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susan November 3rd, 2000 10:46 AM

Sensation in two weeks, it's starting to feel real
I don't have the documents in my hot little hands yet (should get them next week), but Ron at Best Price Cruises has sent my flight times for the Thanksgiving cruise.
I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised with the air arrangements, the flights were just about perfect!
I had been worrying a bit, since I had requested an air deviation, but when the price came back it was prohibitive. Interestingly, the tickets we got were almost the same times as those requested.

The cabin assignment came through as well. It's an "upgrade" (from a 6A to 6C), but well at the stern of the ship. I'll just make sure bonine is packed for the trip up the ole Mississippi! Truly, I'm very pleased with all of the arrangements.
Thanks Best Prices, and Ron!

One interesting thing is that there are two of us in our cabin, and yet we've been given a "triple" room. With an upper that won't be used. I find that rather unusual for a "holiday" sailing with (at least according to the CruiseMates group) many children onboard. Oh well, I guess you just never know!

Susan <~~ Getting into last minute panic mode now

Kuki November 4th, 2000 03:42 PM

RE: Sensation in two weeks, it's starting to feel
It does seem as though things are falling into place nicely.

I wouldnt be too worried about the cabin location either. On various cruises I've been all over the ship, bow, stern, low , high and none has every presented a problem. This trip I have the second cabin from the bow.
But, it's ON the ship, that's the important part!
Also kind of amazing to think that this group is over 450 strong... we've only heard from around 140 and that's been quite a pile of e-mails, so meeting those and more than twice that many again should be FUN!

Features Editor


Chris Mitchell November 7th, 2000 01:19 PM

Countdown 11 days!!
got the documents yesterday!! Yeah--it's a GO! Looks like we will be near by where you are located, right by the elevator bank (does that mean we will hear it ding all night/day long??) aft on the Upper deck....hey if you want to have someone else fill that extra bunk for you... you can have one of my sons's to fill the space..4 in our cabin makes things pretty cozy. We will have a rollaway for one of them to use. Getting that pre-trip jittery feeling...
cya soon!
Chris Mitchell

Kuki November 7th, 2000 06:16 PM

RE: Countdown 11 days!!
No docs here yet.. but the dog sleds normally take longer to get way up north!
My niece e-mailed to say they got theirs.
I've had cabins by the elevators before, and can say I've never really noticed any extra noise. Mind u, it would have had to be really loud to be heard over Mrs. Kuki's snoring.
But since then she's had that snoring ending lazer surgery.. she still snores, but now it only sounds like a truck convoy going through the room instead of a division of tanks rolling through.
C ya onboard VERY soon!
Features Editor

susan November 8th, 2000 11:46 AM

RE: Countdown 11 days!!
Congrats Chris!
Don't have my documents yet, but hopefully they will be delivered today or tomorrow.
And how nice of you to offer to fill that unused bunk!
But, gosh, gee... after careful consideration, we really wouldn't want to split up your happy family, now, would we?
Since we have to fly in from the West Coast, the countdown clock is on 10 days for me.... YIKES!
Susan <~~ thinking she'll NEVER be ready in time

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