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mywonderland April 13th, 2012 04:56 PM

Has anyone worked for Starboard Services? & crew life advice!
Hey everyone
I have an interview with Starboard Services next month and I'm just interested in hearing from anyone who has worked with them before. Are they easy and nice to deal with? Ups and downs of the company?
I'm also look for any info from someone who has or is currently
Working on board as a sales associate. Just interested in hearing about ship life etc! Thanks guys :)

Paul Motter April 13th, 2012 05:39 PM

(off the job) ship life is the same no matter where you work, but the advantage to working in shops is that they are always closed in ports - so you get to see the ports of call.

The only disadvantage is that you will have long days working when at sea - often boring late hours - depending on the ship and the shop.

Most likely you share a cabin with another shoppie - the good thing is that you probably won't have a lot of "boss" issues since you work for a concession.

The main thing about ship life is this - as long as you stay under the radar and show up for your job you shouldn't ever have any problems.

mywonderland April 17th, 2012 06:31 PM

Thanks for the response! That is definitely one of the main reasons why I am determined to work on a cruise ship in a shop ... getting to see all the ports. I am assuming that you can get off the boat and do whatever when in these ports?

Also, what do you mean by stay under the radar? It seems like having a position as a sales associate is a good one which will allow you to experience the ports and have a wonderful experience elsewhere. Of course, there is hard work but the benefits seem to be worth it.

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