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BabyD December 29th, 2006 02:21 PM

Anybody on or due to be on Carnival Fantasy?!
Hi there, my name's Donna, im from London and am due to board Carnival Fantasy as a Massage Therapist in March!!

I've been researching for months but cant find anything about our accommodation or whatever, i know its basic, just wondered if anyone had a rough idea what i can expect?

Been told to pack a "fold down suitcase" as there isnt much room, i have to leave so many clothes here lol!

I dont even know my exact date for flying to Miami from London, but my training starts on 12th Feb so between then and 12th march!

Also if anyone knows any "cheap" hotels near the port?

I cant get my head around the $ to £ conversion, so everything sounds expensive in dollars!!

If your on the ship, are you enjoying it? Nice people there and is it a good ship to work on?

Sorry for the massive essay!

Donna x

Shipmate222 December 30th, 2006 06:26 AM

Hi Donna,
I've worked for carnival cruise lines and on both the Extacy and Fantacy;What names eh :) .Carnival is a good company to work for especailly when you are a staff member.You are treated well. I must admit the fantacy is one of carnival oldest ship so don't expect much glamour on there,but don't worry about that at all.

As a stiener staff you will have full ship privillages.It's been a while since I've worked for CCL but much have not changed.I think Fantacy's itenerary is based around the Bahamas so you will have to carry worm clothing.You can bring a cardigan or somthing because it can get cool at nights.

Do not pack alot because you will fall into the art of shopping especailly in Miami.Just the essencials Things are so cheap there,you will see.Just one thing,VERY IMPORTANT.Carry some formal wear with you because a couple of months on board you will be needing them.As a stiener you will socialize alot onboard especailly in the evenings and you will need your evening dresses.

I think your company will provide overnight hotels for you before you join the ship but make sure you ask them before you set out on your adventure.

Finally you are in for a huge commitment,it will be hard especailly the first few months.You maybe will want to go home.But it will get better,it always does.

I hope you have a good time and you will enjoy it. By the way I live in nottingham.

Take care and good luck


BabyD December 30th, 2006 09:30 AM

Ohhhh an English person!!

Thankyou for the reply!! Im glad you say they are treated well and we get full ship privillages.. i got told a few ships dont give even deck privilages, how boring would that be!!

Shame its not "glamerous" as the others, is one thing i was excited about lol!

I know that her stops are Freeport and Nassau still, is the weather rather warm throughout the whole year? (daytime?) Id love to get a tan on days off lol :oops:

Unfortunately Steiner dont pay for a hotel, we pay for hotel and transfers until the ship, they pay for our training and accommodation before, and also the flight to Miami!

Are there any bad points about "a steiner" i should know? Like does everyone get on with everyone or do they just tend to stick with themselves?

I hope not as i love socialising!

Also, sorry for all the questions!! I am 19, does this mean no alcohol as im not 21 over there? :(

Thanks for the help!!! :) Xx

Shipmate222 December 31st, 2006 06:49 PM

Hi BabyD,
You will love it on a carnival ship as a stiener.They are noted for socializing and going out clubing onboard and having a fun time.You will work hard,very hard but you will party hard too.Crew on Carnival ships tend to intermingle quite alot.

As for drinking,when I started on the Extacy I was 19 and use to get drunk almost every night both at the crew bar and in my cabin.I think the cruise lines and conccessions only hire a person when they meet the legal BOOZE age as per international maritime law.So you should be fine.

The weather is favorable year round so you can work on that tan.Both Freeport and nassau are lovely ports.

hope you have a great time

Purser*Emma January 9th, 2007 10:35 AM

Hia BabyD and Joe!!

Well reading all that brought back soooo many memoroes.
I just finished working on carnival for 4 years!
I was a purser and had a brilliant time! Lots of my friends were steiners..
you will get some crewmembers who will not intermingle with other depts... wont mention which ones, but me for one used to be friends with everyone! dancers...steiners...youth staff, bar staff housekeeping! I mean, you have to live with these people for 8 months... so get to know them all and you will have a happy life onboard and never be lonely.

hmmm what ships did i do...started in facination, then paradise, then ecstasy, then pride and then the Glory my fave out of all of them was thr Ecastasy! I find the older smaller ships like the Fantasy are the most fun! the crew are all very close and theres loads of partying !!!

of course u will be working hard..very hard, but at least as a steiner you get 1 day off a week! i didnt get any days off, which sucked huge !!! but i made up for that in the crew bar! lol

if you have annnyyy questions at all, let me know!!!

if they wont pay for a hotel, there is a cool one called the Embassy Suites, at the airport, and the carnival shuttle will pick u up from there in the morning and take u to the ship... as crew members stay there most nights...

have loads of funnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

BabyD January 10th, 2007 09:23 AM

Hi Emma thanks for the reply! Sounds like you enjoyed it!

Im glad you say there is a good crew atmosphere and social life, as you know doing the massage i will be interacting with one person at a time, if they even want to talk lol..

I love mingling with people and having fun and a good laugh too, so would love the fact everyone has a good time!

A question for you both, do you know if the Fantasy has internet access? Id love to stay in contact with my friends and boyfriend :(


Shipmate222 January 11th, 2007 08:29 AM

Hi Babyd,
I bet they all have internet access for crew now.When I started with Carnival in 1997-99 there was nothing of a sort.Infact the ship I was on, the ecstacy, was the first in the fleet to have a computer room at the time.You will love the fantacy.I love that class of ship,lots of fun always.Some of my best memories were on the Ecstacy,my first ever cruise ship ,very dear to my heart.

you will be fine
Good luck.

I will tell you one think.Despite what you may hear about Carnival cruise lines it's the only Cruise line that the Crew keeps coming back for years. That's something.


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