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PSM September 15th, 2003 04:07 PM

stupid question!
You may think this is a stupid question for the Disney board but, in your opinion when is a time of year that has the least amount of kids. We are thinking of going next Nov. around the 11th. Our daughter will be 11 at that time. You see I work with about 20 kindergarten children during the school year and having 800-1500 kids that are out of control is just too much for me. We love Disney and really want to cruise this line, I just have a hard time when someone elses children don't follow the rules.

Maxie September 17th, 2003 04:55 PM

Re: stupid question!
the best time to go with the least amount of kids is when school is back in session. 800-1500 kids may seem like a lot when looking at the numbers but once on board its not. i've heard many comments on other boards about how well Disney does with adults only places. Also when on board you'll be amazed that there are that many kids on board for you hardly see them. The kids really don't get "out of control" because there is soo much for them to do.

hope that helps answer your question

tokathy September 21st, 2003 04:42 PM

Re: stupid question!
We've gone several times in mid-September and the number of school age children was fairly low as many folks don't want to take their children out of school when it first starts......... you will have more pre-schoolers and stroller age little ones then....but they are the more supervised age group. We went again the 2nd week of November and gone the first week of March and there were many children........but Disney really knows how to keep them busy and you'd never guess the real amount of children onboard.... the adult pool and Palo's the adult's only restaurant were wonderful. Make sure you take late dinner seating and they put couples in a late dinner rotation with other couples.......................

will86 October 9th, 2003 04:06 PM

Re: stupid question!
My husband I went the first of November last year for the simple reason we thought it would be fewer kids. Were we rudely awakened. However, the kids never bothered us. They have an adult only pool and restaurant. The entertainment was geared more toward the kids so we opted out on much of it. The spa was great!!

mo October 14th, 2003 06:02 PM

Re: stupid question!
WE went in Jan. since Christmas break had just ended, not many kids at all.

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