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SakeDad April 19th, 2008 07:29 PM

Stage Manager - looking for a ship
I am a Stage Manager who has done land jobs for 13 years (Vegas & National Broadway Tours...yes, I'm Equity but know that doesn't apply on a ship) I'm looking for the best way to get a job as a Stage Manager on a cruiseline. I have sent resumes to C-Deck, JAR, NCL and some other lines. So far all the lines websites say "no positions". I have not heard from anyone yet. Do they only hire at certain times of the year? I know there are job fairs but I haven't been able to find any coming to Vegas.
I'm open to any line and itinerary and can start immediately. Any tips?

sz April 20th, 2008 10:27 AM

sent you a PM with some info

. . . 'no positions' might mean that the position may not exist on that cruise line. There are a few lines where the sound or light person may also function as the SM. On NCL Sky - the duties were shared by the 'lead tech' sound guy and the JAR company manager (ex dancer) and on the Sun, between the 'lead tech' light or backstage person and the dance captain. I remember meeting up with a HAL sound guy who also was the SM, and know a few Princess PM's (though it helps to have ship experince to get into that line)

check out,1558.0.html

Paul Motter April 21st, 2008 06:11 PM

Right... it is important to point out that ships only use the "term" stage manager... they don't actually have a stage manger per se. they have sound techs and light techs, and sometimes stage hands working backstage.

No one (usually) plays the role of stage manager as in having the book and calling cues - or managing props, etc. As a lighting tech I used to call the cues on a ship years ago - but these days all shows are pretty much digitized anyway - there is nothing to call because it is all already synchronized.

What the ships want are sound & light techs who know how to use the latest technology. If you applied as a "stage manager" but you didn't list technology skills, you might have gone into the round file.

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