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Dan Knee September 17th, 2012 02:42 PM

So whats the Secret?
Hi all,

I have been applying for a security position onboard any cruise liner I can, And so far got nothing.

I have spoken too plenty of agencies in the UK, and they are all telling me that they hardly ever hear of Security positions coming up.

I have massive amounts of experience, ex Forces, with over 11 tours in combat zones, all the counter terrorism courses available (and a few that are not) Fire fighting skills, Explosive ordanance skills etc...

I might be slightly over qualified, but I miss travelling, It just seems I can not catch a break with this.

Any help would be nice, and you all seem like nice people.

Paul Motter October 2nd, 2012 02:25 PM

The key is to keep trying. The truth is that most cruise lines use foreigners for security (Gurkhas) but you may get a break.

One thing that helps is to actually go on a cruise and talk to someone who is in the job position you want. Find out how they got the job, and and other such details.

You might just be barking up the wrong trees. No one is going to bother to tell you they don't make the hiring decisions for the job you want.

taoist October 10th, 2012 02:18 PM

On most ships you have security guards which as paul pointed out are usually gurkhas or indians, the security officers and deputies are more likely to be people with your background or perhaps not quite as qualified but similar (it varies) however the issue really is that say you have a company that has 20 ships in their fleet, thats 2 officers per ship, so 40 positions in the whole company. The turnover is going to be low as the security officers position benefits are pretty good.
Regsiter your details with as many agencies as you can and if you havent done it already go and do the ship security officer course MCA (maritime approved course)

You might also want to consider yacht work, if you have the above qualification and your background you could be in are whole different ballgame

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