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mm3sides1972 September 1st, 2004 01:51 PM

Is Disney Cruise good for adults??
I am trying to plan my next last one was on the Carnival Miricale in June. We had a blast...and was considering the Disney cruise line. Since me and my girlfriend both love Disney, WE would love to try it, but we dont weanna be bombarded with the question I ask the Disney Cruise line any fun for 2 30 year olds?? What kind of activity do they have for adults?? And will we just be cruising with a bunch of kids?? Any info will be great..... September 1st, 2004 02:54 PM

Re: Is Disney Cruise good for adults??
We also cruised the Miracle in June. We liked Carnival, but we LOVED the Disney cruise. My husband and I actually took a disney cruise on our honeymoon (we're in our mid-20s). There were a lot fewer kids than I expected. Most of the time we didn't see kids at all. We were sailing at an off time for kids though (early November). We found plenty of people of all ages on board, and A LOT of adult activities... they have seminars about cooking, entertaining, how the ships works, and disney themed seminars. They have adult games and activities and a lot of nightlife (dancing, piano bar, bands, etc) in the evening. Even though the disney cruise was more expensive, it was worth it.. the service was superior, the food was EXCELLENT (much better than Carnival), and the ship was immaculate. Also, Disney does a lot of little things that the other cruiselines dont, like giving free sodas when you're in the dining room, and having your favorite drinks waiting on the dinner table for you when you walk in for dinner. We loved Disney so much that we book a second cruise for a family reunion type cruise (November 2004). We're taking a group ranging in age from 1-84.

Darcy September 1st, 2004 04:32 PM

Re: Is Disney Cruise good for adults??
FYI the Disney ships don't have casinos. I don't gamble (other than Bingo) so it doesn't bother me, but some people like to have it.

SAndrea91483 September 3rd, 2004 01:04 PM

Re: Is Disney Cruise good for adults??
The Disney cruise should be lots of fun, especially if you're into Disney. I have only been on the Disney Magic (June 2003) and at first I was worried about there being a bunch of kids running around, too. Nothing wrong with kids, I was just hoping that there would be adult things to do since it's a cruise. I was happy to find that there are many things for adults only where no kids are allowed. There's a spa, lounge, bar, night club with daily entertainment, Palo's restaurant, an adult pool, and even an adult section on Castaway Cay. If you go to the movie theater during the day or early evening there's liable to be a lot of kids, but you can try to catch a later movie. Also, try to catch one of the live shows. There will be lots of kids in the audience with their parents, but it would still be fun to go. Look for photo ops with the characters as well. My fiance and I have a great photo of the two of us with Capitan Hook and Wendy.

TheTexasKid November 24th, 2010 07:28 PM

Re: Is Disney Good for Adults?
If you are a Disney-o-phile, then it is a must do.

Even if you are not a Disney-o-phile, Disney Cruise Lines puts out a quality product, which would make it good for adults, with the following caveats.

If you like to read, there is not library on board, like there is on some ships.

If you like to gamble, there is not a casino on board, like there is on some ships.

You can lead the passengers to the adult entertainment district, but you can't make 'em dance. I have heard the nightlife on the Disney ships closes down earlier than on some other cruise ships.

If you want a cheaper cruise, then you might want to choose another cruise line. Disney Cruise Lines is more expensive than some other cruise lines, but I have always found the higher cost worth it.

If being around alot of children gives you hives, then you may want to choose a cruise line with fewer children on it.

As I understand it, when Disney Cruise Lines cruises to Alaska next summer, there may be as many as 1000 children on some of the cruises. But having said that . . .

There may be that many children on board, but you seldom ever see 'em. Almost the only times I've seen 'em is when they are at a meal with their parents and/or on a shore excursion with their parents.

They are at an organized activity up on the sports deck.

Or, I've seen 'em through the open doors of the children's clubs and labs, when I walked by 'em.

Whether you cruise with Disney or not, here's hoping you enjoy your next cruise.

AF1 February 7th, 2011 05:39 PM

If Disney cruiseline is more expensive is that because sodas are included; plus the standard cabin is larger on their ships than on other ships? How much more is Disney for a four day cruise verses Royal or Celebrity?

bahama March 3rd, 2011 01:42 PM

Have heard nothing but great things about Disney cruises. From the descriptions it sounds as if there are plenty of adult things to do onboard

CA Cruiser March 29th, 2011 08:40 PM

We just did our first Disney cruise on the Wonder last month, booked it only 3 weeks before. We wanted to try it to see if it is worth the $ and if we would want to take our grandchildren. We had to take late dining which we adjusted accordingly. We enjoyed our table mates from NC, Missouri and Pasadena, all older and without children also.

To begin with, we found out it was Kids Cruise Free week :eek: so there were over 1100 children!! For the most part, the cruise was nice but for the money and living in California I would suggest families take their children to Disneyland for a couple days, see the characters, take the little girls to see the princesses then go on a nice cruise with casinos, adult TV and lots of children activities AND adult activities. We were usually the only couple to show up at any advertised Trivia or adult games. The Piano Man could play a mean piano but couldn't sing. The TV offered only Disney movies over and over, PG teen shows or Michael Jackson's This Is It, again shown over and over.

We observed the parents in line after line for each character every day trying to control their child(ren) who didn't want to wait in line.

The good things were the GREAT shows, changing dining rooms but keeping the same waitstaff and discovering the lunch served in one of the MDR instead of going up to the busy, messy, loud buffet.

Any day on a cruise is better than a day at work so we can't complain. We did enjoy our balcony and I did read 3 books. Probably won't take grandchildren on Disney. JMHO

Oreodog October 11th, 2012 12:06 PM


Originally Posted by mm3sides1972 (Post 169560)
i am trying to plan my next last one was on the carnival miricale in june. We had a blast...and was considering the disney cruise line. Since me and my girlfriend both love disney, we would love to try it, but we dont weanna be bombarded with the question i ask the disney cruise line any fun for 2 30 year olds?? What kind of activity do they have for adults?? And will we just be cruising with a bunch of kids?? Any info will be great.....

we are ages 70 and 76 and we love it. Your still "kids" October 11th, 2012 01:16 PM

There are alot of things we like and don't like about Disney.

We really like the ships, staterooms, amenities, interaction with the characters, and the fact there are 'adult-only' areas on the ship and the private island. We also like that we can bring beer, wine, and alcohol onboard the ship.

We absolutely LOVE the shows - they are amazing! And the private island is awesome (albeit the food wasn't all that good)!

But the two things we really don't like about Disney is the price - it's just too high and makes it tough on families. And we really don't like the food - that was definitely a disappointment. While the food in the specialty restaurant is very good, the rest of it was only okay. Considering what you pay for a Disney cruise, you would just expect better food.

But overall, as one person said, you're always a kid at heart no matter how old you are. We're 62 and really enjoyed our cruise on the Magic and can't wait to take our grandson on one of the newer ships.


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