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woodenleg July 4th, 2006 06:45 PM

secret crew spots onboard
where are the secret crew member get-together spots? The ones where they are not supposed to congregate yet still find ways to chat about management, gossip, quickies, eat outside of their cabins latenight least when I was a flight attendant, we always had a place to go and relax while on duty or not...a crew rest or lounge etc...

sz July 4th, 2006 11:36 PM

If we told you . . . it wouldn't be a secret!

Though my vote is
#1 - the crew bar . . . but this is no secret - followed closely by #2 - anywhere OFF the ship!

My line has little portable phones that some crewmembers have, which can be fun! and also the corporate 'instant messager' that's on our company email!

Viclo12 July 5th, 2006 02:11 PM

Susan, is that you?

If it is, HI! Hope your last contract was a fun one!

Vicki (viclo) :D

Paul Motter July 12th, 2006 09:22 PM

The secret spot would be the crew bar, or the "poop deck" which is usually the rear deck behind the crew bar, often location of the crew pool (if there is one) and just below the lowest passenger open deck (at the stern). You go there at night to sit under the stars and listen to the ocean go by. It is one of the few outdoor spots a crewperson can go to while at sea.

Then there is the crew bar, or the crew mess if it open. For me, it was always the cabins of the musicians I worked with, especially the Polish ones, where the alcohol flowed freely.

jarrodsplace July 12th, 2006 10:26 PM

crew bar
The crew bar is common for gossip, but there are often the people you want to gossip about in the area. The Crew deck can be a little more private and a lot less smokey. I spent lots of time on the crew deck of the grandeur. Especially when it's a nice warm night.


Purser*Emma October 1st, 2006 01:59 PM

Crew bar...always.

place to be free out of uniform and not have to worry about greeting and smile like a cheshire cat!!!

No offence to any of the lovely guests! lol...sometimes though, you just want to escape the guest areas and have a laugh..real style! and the crew bar is the best spot..

Cabin parties are v popular as well... my cabin was on 0, and it just happened that me and all my friends lived in the same we would just all have out doors open and sit outside on the floors...having a brilliant old giggle!! ahhhh ship life....

Paul Motter October 1st, 2006 09:33 PM

I will admit that being the curious type, during my first contract back in 1983 I learned all the stairways etc to get to the main aglley so I could raid the fridge at night. Honestly, there wasn't much there to see. And I never did any harm. I just hoped there might be some pastry or something.

By my second contract 1993, things were more tightened down for crew in the cruise industry so I wouldn't go places I really wasn't supposed to be. If you got caught you would be in trouble.

I can tell you though, that in 93 all ships I was on had two crew decks, mine was on top (for the staff, casino, shoppies and lesser officers), but the one below was for the waiters and stewards, and I often heard the music booking through the floor all night long.

As a stage manager I ofeten hung with the musicians, who on Royal Viking were Polish. Boy oh boy coud they drink! We had a magician on board who hung out with us, and there is nothing as funny as watching sleight of hand when you are very drunk.

Problem was, the Poles always wanted to get me drunk and the Brits (photogs) always wanted to start fights. Had some rough nights back then. But I loved working on a small luxury line. All the passengers were in bed by 11:30 (so, we could be back in our cabins partying by midnight). We hit a lot of very interesting places, and the onboard food was excellent. Much better than the mass market ship that did the same itinerary every week for 4 months.

dort29 November 10th, 2006 04:29 AM


MrMate November 12th, 2006 03:31 AM

For us bridge officers - on the bridge!! There we could gossip everyone in peace and quiet around our excellent coffee table. Just had to take a break during the bridge tours :D

Shipmate222 November 12th, 2006 04:20 PM

Oh dear,the altimate hangout for my gossips is my cabin.You bring in the ones you want and you close those doors.A couple bottles of absolute at 20% discount from the shops..OOOPPPSSS.A few cans of coke from the vending machine across the hall.And the rest is history. Oh and a few slices of pizzas as well.There you go,I've given it all away.

It's a bit scary that the officers are gossiping around the coffee table while they should be steering us into our next port.Imagine sailing towards the glaciers in alsaka,Oh dear That would be disaster. LOL.

Don't you just love the ship life. It can't get better than this, or actually it can.

Enjoy folks


MrMate November 13th, 2006 03:32 AM

It should be mentioned that the peak season of bridge gossip of course is when the ship is safely moored in port :D

Yeah, ship life was wonderful, but I havew settled down and are happy with the memories.

Shipmate222 November 13th, 2006 08:16 AM

I would have thought so.I know our wonderful officers would in no way put the lives of crewmembers and that of thousand of passengers at risk. :) . May I ask what cruisline you worked for.

Good that you are having a great time at home, I can't wait to get back on board.

take care


MrMate November 13th, 2006 09:41 AM

I worked for NCL for about three years and had a great time. But since I live in Norway, the wages could not compete with the living costs over here. But I must say that my time with NCL was the greatest time I ever had at sea! Wonderful environment and crewmates! How about you?

Shipmate222 November 13th, 2006 06:00 PM

I worked for CCL for about two yrs Then for starboard in the gift shops on RCCL.That was the greatest time,it was wonderful.I then got hired by RCCL as a purser.I worked with RCCL for about a year and the left for about 2 yrs.Now I have decided to go back,I miss it and there are alot of destinations I have'nt been to yet.I have an interview with Princess Cruise Lines so I am just hoping that will go through.I love the ship life it's fantastic.I am young single and free so what better way to enjoy life.So are you still working at sea while in Norway or you have given up sailing completely.


MrMate November 14th, 2006 03:27 AM

When I left NCL in 2003, I worked on land for a few months. Then I joined a tanker company here in Norway where I stayed for almost three years. In july this year I was so lucky to get a job in one of the VTS (vessel traffic service) centres here in Norway. It's a perfect job - close to home and still relevant to my education and experience.

Shipmate222 November 14th, 2006 08:12 AM

Sounds good. At least you were able to find something that you would enjoy and get to keep working in the profession that you love.I wish you all the best and take care.


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