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FDBK September 10th, 2013 12:56 AM

Casino Slot Technician job
Hi everybody :roll:

I don't know how "public" this forum is, but I would like to find some information about the Casino Slot Technician job (especially for Carnival Cruise Lines, because I'm too "loyal" and I started my ship experience with Carnival, yet only as a tourist) :-|

First of all, I tried to apply for an IT Technician job through some "centralized" service which (seemingly) sends the info to all the cruise lines, etc.. Then I found out that Carnival is looking for the Trainee Slot Technician, and that was perfect for me (because I will have to learn anyway), so I applied on the Carnival Casino Division website, but what bothers me is the expiration date of my passport )) It ends soon, but of course I will get the new one for another 10 years, but who knows what Carnival people would think about it...

What bothers me is the question: what is the difference between the Trainee Slot Technician and the Slot Technician? I think that you have to learn anyway, even if you are an experienced Slot Technician already, so I guess that I could apply for Slot Technician too %) Anyway, every cruise line has its own definitions and titles for jobs, I guess...

So I'm interested in everything related to the Slot Technician job in the ship's casino )) For example, are slot machines nowadays modular, like computers? Because now I work in the big medical institution with more than 700 computers (+ monitors, printers, etc.) in 5 different buildings, and I almost never stop moving %) And I always think - can my IT experience help me in the Slot job? But anyway, people get there somehow, I don't think that they are born with the Slot knowledge and experience ))) Or are they? )

So, any info related to this job would be appreciated, especially from Slot Technicians themselves :-| And stuff like how to get this job too )) I'm afraid of interviews too, especially given the fact that I will need to leave my city and country to get to it )

I'm from Russia, by the way... I heard that there are hiring agents in our country, but I don't "trust" intermediaries, especially Russian companies ))

Sorry for the big post... :D

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