a ship with someone that you're involved with. As you've somewhat experienced, everything can seem like a movie. You're constantly on the go from one beautiful place to another, and you can spend every night under the stars surrounded by the sounds of the ocean waves crashing against the ship. It's nice to say the least. However, staying on the same ship together is the hard part, and you're relationship is tested by all the time you're forced to spend apart. I was involved with someone on board and we spent every moment we could together, but only when we were working on the shame ship, and that wasn't always the case. We were constantly forced to be apart due to the fact that she would be on one ship, and I would be on another. It's tough to be forced apart. Cruise lines claim that they'll try and help their staff stay together if they can, and they will if it's convenient for them, but only if it's convenient for them. Many married couples end up seperated because it's hard to find ships that need to fill both position at the same time. After a while it takes a toll and it wasn't the type of relationship or lifestyle that I wanted. So that contributed to me deciding to walk away.

Now I don't say that to discourage you in your situation. Just to say be careful that you know what you're getting into. You mention the last five months have been difficult, well there will be many more months like that to come. I'm a nut and will chase what I want to ends of the earth, so I would never tell you not to go after this if it's what you think you want. Just know that it doesn't get any easier. It only gets harder to spend time apart from someone that you wish was always there. Good luck and have fun. Hopefully it will be everything you've built it up to be in your mind. I've seen crazier things happen.

Donalee July 19th, 2004 12:39 AM

I didn't leave my email here, but somehow an email went out to me. Playtime is over children.

theonemermaid July 20th, 2004 12:22 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests

Thanks again for all the info... I do have one more question for you if you can please help me... He e-mailed me and said he needs all my information for him to make arrangements to come as his guest. The only problem is, I am having trouble translating exactly what he needs... I know he needs my address and I think he is asking for passport information... That, I do not have, I am going to the Post Office on Monday to get one but it will take up to 6 weeks and I am going on my cruise in 61 days... I did not need a passport for the Bahamas, only a birth certificate. Do you know if I need one for Mexico? He is also asking for my ID # given at birth... I am assuming this is my Social Security #???
Can you please tell me exactly what info I need to give him to make my reservations?
Thanks again, you have been a lifesaver...


Milou July 20th, 2004 11:02 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests
Been reading your messages. Buona fortuna with the officer!

I'm only assuming he would need your birthdate, address, passport number, maybe a driver's licence. Don't worry you'll get your passport in time and when you do, you can give him the number!


Twirler July 23rd, 2004 10:56 AM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests
Mermaid, this sounds like a fairy tale! :-) Hope all turns out twice as good as you hope for!

theonemermaid July 23rd, 2004 10:04 PM

Re: ? for Staff and Crew re: guests

After speaking to a few other people, what you are suggesting I need to give him sounds about right... Thanks for the info...


So far it has been a fairy tale, I just hope it has a fairy tale ending... I guess I will know more after my next cruise. If things aren't meant to be, I know we will always be friends...
Thanks for the good wishes... :)


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