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Mihailo July 21st, 2006 05:59 AM

Phone interview went wrong. Why?
Hey people,
I live in Belgrade, Serbia and yesterday I had an interview (over the phone) from Harding and brothers co from Southampton, England.
Everything went smoothly, I spoke to 2 girls and they were very satisfied with my fluent English and my previous experience (as a masseur), so on and so forth…
So after 15 min of talking they told me that they’ll let me know of a result in 5-7 days.
In 10 min I got an email saying that ‘my interview was unsuccessful…much luck in the future…blah,blah,blah’
You have any ideas why it happened? (they don’t wanna comment)
In my opinion I was ideal for a job (I’m 31, 2 years experience in massage, experienced in selling products and public speaking…(they need this), handsome, and everything…)
Any ideas why!?!?!
(maybe I was a bit too easy with the girls, like complementing then and stuff, but that’s how I am…)

Thanks for any insights,

lil917hi July 26th, 2006 02:20 PM

sorry- i don't know about harding brothers except that they didn't even offer me the interview as they had "found someone else more fit for the position". however i guess they have the right to do so as i have no sales experience whatsoever--but it was worth a try right :D

good luck to you in the future- you could always try steiner.

and by the way i have to agree- you are very handsome :)

Mihailo July 26th, 2006 04:30 PM


and by the way i have to agree- you are very handsome
Hehe, you know, I'm a lot better live :), so if you ever drop down to Belgrade lemme know or wanna invite me to keep you safe and smiling, feel free to call me, I'm quite socialable :)
Not too many stress daily, a massage here and there, meditating and taking it easy... 8)
I could do that anywhere (smile)


p.s. I'll have an interview with Steiner in November, we'll see.
I'm not so hot for this job the more time passes, you have to be an animator,masseur,salesman and promoter with 12 hours shift for 2000US$. That job sounds more and more like slavery...

LadyDi July 26th, 2006 04:37 PM

Mihailo: don't know why they are tight lipped about the rejection but perhaps you could readdress the persons who first granted the interview w/ a simple request for the next time you are interviewed by theirs or any other agency? As a professional courtesy, they should reply.
I would state that I appreciated their time and willingness to interview me in the first place and that given the rejection despite an overall good feeling that I was left w/ from the interview, I'd like to know where I tripped up. Maybe you seemed too friendly to the women who were interviewing you. This is a simple mistake and happens easily, even for a person who has a good mastery of the language.

Best of luck and more so the next time around!
Lady Diana

Mihailo July 26th, 2006 04:43 PM

Thanks for nice words Di,
Yeah, I know, I was surely too relaxed with women, I'm always like that.
They usually like it, but these ones were like professional and British too(hehe)...
Can't be someone else, I guess :)
Thanks 1 more time,

pasta September 9th, 2007 06:15 PM

Perhaps they thought you might be too friendly and solicitous with the passengers as well.

Paul Motter September 11th, 2007 04:38 PM

As to why they decided not to use you, I cannot say. I have made the mistake in interviews before of being overly confident, and especially of making too many jokes which for some interviewers comes of as sounding irreverent of the seriousness of the job. Try thinking back to the conversation and any awkward moments. That is probably it.

Or there is a very good chance there were 50 people up for the job and someone even more qualified is available to them. For example, they probably hire a lot of Steiner people, because those people already know the life and they know they want the job. Did you makes any jokes or veiled complaints about the living conditions, etc?

Unfortunately, in this day and age is very hard to an answer as to "why" you were rejected, because once they give you a reason a person feels compelled to dispute it - and if they don't want you that just becomes burdensome. Being a "nuisance" in the cruise industry is reason enough not to get the job. Bosses don't like "complainers" or needy people.

I would try Steiners, do the interview in a more professional manner, and see if you get the job (though as far as I know they mostly hire ladies as masseuses).

Then try Harding Brothers again in a year. Do the interview differently, and see what happens. Remember, there are a lot more factors to getting the job than experience. A lot of it has to do with "personality" and such.

Good luck and sorry it didn't work out.

kandajones August 29th, 2012 07:28 AM

Hi Mihailo,

I was just reading your reply to lil917hi, and would have to say that if you were this friendly in an interview being carried out by Brits, that they may feel uncomfortable (we're still odd like that).
Obviously without hearing the actual interview this would be pure conjecture.

If the Steiner interview is also being carried out by Brits, I would advise you to concentrate on the skills you have as a masseur, relate some of the techniques and experiences you have to date, and explain why you would be more suited to working on the cruise lines than others that they are interviewing - who may already have a cruise ship history.

I wish you every luck in the next interview, and remember if it doesn't work out, there will always be another time.


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