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astor<3 August 10th, 2010 02:37 PM

RCCL - Singer
I'm currently the girl one on a RCCL ship and have read some of these threads and am amazed by some of the untrue things on here.

First Misconception - That working on a ship under 21 is odd.
Truth - I started working for Royal straight out of highschool at age 18 and
was one of 12 in the Entertainment Dept. alone.

Second Misconception - We are severly overworkered and people are only fake nice to passangers.
Truth - The crew on every ship are some of the nicest and happiest people I
have ever met and aren't faking it to cones.. and this includes crew not just
the dancers/singers. Crew may work alot more than me, but they willingly
do it for money and they aren't treated like slaves.

Third Misconception - Relationships.. in general
Truth - I met my husband (singer) on my 1st contract (he was 21, me eighteen)
and we managed to stay together on contracts until I was 22 when we
were put on seperate ships and we made it work seeing each other for 5
hours every 2 week when we were docked in the same port. We then got
engaged during the time of our seperate contracts and didn't get married
until after another contract. We were'nt given a room together until our
first contract after being married, but stayed together in his cabin and used
mine for parties (we had private cabins, as we are headliners). I have also
seen a cruise director - dancer relationship, dancer - cruise staff
relationship, and DJ - singer relationship all work and end in marriage.

Fourth Misconception - Sexual Harrassment
Truth - Crew - Crew rapes don't happen. End of Story. Everyone is lacking in
that department and is willing (unless you have an onboard sig. other), but
like to cry rape when they get caught cheating, are ashamed by him/her in
the daylight, etc.

Fifth Misconception - Everyone's Drunk, Every Night
That's just the dancers + singers - kidding, kind of (we don't have much
else to do but reherse and smile at guest).. But really, false. Especially if
you're on an American ship, if a staff or crew member blows .08 they're
fired (we have to be prepared for an emergency), they will let officers,
entertainment and cruise staff slide, though.

Any more questions?? Completely willing to answer - and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

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