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tbowman September 14th, 2008 04:06 AM

Question about a Fan and more.
I will appoligise in advance for the length of my post. I have several questions that I wanted to ask and instead of making several different new topics I just put them all in one.

When I travel I take a fan with me. I use it to drown out noise when I am trying to sleep. I am a very light sleeper and wake up at the least sound. So the fan helps alot. Usually when I fly I just buy one when I get to my destination or sometimes the hotels will have one that I can use, or when staying with family they know that I need one and will have it for me.

Since I live so close to Galveston I will be driving to my port and will take my fan if allowed. So I guess my question is do the ships allow you to bring on fans? I was not able to on my first curise at the behest of my travel mate, who insisted she would throw me and the fan over board! She can not sleep with noise in the room...

Also I was wondering if the balcony doors stay open without being proped? I will be chosing the Cat 8A or 8B cabin. If so are the doors between the balconies locked? The reason I am asking is, if the balcony doors are able to be left open, and I have the security of knowing that no one can enter my cabin, I may be able to forego the fan for the sound of the ocean as we move in the sea.

This will be my first experience with a balcony cabin. On my other cruise we were in a inside cabin.

Also, can you bring bottled water onboard? The last cruise I think my water bill was huge as I drink alot of water instead of juices, soda, and alcohol (though I did drink that to!). I have read that you can bring some and that you cant bring any.

And to those of you who drove to the cruise termanil in Gavelston. Did you park at the ship operated parking or did you chose alternitve parking? I found that the cruise ship parking is $70 but if I chose to go with another vender it is only $50 and they take me and my bags to the terminal after I drop off my car.

I have also been told by my friend who just came back from this cruise that Grand Cayman was not that great and that instead of spending the day there I should take advantage of the ships in-port spa specials.

Like I said in my Singles post I will be alone and want to make the most of my trip. I wish I were going alot sooner then Feb 2010 but unfortanatley I have bills, grandkids, pets, and ohh yeah most importantly a JOB. They dont take kindly to me just up and leaving and comming back a week later with a great tan and a relaxed look. :D

colorcrazie September 14th, 2008 01:59 PM

Yes, those "sick days" where you come back looking super tan and fit just don't fly.
We sometimes take a small portable, collapsible fan that fits in the suitcase easily. I actually prefer a white noise machine...smaller and less likely to be rejected by boarding folks.
Last, but far from least, I hope that Ike left you safe.

Donna September 15th, 2008 06:45 AM

Yes, you can bring your fan. Just another thought, if you have a balcony, you can leave the door open a little and hear the waves, very soothing and can put you to sleep quickly.

LisaK September 16th, 2008 09:28 AM

yes you can bring a small portable fan packed in your luggage, lots of folks do it.
The partitions between balconies are locked.
you can prop the balcony door open or hold it with a bungee. Just remember to shut your ac off if you have the door open.
drink the ships water, it is purified and filtered, better than the bottled water you can buy. Bring aboard a few bottles of bottled water when you board and just refill from your cabin.
If you haven't experienced the StingRays in Grand Caymen its a must do, if you have done it and don't want to do again you can go ashore for awhile and shop the main street, wander around and still do your spa time aboard the ship

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