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esalechick June 14th, 2003 02:44 PM

QE2 Daytime Dress
We will be siling on the 6/25 Crossing to England. We've done only one cruise before but it was in the Carribean. What is the typical dress for daytime activities on board? I'm looking for an excuse to go shopping!!

ROXTEACHER June 15th, 2003 08:02 AM

Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
My wife did the same! We were on the Bermuda cruise in May and found the daytime dress to be less than we expected. I did not pack jeans or sneakers, instead opting for slacks, slip on dress shoes, polo shirts, sports jacket etc. Surprised to see folks in what I thought to be too casual attire (ie sneakers, jeans, ratty shorts, etc). Someone said it may have had to do with the high number of Americans on board. I just thought it was too understated and not quite the elegant refined look I expected (I'm from Pennsylvania!). Perhaps a crossing has a different feel. I'll be interested in hearing from others.

Haze June 15th, 2003 09:21 PM

Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
We have just returned from transatlantic crossing May 26th to June 1st on QE2.
The daytime dress was good casual clothing.Very few shorts . There were 4 formal nights out of 6 and one infomral night. the informal night is pretty much the same for the women as the formal one. the men can wear a suti on the informal night instead of a tux of formal suit.
Hope that is helpful.

esalechick June 15th, 2003 11:42 PM

Re: Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
Thanks for the info! I'm all set for the formal nights but the daytime attire is my only concern now. I want to be relaxed but still dress appropriate for the daytime activities. My home routine consists of : dress up for work (real estate sales) and come home and immediately change into my comfy sweats. I don't think this will work for the QE 2! The other concern I have is what the weather will be for the 6/25 sailing. I'll take a sweater or two in case it is chilly. Anyone else have any comments???

Marc Thompson June 16th, 2003 09:00 AM

Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
During the day, people do wear jeans and sweats, although you might be more comfortable in casual slacks. After all, this is the QE2!

TWS June 16th, 2003 08:53 PM

Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
To start with, it's a crossing. You are in a refined environment, so you decide what you would wear given that, and not what you see some other passengers do.

My idea is not to dress down, because that is what I do at home, but to dress according to the setting, which is different.

Guests may feel that they can walk up to the Front Desk at the Waldor Astoria in jeans, but I never would. Art Deco is high style and jeans and tee shirts denigrate the ambiance .

esalechick June 16th, 2003 09:01 PM

Re: Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
Funny you should mention it--we're staying at the Waldorf the night before the crossing! I hate jeans anyway! I do really dislike it when people feel the need to be super casual at all times, even when it is obviously not appropriate! It seems like every time we go out for a nice dinner there is some guy in a ball cap or a t-shirt and jeans. We usually fly standy (husband is airline pilot) so we always dress up when we fly. This time Cunard has confirmed tickets for our return and somehow the thought of not wearing something nice, even for the sake of comfort seems foreign to me. Our culture is sure changing! I'm thinking I'll just go get some comfier shoes for this trip and wear some of my more casual business clothing (pants, sweaters etc.) and I'll be safe with that! If only the time could pass quicker! I need a vacation!!!


rayo June 17th, 2003 06:48 AM

Re: Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
We were recently on the 26th May crossing from Southampton to New York. There wasn't very much evidence of shorts and ragged jeans at any time. The thing that disappointed my wife and I the most was the lack of any attempt to enforce the formal nights' dress code. I don't suppose the staff can stop people turning up in less than formal gear or refuse them entry, but I think that they could do more to emphasise earlier, maybe in the daily programme, that it is a formal night - I know the daily programme states the dress code, but it isn't really emphasised. Another minor disappointment was the passengers who had chosen to eat in the Lido in the evening who had not bothered to wear a tie or jacket.

I didn't notice any particular nationality being smarter or more casual than others: the two tables of six near to us were all Americans; one table always dressed very formally and smartly; the other lot hardly ever bothered (I think that thay were in a party from Texas - is it generally more casual there?).

We enjoyed dressing up regardless of what anyone else did. I would say that it about 75%+ stuck to the dress code.


star June 18th, 2003 07:59 PM

Re: Re: Re: QE2 Daytime Dress
Take what is call business casual but bring sweats /gym stuff if you plan to use the spa. I sometimes wear sneakers with my kakhis to do laps on the deck and they do get slick if the sun isn't shinning. Swaters/light jackets would be good especially in the evening..twin sets are good.

We did a crossing several years ago on the Vistiaford, now the coriona,. The trip ended in thecarbbiean so people were in shorts, swimsuits but the staff was on top of the proper attare in the dinning room. Cover ups at lunch and ties etc at time.

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