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Harry Martin August 12th, 2001 12:51 PM

Create a List of Clothes
I was just reading Anne's article about anxiety-free cruising, and I wanted to pass along one of my tips that I haven't read anywhere else.

As you know, the secret of reasonable packing is to mix and match outfits while cruising. Consequently, a week or two before the cruise, I sit down and type out the days on board and the outfits needed (ones for touring, ones for on-board and dinner outfits).

Then, day by day, I plug in outfits with the ultimate goal of wearing items at least twice. Another great benefit of doing this is that you can plan your outfits so that you never appear in, say, the same pair of pants at dinner two nights in a row.

I then print out the list and throw it in the bedroom when I'm packing. I strive to put the clothes in order of appearance in the garment bag, working from Day 1 to Day 7.

Once on board, I take the list out and pull out my clothes (already on hangers from the dry cleaners) and place them in the closet "in order of appearance." The list then goes in a drawer or on a shelf for quick reference if needed. Voila -- unpacked in usually less than 15 minutes.

I know it sounds like the height of organization, but the big benefit is that once on board, I can just relax and leave my brain behind. It never fails, but once I'm on the ocean, all desires to remember anything are gone. Plus, I never have to deal with my partner asking, "What I am supposed to wear today/tonight?" I just point to the list.

Finally, to keep the system in place, when you disrobe, hang the pair of pants, coat or whatever with the fresh shirt or whatever for two days later. That way, you just grab and get dressed.

Hope this sounds like a good plan for some of you.


Julie August 12th, 2001 04:51 PM

Re: Create a List of Clothes

I KNOW it's an excellent tip, I've been doing it for YEARS!
Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy.
Glad there are a least "two crazy people" around.

Thanks for sharing!

Harry Martin August 12th, 2001 06:57 PM

Re: Create a List of Clothes
I know what you mean about the crazy look -- people give me that "You're way to anal rentitive" when I tell 'em that's what I do.

But I DO know that I am so kick-backed on the trip 'cause it's all planned. Plus, I usually only come back with two sports shirts unworn and maybe a pair of shorts.


pamda August 14th, 2001 01:35 PM

Re: Create a List of Clothes
Harry ...

A reviewer described the packing plans in my book as "Preparing for D-Day" and thought I was rather anal-retentive. No way, I am am oral-compulsive as they come. Except for packing.

I just don't want to have to THINK about it. I never did consider packing in order of the days clothes would be worn. Hmmm. Something for the second edition?

Here is my best tip for the gentlemen. Get the shirts back from the laundry, folded. Before packing, insert tie and appropriate socks into the plastic shirt bag.

Just so the ladies are not left out, if costume jewelry is part of one outfit, put it in a plastic sandwich bag (or bigger bag, if it's BIG jewelry) and put it on the hanger with the outfit.

pamda -- CM First Time Cruisers Editor and Anal-Retentive Packer

Harry Martin August 14th, 2001 05:36 PM

Re: Create a List of Clothes
Pam, thanks so much for the note ... and, I must give credit where credit is due ... it was Pam's book, "Cruise Control," that was my bible when going on my first cruise. It is *the* book for those who have never cruised before and those who have, too.

I love re-reading it a couple weeks before my next cruise -- gets me excited all over again. And there are a wealth of tips.

You can find it on Amazon if you'd like to order it -- it's worth every dime!

All my best,

pamda August 15th, 2001 12:35 PM

Re: Create a List of Clothes
I did NOT pay Harry to write the above note. But, wow, am I flattered.

Thanks, Harry !!!

Harry now has the highly-paid position of volunteer director of marketing for Cruise Control.


Sandra August 24th, 2001 04:05 PM

Re: Create a List of Clothes
Hey, Harry,

I always make a list of the days and clothing to pack. Never thought of taking the darned list with me so I would know what I was supposed to wear that day. Thanks, Harry.

Never read Pam's book but it sounds like a winner. I can always use good information.

Another good tip, as Pam says, is separates, even in ladies evening wear. You can mix and match even there - works especially well on long cruises.

For Alaska, 3 pair of shoes are a minimum for an active person. One go with anything dress pair and two daytime. Why two - if one gets wet, you have an extra to wear while it dries.

Thanks, again. Sandra

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