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Syd September 17th, 2000 03:47 PM

Alaska Clothing
Hi !

We are going to Alaska in June of 2001, and I would like to start looking for the bargains on clothing for the trip. We are first time cruisers and I truly do not know what the dress is. We are going on a 7 day cruise. I believe there will be two formal nites. What about the rest of the time. Is it cold in Alaska that time of the year. Do I need shorts, and bathing suit. Would really like some advise on this subject.

Donna September 17th, 2000 08:03 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
Hi Syd,
I found an excellent article written by our Fran Golden here at cruisemates about first time cruisers to Alaska. Its filled with must know information, enjoy!



jules September 18th, 2000 09:40 AM

RE: Alaska Clothing
June may still be cool, but I would certainly pack shorts, tees and bathing suits. On our Alaska cruise (early Aug 99) one of my great "memory moments" was sitting at the pool in shorts and a tee shirt, watching people in and around the pool in bathing suits, and people around the pool in coats, hats and gloves! I guess it all depends on your own comfort level - how hot or cold you feel. Definately plan to do "layers" -- it can get pretty cool on deck sometimes, and there may be times when it can feel very warm in the sun. Also be sure and pack rain gear! And have a wonderful time!!!

Kuki September 18th, 2000 05:56 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
This was Alaska in late July, early August. Amazing! The day prior we were in multi layers walking on a glacier.

jen September 27th, 2000 02:39 AM

RE: Alaska Clothing
I live in Alaska, by all means it is not cold to us. It can still be pretty chilly, all depends what part of June? you can bring shorts, but more than likely you won't wear them. Usually the only people you see in shorts is the people from here. But this summer it was warm, so go ahead and bring a pair. A Must is a jacket, and I would throw gloves in there just in case. Can be very chilly in the evening and mornings. You will have a great time!!!

PEB September 27th, 2000 10:18 AM

RE: Alaska Clothing
Well Jen not only people from Alaska wear shorts. When my wife and I were there a couple years ago in May we both wore shorts. Of course we are from Northern Minnesota and I start wearing shorts in 40 degree weather.

jen September 27th, 2000 02:14 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
Sorry if you took that in a wrong way!!! I was only trying to have a funny side. I think this is a great message board, but it seems like when anyone writes anything they get slammed. I was just stating my thoughts, not trying to offend anyone. I think Kuki does a great job trying to calm people down, I think everyone should remember what Kuki said everyone has a right to state their opinion. That does not mean we all have to agree, there are allot of things that I read here that I totaly disagree on, but I don't take it personally, just their thoughts on the subject.

Anyway, I think this a great message board and I have found allot of useful info for my trip. It seems like everyone enjoys to cruise, and everyone that I have ever meet on a cruise always seems to be a joy to be around, and I'm sure that goes for the fine people that come to this site. What I'm trying to say is since everyone seems to be very knowledgeable on cruising that we should respect each others comments and not jump down thier throats for what they post. Just a thought!!! Please don't respond if it is negative, I just wanted to say I'm sorry if my posting came off in a bad tune, I was not trying to do that.

PEB September 27th, 2000 04:23 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
I did not take offense to your posting. I guess my sense of humor does not work. Just trying in to show in a humorous way I do love the cold and people must dress for Alaska in a way that is comfortable for them. Believe me there was no offense taken in any way by me towards your note and I was not trying to slam you in any way.

Syd September 27th, 2000 05:05 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
Thanks to all that have answered my question. I really appreciate any help I can get in this matter. Shorts or no shorts I know I will pack more than I have to, and really appreciate everyones reply. Thanks again.

Leslie October 2nd, 2000 12:25 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
We'll be on an Alaskan cruise sailing 5/12/01. Will the weather be much colder then? Thanks.


jen October 2nd, 2000 08:04 PM

RE: Alaska Clothing
yes, more than likely we will still have snow on the ground

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